Hootie Alarm Reviews – Personal Safety Alarm How Does It Work?


Even if we want to think that we live in a secure environment, it is still important to prepare for risks before leaving the house. There is always a chance that danger could be around the next turn. Some even go so far as to buy a handgun, although only some feel safe doing so. Additionally, some restrictions limit when and where you are allowed to carry it.

So what other choices are there, then? You can use tasers, pepper spray, and other offensive weapons. What about a defense measure? What if a security system could warn others when you are in trouble, help you from being attacked, and even let rescuers know where you are? In that case, the Hootie alarm system is here to save the day. Hootie is one of those tools that recently grabbed everyone’s attention due to its features and qualities. Read this Hootie alarm review to find out more.

Product Name Hootie Alarm
Product type/purpose Personal safety alarm
What’s Included 1 Hootie safety alarm, 1 carabiner, 2 CR2032 batteries, 1 pamphlet.
Siren’s decibel level 130 db
Type of light LED SOS light
Gadget’s size 10 cm long, 3 cm wide, 1.5 cm thick.
Gadget’s weight 0.93 ounces.
Battery stand by life 1 year
How to activate alarm Pull the removal top pin from the body.
How to stop alarm Replace the top into the body.
Price $29.99
Where to buy Hootie Alarm’s Official Website >>
Warranty 1 year

What Is A Hootie Alarm?


The Hootie personal alarm is a cutting-edge security tool that can assist you in fending off attackers and calling for assistance when you are in danger. It is intended to scare off potential assailants while also signaling for assistance.

Small and rectangular in design, you can carry Hootie anywhere. It resembles a standard flash drive, is only 0.93 ounces heavy (it feels like a lightweight pendrive), and is 3.94 inches tall, 1.18 inches wide, and 0.59 inches thick.

You pull a coiled pin on the gadget’s top to sound the Hootie siren. The Hootie alarm sound generates 130 decibels, comparable to a jet engine. According to Hootie reviews, the alarm sound will be audible to anybody within 1,000 feet. That’s a lot of territories for such a tiny device to cover.

The Hootie alarm has more features than just an alarm sound. The center of the alarm system is attached to a strong LED strobe light. When the light flashes in the dark, it is a powerful tool for confusion, making your attacker more shocked and perplexed. The light also acts as a visual signal to let others in the area know where you are. It is especially helpful if someone has been injured in a blizzard or on a nighttime stroll where no one is nearby.

The battery in the Hootie personal alarm is changeable and provides a 30- to 40-minute uninterrupted runtime. The battery has a maximum lifespan of one year. It works well in various situations where your protection and well-being are crucial. Keep Hootie close by whenever you walk your dog late at night, take a long return trip from a friend’s house or a nightclub, or go on an adventure in the wilderness.

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Features of Hootie Alarm + Benefits


I’ve listed some of the many advantages that make Hootie an efficient personal safety tool. Here are a few features of the Hootie Alarm that set it apart from the rest of the competition.

  • Ear-Piercing Alarm

The alarm on this device produces 130 decibels of noise. This is not an exaggeration; the product’s noise level is comparable to a jet engine’s. With this equipment, you can use a non-violent method to frighten away your assailants while buying yourself some time to find an escape route. The sound might warn onlookers and your neighbors that you are in danger.

  • Easy to Use

It’s also quite simple to set off the alarm; you simply need to pull the cap out of this gadget. It is also easy to turn off the alarm. Simply, replace the cap on the top of the gadget’s body.

  • Bight Flasing SOS Light

The manufacturers included extra safeguards. A frightening LED light released when you turn on this device might further frighten your aggressor from pursuing.This product’s LED light can be configured to flash quickly or show an SOS signal. This SOS signal might notify the police or any local security personnel. You can use this device’s SOS light feature in other circumstances. Imagine getting lost while camping with pals; you could use this device to notify your friend and make it easier for them to locate you.

  • Sets off an Alarm that will Aware your Neighbours

The Hootie Alarm can deliver a 130-decibel alert. This can be heard from up to 1,000 feet away and is audible. If the incident occurs close to your house, it may notify your neighbors or dog. Even at a great distance, the Hootie can get help for you.

