How to Create Quizzes and Personality Tests That Go Viral

If you don’t have time or money to hire a professional content writer and designer, you can still create a viral quiz online with just a little bit of knowledge and inspiration from the best quiz sites like QuizPin, Buzzfeed, ProProfs, Sporcle, etc.

What if you could get a large number of people to visit your website, take your quiz, and answer your questions? Wouldn’t that be amazing? And what if the quizzes you created were completely engaging, fun, and educational? And what if those quizzes could actually influence the type of business you started and the lifestyle you live?

In the age of social media, there’s no doubt that quizzes and personality tests have become a staple of content marketing. You’ve probably seen a handful of them on Facebook already, and they’ve definitely become a popular way to interact with your followers and promote your brand.

Quizzes and personality tests can be fun and informative. It’s easy to create an amazing quiz, but creating a quiz that goes viral is a whole different story. Here are simple steps to make sure your quiz or personality test is ready for the big time, but let’s start from scratch.

What exactly is a quiz?

Quiz is a short form of “questionnaire” (a word that means the same thing), and it’s a simple, but powerful way of creating engaging content. Since the late 1800s, people have been enjoying themselves and keeping themselves engaged with the use of quizzes as a sort of entertainment. Since then, they have developed into what are now generally referred to as quiz games. Trivia, knowledge tests, personality quizzes, and crosswords are some examples of popular quiz games.

What do you need a quiz for?

Quiz for fun and knowledge! They provide a straightforward method for determining whether or not we are gaining new knowledge, improving our skills, or deteriorating in those areas. In addition to assisting us in tracking our development, they are entertaining. You are providing them with an incentive to pay attention when you ask them to take a test because they will get an instant reward for doing so if they do pay attention. Because of this, taking a quiz is an excellent method to learn and have fun, and a growing number of companies are using them as a means to collect leads, boost website traffic, and even get a better understanding of their audience.

In addition to generating leads, creating trust and loyalty among your users, and putting your website content to the test to see what works and what does not, quizzes like these are incredibly beneficial. The creation and administration of quizzes is a pretty simple process. You may quickly test your audience’s knowledge on a subject that is of interest to them by using a quiz, or you can just utilize it to check whether they recall anything that you want them to remember.

What exactly is a personality test?

It’s a personality quiz that reveals a few key traits about your personality. These traits affect the way you think, behave, and respond to other people. They’re an important part of our understanding of who we are, but they’re also influenced by our family, friends, and culture.

Personality tests and quizzes can help you learn about your personality type and how it might affect your relationships with others. We’ll also take a look at the most popular personality tests.

Why do you need personality tests?

When you think about personality testing, what comes to mind? Is it the personality profiles that come on TV and in magazines? Or the quirky, fun-loving personalities that are so much a part of the pop culture landscape? Or maybe it’s more about finding your strengths, weaknesses, and life purpose. Whatever you may think personality tests are for, they can be a great tool for any entrepreneur or small business owner, especially one looking to take their business to the next level.

Understand the Social Psychology Behind Viral Content

Think of a viral video, post, or image as a product. It has its own set of properties and traits. One of them is the ability to spread. But to really understand why a certain piece of content spreads, you have to understand the social psychology behind it. Some key psychological concepts are attention, liking, and liking/liking. If you’re trying to create a viral video or image, you need to think about which of these concepts will resonate with your audience.

Every piece of content has a personality of its own. Some people like it, and some people don’t. So, when you are creating something, you have to be mindful of how people will respond to your content. One of the ways to get your audience to like your content is to ensure that the content is engaging. When you are creating a video or image, it has to be appealing and interesting. Another thing is the attention. The more attention your content gets, the more likely it will be liked. There is another concept called “liking.” This means that people like your content because they want to learn more about it. “Liking” is the final one. This means that people love your content and want to see more of it.

Stage by stage How to Create a Viral Quiz and/or Personality Test

The quiz or test you build should be based on real-world questions that people can relate to. In other words, if you’re going to create an online personality test, the questions that will be asked should be ones that we all encounter regularly. This will ensure that your quiz is relevant and relatable.

  1. Get started with a questionnaire template.
  2. Write out your questions on a sheet of paper.
  3. Think about what questions will help you figure out which personality type someone is or if you want to quiz your users’ knowledge or not.
  4. Decide what the correct answers should be.
  5. If you’re doing an online quiz, choose a font that matches the quiz’s theme.
  6. Choose a theme for the quiz based on which personality type you think people are most likely to enjoy.
  7. Decide whether or not to include a scoring system.
  8. Add a timer if the quiz needs to be timed.
  9. Add a pop-up when the quiz is over to let users know what they got right and what they got wrong.
  10. Test the quiz on yourself, your friends, and your family before posting it.


There are lots of different ways that you can create quizzes. You can build them using software, or you can use some of the quizzes that you can find online. The quiz can be taken for free or for a fee. If you want to make your quiz free, you can use some of the open-source software that you can find online. The questions that you can use for free software are pretty limited. You can also use some of the free tests that you can find online. These tests usually don’t offer as many questions as those that you would find on paid sites. You can check out the Internet for more information about this. If you want to pay for the use of a site, you’ll need to register with them and pay a monthly or yearly fee for access. You can also get paid tests for free from online companies.

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