Why Is Mentorship Important For Students?

The CEO of Qooper mentoring software, Omer Usanmaz, finds the importance of mentorship for students; he says,

“The benefits of mentoring programs for students are clear. Many studies have shown that mentoring programs promote academic achievement, increase self-confidence and self-esteem, boost interest in school, improve school attendance, and help students make better choices. Mentoring programs also help students develop better social skills and provide role models for the students. Finally, mentoring programs help students learn how to make better choices and teach them how to develop a better work ethic.”

There are many other benefits of mentoring for students, so if you want to know how it helps them, let’s begin reading.

Why Is Mentorship Important For Students

Isaac Robertson, the co-founder of Total Shape and a CISSN and ISSA-certified professional, knows the importance of mentorship for students; he puts light on the topic and says,

“At the time of taking my decision, I haven’t any person in my life who couches me toward the right path. As a result, I made many mistakes along the road, in my entrepreneurial journey. I learned everything on my own. Mentorship can put students on the ‘right track.’ A good mentor can identify their student’s ‘true potential’ and bring it out. Having a mentor also ‘widens the network’ of students, and they can gain more experience than their peers.”

And we agree with him; mentorship is something that is not related to any one aspect of human life but to every. Neglecting mentorship needs means putting your career and life at risk; students’ minds are fragile, and sometimes they are not too open in front of their parents and friends, and at such a point, either under pressure or following someone’s footsteps, they take the wrong path or select the wrong career. Before discussing why we are stressing the need for mentorship, let’s see who a mentor is.

Who Is A Mentor?

A person who is willing to help others in setting goals, making decisions, and choosing careers with his specific set of skills and experience in that particular field is a mentor. A mentorship program is one that helps at both ends, making people mentors and engaging them with others who need a mentor in their life.

Mentorship programs play a significant role in a student’s life and career decision, choosing the right path and encouraging them to take small steps, fulfill them, dream big, and chase courageously and strategically to achieve it.

“It’s hard to open up in front of an unknown person,” says the CEO of Beyondpsychub, “a mentor is one who has to be cooperative enough to break the myths or stereotypes embedded in the other person’s mind.”

Why Must A Student Need A Mentor In Their Life?

Why mentorship or a mentor is needed in a student’s life is easy to understand from a student’s point of view. That’s why we asked a writer from Moonlight for all, and she shared her experience with us and told us how a mentor helped her choose her desired career.

“After completing my school, before higher studies, the most challenging thing for me was to decide, either myself or with the assistance of anyone, my career. I didn’t have many friends, and I wasn’t sociable. In such a situation, it was very difficult for me to get useful advice from anyone. The biggest challenge was that I feared being judged by anyone after listening to my words.”

She adds in it, “I loved to play with words, fly with rhythms, swim in imagination, and someone helped me like a true well-wisher on this path. He was the mentor who acknowledged me, understood my shortcomings, motivated me to bring my talent, and in the end, I became a writer only because of his mentorship.”

What Is The Importance Of A Mentor In Student Life?

“My college mentor helped me do the one critical thing that my professors couldn’t: connect abstract classroom ideas to their application in the business world,” says Michael Diamond, Financial Literacy Expert at MD Financial Skills.

He adds in it, “I took school much more seriously and learned so much more because my mentor helped me make this connection.”

Benefits Of Mentorship For Students

Marc Bromhall, the founder of StorageBuddy, shares his experience and tells how a student benefits from an experienced mentor in the same field.

“I was once a mentor to a student from my old university. I think what she got from it was career guidance from someone who had worked (me) in the industry that she wanted to work in. She would not have been able to get this from a generic university career counselor.”

Let’s discuss the benefits in detail to know if you need a mentor in your life or not.

Get Informed Feedback

Having a mentor, especially from your relevant field and profession, is very helpful, as you can easily open up in front of him/her. Sharing ideas, aims of life, and strategies with them help you get informed feedback; they are honest with you because they provide selfless services.

Get Experienced Knowledge

As you are new in the field, insecurities and doubts will always surround you; at most points, getting rid of them isn’t easy. The biggest challenge is to make decisions and implement them for results.

Having a mentor helps at such a point with his professional life. Without experiencing yourself, you can become aware of the positive and negative points of different things based on your mentor’s life.

Moreover, he encourages you to take steps and makes you believe they have confidence in you.

Know The Industry

Your mentor has spent his life in the industry you entered as a beginner, which will significantly impact your life. He knows everything about it, the people there, the organizations, the ups and downs, the frauds, each and everything. And in the end, you will benefit from all such points.

Direct You Right

A mentor always directs you right, whether it’s choosing a career, making decisions, or anything else related to your profession. He also motivates you and analyzes your growth also.

Finding a mentor is tricky because asking any random person to suggest your life’s most significant decision is difficult. But if you see in your neighborhood, you can’t find a professional mentor, and this is the biggest problem of the previous age; the limitations of boundaries.

But nowadays, it’s easy because people are discovering the benefits of mentoring programs and have started their own in organizations, workplaces, educational institutions, and on different platforms.


Why is mentorship important for students? I hope, whether you are a student, teacher, or parent, now you understand the importance of a mentor in a student’s life. While suggesting taking a mentorship program, Alex Mastin, the CEO and founder of Home Grounds, says, “A mentor is someone who can be there for you during tough times and who will celebrate your successes. If you’re lucky enough to find such a mentor, then don’t let him/her go.”