Conditions For The Qualifiers Of Camp Lejeune Justice Act

For years the victims of Camp Lejeune have been puzzled about their qualifications for the lawsuit and compensation. Since the topic was under debate and there are numerous things unfolded all along with the year, the latest progress with Camp Lejeune Justice Act in 2021 made so many things clear. It has defined some conditions for the qualifiers who can actually file a lawsuit against the government to claim compensation. These conditions are pretty clear and are making things easier for the victims.

Proof of stay and contact with contamination

The very first conditions are about proving the victim’s stay at Camp Lejeune. They have to provide enough evidence for being at the Camp from 1953 to 1987. Not all the years straight, but in between these years for at least 30 days. Any guests who visited the Camp once or twice are not included in the list.

However, someone who had one short stay or multiple short stays at the Camp that brings a collective of 30 days at least can be on the list. It is further verified with the medical reports and health condition. Proving contact with contaminated water, like using it for cleaning, washing, cooking, or even drinking, is essential. The person should have been the one who came in direct contact with the contaminated water.

Health sufferings

Another condition that is essential and mentioned in the act is health suffering. It has been reported over the years that people who were in contact with the water contamination at Camp Lejeune faced a number of health conditions, such as cancer, infections, and other health problems. When a person claims to be at the campsite for 30 days or more and gets in contact with that water, he or she should have undergone some health complications.

The proof of these sufferings is enough to prove the person is a victim and qualifies him or her for the compensation lawsuit. Attaching medical bills or reports with the lawsuit is enough to make it valid and even stronger.

Making a Camp Lejeune lawsuit claim!

If anyone by any chance is a victim of Camp Lejeune water contamination, then it is the right time to make a lawsuit. By using all essential documents and taking help from an attorney, one can make a claim and eventually be receiving support.

Expected support for each claim!

As an estimation for the Tire 1 victims of Camp Lejeune water contamination, the expected support is between $200,000 to $300,000. Even in certain cases when things are too far and complicated, there can be special benches to consider the support amount of more than described limit.

The way forward!

The government and legal system right now are taking this issue seriously. They are bringing up continuous modifications and progressing with the legal operations to ensure there will be improvement and support for victims. Though it is not possible to turn back time, the support and compensation process is being taken care of for all the victims, and now it is easy to stand out and ask for their rights.