Nomad Security Camera Reviews: Scam or Legit security camera light bulb?

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A home security camera is a video recording device that records footage of your house and property, which you can see from anywhere with an internet connection on a smartphone, tablet, or computer. The majority of home security cameras are motion-activated, which means that when they see motion, they will start recording and informing you.  Offer Ends Tomorrow: 50% OFF Nomad Security Cameras

What is a Nomad Security Camera?

Nomad Security Camera is a smart security camera that pans 360 degrees and captures video for ultimate security, as its name indicates. Another advantage worth mentioning is that homeowners may now broadcast live footage to their cell phones thanks to its Wi-Fi connection. Another unique trait of the Nomad Security Camera is its appearance.

It has to be specifically twisted into a standard light bulb plug for it to work. Overall, its simple design first deceived our editorial staff. However, as we took it apart, it was clear that the designers had considered every flaw such cameras may have. We had a question about what this involves. 50% Discount Offered for the next 10 minutes!

How Does It Work?

One feature that distinguishes this Security Camera from other devices on the market is that you do not have to reset the unit every time there is a power outage. In reality, when power is restored, the Nomad security camera saves the previous location evaluated before restarting the same calibration.


Even those who are not completely convinced by Nomad Security Camera will alter their opinions once they learn about its advantages. The following are crucial:

Simple Installation

For those who are accustomed to replacing lightbulbs, installing the Nomad Security Camera is a breeze. It is as easy as inserting the camera into the lightbulb socket.

Night Vision and Motion Tracking

The Nomad Security Cameras’ night vision capabilities enable the camera to record distinguishable video in the absence of light. The ability to monitor all item motions is one of the benefits of motion tracking as a feature. If intruders approach near enough, this function will start live recording, which may be seen afterward.

Secure Recordings

This camera contains space for a 64GB SD card for safe recording. People do not need to be worried about monthly cloud storage costs as a result. Furthermore, it is stated that all recordings are encrypted, allowing only the admin user to see them.

Alarm system

Customers love the integrated alarm since it may be triggered immediately if an intruder or stranger is detected. The alarm is loud enough to warn someone away, but not loud enough to disturb adjacent homes. Individuals must download the Nomad app to sound the alert.

Other characteristics that should not be overlooked are:

  • These extra features are likely to be useful to you as a property owner.
  • It does not need batteries since it is usually connected to a light socket.
  • Employs a built-in speech or intercom service that enables users to listen and communicate with one another via the camera system.
  • The Nomad Security Camera works with any Android or iOS smartphone.
  • It can pan 360 degrees, up, down, right, and left, making it an ideal nanny camera.
  • Four LED lights and four infrared lights are used.
  • Has the capacity to capture video in up to 1080p HD.
  • It may be put both inside and outdoors as long as it is in a covered location, just like a standard light bulb.
  • The Nomad Security Camera comes with a set of installation equipment as well as an instruction booklet.
  • The application for the Nomad Security Camera is included for free with every camera purchase.
  • Using your phone or laptop computer, you may share the footage with family members, coworkers, or business partners.

Price and Packages

Prices for Nomad Security Cameras depend on how many cameras are ordered. Here is a brief rundown of what to anticipate:

  • One Nomad Security Camera unit: $46 + $7.95 in S&H
  • Two Nomad Security Camera units: $46 + $7.95 in S&H
  • Three Nomad Security Camera units: $39 + Free S&H
  • Four Nomad Security Camera units: $39 + Free S&H
  • Five Nomad Security Camera units: $39 + Free S&H
  • Ten Nomad Security Camera units: $29 + Free S&H

Final Verdict

Finally, the Nomad Security Camera is an indoor and outdoor smart camera that can be used at any time of day or night. It looks to handle the fundamentals: night vision, secure records, motion tracking, brighter lighting, an alarm system, and simplicity of installation. One feature that most users appreciated was the software used to sync the videos.

Customers who evaluated the Nomad on the official website said the quality of the live stream from the security camera was great. The app was simple to use, customer support answered within 24 hours, and motion tracking worked wonderfully. One consumer remarked that he was a tenant who could not deface the property and was pleased with the installation of the lightbulb plug. Visit Nomad Security Camera Official Website Here