  • Sweat-Proof

Swimming with this device is not advised because it is not waterproof. The Hootie won’t be damaged by your sweating, though. You can wear it when working out or going to the gym. You can carry it when jogging or participating in a race with pals. Regardless of the amount of your perspiration, it won’t damage it. It is sweat-repellent but not waterproof.

  • Keeps Running Non-Stop for 40 Minutes

This device has a 40-minute runtime when you turn it on. In other words, the Hootie alarm can keep running for 40 minutes without shutting down. You have enough time to find assistance while still being able to flee from danger.

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Why Should You Use Hootie Safety Alarms?


  • It is a self defense tool made to make women feel safer

Nationwide, one in five female victims in US are sexually assualted [1]. Women should take their safety very seriously, considering how much the crime and assault rates have increased over the years. Thousands of women are assaulted and abused in their homes and on the street daily. Hootie was created specifically to make every woman’s life better and safer. Hootie can be compared to what ladies value most, such as their purse/handbag and makeup.

Hootie is for every woman who still loves living her life to the fullest and does not want to be harassed or bullied for any reason. Hootie alarms are not just for women but anyone who can’t defend themselves against threats. After all, you should know that at least 1 in 33 American men have been sexually assaulted. If you are a senior citizen residing in a shady neighborhood or a kid getting bullied constantly, the Hootie alarm system gives you the best chance to bail you from attacks on the street.

How Does Hootie Alarm Work?

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Hootie personal alarm serves as a method of defensive safety. Illumination and siren are its two main features. An attacker will almost certainly become confused and lose interest in carrying out their planned course of action due to the loud noise. One simply needs to pull the cap at the top of the Hootie safety alarm device to activate the piercing noise.

The light used as an SOS signal to confuse an assailant can be seen even during the day. As soon as the pin is pushed, the light turns on and flashes. Pushing the pin backstops the siren and light, and the gadget turns off immediately. Because the hook doesn’t come off when you pull it, you shouldn’t be concerned about losing it. It simply raises itself halfway while remaining to be fixed to the Hootie alarm’s body.

The makers have also made efforts to address accidental activation. The Hootie alarm was designed to take at least two pounds of pressure to pull the pin. Doing this prevents the pin from coming off because of reckless pulling or rubbing. However, if you use the right amount of effort, the plug can still be yanked out rather quickly—in just a few seconds—so it’s not difficult to use in an emergency.

The alarms and flashing strobe will last 40 minutes on a fully charged battery, long enough to call for assistance. Two CR2032 batteries are used for the Hootie alarm. Two batteries that have a one-year standby life are included with the device. You can also check out Hootie alarm video tutorials on Youtube.

Hootie Alarm VS Birdie Alarm – Which One IS Better?

These two personal safety tools are perfect for ladies who wish to keep themselves protected when out and about. But the Hootie is a smaller, more portable keyring that is a perfect fit for your pocketbook or bag, but the Birdie is bigger and features a stylish keyring.

Both keychains have a loud alarm that will deter potential assailants and draw attention in an emergency. Hootie and Birdie alarms are almost the same, just the size difference. So, if you want something small and compact, you should go for Hootie.

The Pros: What Makes Hootie Better Than Other Alarm Devices?

  • Non-lethal self-defense: The Hootie alarm system is one of the non-lethal defense gadgets on the market. Self-defense tools can be misused or turned against the victim if not handled correctly, which puts those who carry them at risk.
  • Discreet and you can take it anywhere: You can take the Hootie keychain alarm around without special authorization, and it doesn’t require specialized training. You may bring it with you almost anywhere because it is compact, discrete, TSA-compliant (you don’t require any licensce or permit), and quick to activate.
  • Simple and easy to use: If you remove its cap, Hootie will generate an alarm that can be heard up to 1000 feet away and is as loud as a jet engine. It is one of the sharpest alarms ever.
  • Comes with ear-piercing alarm and intense flashlight: This gadget has applications that go beyond regular self-defense gadgets. Hootie can notify those around if you need to call for assistance in an emergency. Hootie also comes with a flashlight that can blind attackers in close range and signal everyone around you to your location. No wonder why so many Hootie personal safety alarm reviews are so positive.

The Cons: What Are The Drawbacks of Hootie Alarm?

  • Non-rechargeable: The only drawback of this device is it is a non-rechargeable device. The batteries, provided with the Hootie Alarm are repleacable but not rechargeable.

Is Hootie Alarm Safe to Use?

The World Health Organization published a report stating that 1 in 3 women experience harassment, molestation, or sexual violence. Other safety devices like mace, handguns, knives, or tasers can harm you if you don’t know how to use these lethal tools. The only product for non-violent self-defense that is accessible to everyone and everywhere is the Hootie purse alarm.

Self-defense items can turn against you and even kill you if they aren’t used properly. Fortunately, Hootie is not like all of these potentially harmful technologies. You do not need any special authorization, nor is there any special training required to use this device. It is compact, simple to use, discrete, and TSA-compliant, meaning you can bring it anywhere and trigger it in a matter of seconds.

How Much Does Hootie Alarm Cost?


The cost of Hootie alarms varies from $15 to $30 per unit, depending on how many you order and from where you order. But the following is the official price list from the website:

  • One unit costs: $29.99 + $4.99 Shipping
  • Three units cost: $59.98 + Free U.S. Shipping
  • Five units cost: $89.97 + Free U.S. Shipping
  • Eight units cost: $119.96 + Free U.S. Shipping

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Did you pay for your Hootie Alarm gadget in full but decide against using it later? Are you still hesitating about whether or not to keep the Hootie Alarm device you recently purchased? I’m happy to inform you that you can return it and receive your cashback because the manufacturers offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee. But I assure you that this item has so many distinctive features that you wouldn’t want to send it back.

Where to Buy Hootie Alarms?

The Hootie personal keychain alarms are not sold in the market. Hootie alarms are only purchasable through the official website. Purchasing Hootie from the official website guarantees you get the real deal straight from the source. Scammers are all over the place.

Therefore, you must be cautious about where you purchase your security gadget. Hootie has not been authorized for sale by any third parties. It is not permitted to market this product on websites like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and other similar sources.

So, don’t search for Hootie alarm Amazon on Google, thinking you might get a cheaper deal. Not only the Hootie personal alarm amazon products are pricey, but they are fake as well. That is why we always recommend to get it from the product’s offiial website.

Visit the official site, choose your favorite color and order. There are five different Hootie alarm colors – black, white, pink, blue, and red. You can use a Hootie alarm discount code on the official website to get gadgets for a lower price. We are currently in talks with the manufacturer to get a discount code for our readers and we will update it soon in this review. So keep your eyes on it.

Hootie Safety Alarm Reviews By Customers

Hootie has become one of the top-selling safety gadgets in the United States. Since the crime rate has gone up significantly after the pandemic, many Americans are picking up this handy safety alarm. In this section, we will look at some of the Hootie personal alarm reviews by real active users.

  • “I am a new mom who purchased a Hootie for each member of my family. My children were so excited by the gift that they spent hours testing the product to ensure it worked. It has been a huge hit! I highly recommend Hootie to all of my friends who have children in their lives.” Sandra.
  • “I purchased Hootie thinking it would be another item I would put on a shelf and never use. To my surprise, the product is well-made and very easy to use. I have already used it to alert me of a smoke alarm going off in my home, and it did the job perfectly!” Kenith L.
  • “I am a stay-at-home mom, but I work a full-time job. I’m constantly running back and forth between my home office and work. I was tired of worrying about whether my girls were safely coming in and out of the house. Hootie has been a lifesaver. Now, I can focus on my job, knowing that Hootie is looking out for my daughters.” Brianca K.

You can look into Hootie alarm reviews on Trustpilot if you want more user insight.

About the Manufacturer

Hootie International, which has its headquarters in the US, produces Hootie alarms. Leading safety gadget company Hootie International has been operating for more than 15 years. One of the company’s most well-known items, Hootie, has aided countless individuals in dangerous circumstances. Other safety equipment from Hootie International includes the Hootie Personal Alarm, Hootie Home Alarm, Hootie Car Alarm, etc.

Refund Policy Of Hootie Alarm

Are Hootie alarms refundable?  This is one of the most important question.  Your Hootie Alarm comes with 30-days money-back guarantee and 1-year warranty! So you have the opportunity to  recieve refund within 30 days of your purchase. The manufacturer will also repair your Hootie Alarm fee of charge for a year if the alarm or the light doesn’t work properly.

But you have to make sure that you return the Hootie personal protection alarm along with all the components in the package that you recieved.

You also need the RMA number to return the gadget. You can get it by sending an email to service@gethootie.com will get you the RMA.

The returning address for the Hootie alarm is:


9160 E. Del Camino Drive, Suite B1, Scottsdale, AZ 85258.

Bottom Line

Hootie is a personal safety gadget that can be attached to your outerwear, belt, keychain, or pocket. While jogging, you can carry the Hootie alarm device in your hand. When you pull the Hootie’s pin, the alarm goes off at 130 decibels, almost as loud as a jet engine. The device also features a flashing light, an Emergency LED light, and other features that further set it apart as the ideal self-defense tool. Check out the official website after finishing this Hootie alarm review.

Sexual assaults are a major issue in the world today. Many women, the disabled, and even the elderly are unsafe inside and outside their homes. Regardless of how secure your neighborhood or city may seem, anything can go wrong at any time. That’s why you always need the Hootie alarm system on you. Hootie will give you 24/7 protection. It is a necessity for all women and those with disabilities. Give this to your family members as a gift. Your loved ones might get in trouble, and you might not be there to help them, but if they have the Hootie alarm system, you can rest easy knowing they are well protected.


  • Is Hootie alarm a scam?

Hootie is effective; it is not a scam. You always feel secure and in control, thanks to Hootie. When possible, attackers threaten you; you can retake control with the sound of its piercing siren. Numerous Hootie safety alarm reviews and user feedback have confirmed the device’s reliability. On top of that, the manufacturer offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • Is the Hootie alarm very loud?

Hootie certainly makes a loud noise. The siren has a maximum volume of 130 dB, which is quite powerful. The sound is extremely noisy and similar in volume to airplanes and smoke alarms. This may help deter assailants and attract nearby people’s notice.

  • Can you give Hootie as a gift?

The Hootie personal alarm is a great gift for those you care about. Hootie is ideal for giving as a gift on any occasion, including Valentine’s Day and Christmas. This is a must-have for women who go to work alone, live alone, or travel frequently. We encourage you to watch the Hootie alarm video from the website to understand how useful the gadget is for your friends and family.

  • Do Hottie alarms come in different sizes and colors?

The Hootie Alarm is currently only offered in one size. It has a 3.94-inch height, a 1.18-inch width, and a 0.59-inch thickness. The Hootie is quite powerful even though it is small and light—only 0.93 ounces. It will instantly catch people’s attention. Because of its small size, it can be concealed for more discretion. Additionally, it comes in a range of colors. It is available in either regular Black or White. Additional choices are Red, Lime Green, Navy Blue, and Pink. You can be sure that the Hootie compliments you regardless of what you wear out, thanks to the variety of colors available.

  • How can I purchase Hootie alarms?

I will encourage you to buy Hootie from its official website if you want the real device. Visit the reviews section of the Hootie website if you happen to be there. The average user review for Hootie is 4.9 stars. Customers praise how simple it is and how it has brought them comfort.

  • Are batteries included with Hootie Alarm?

Yes. It comes with two CR2032 batteries. These are repleaceable lithium coin batteries.

  • How long does the batteries last?

The batteries last upto 1 year. Hence, your Hootie Alarm will last at least a year. You can also replace the batteries.

  • How long does a Hootile alarm last?

Once activated, the alarm lasts 40 continual minutes and it can be used multiple times. This device’s alarm is more than adequate (130 decibel) to confuse your pursuers. Even if you are attacked, the intense noise can scare off your attackers.


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