Top 8 cv mistakes that ruins your UK job career

cv mistakes

It is said clothes make the man. Similarly, a proper curriculum vitae makes a person’s career.

A CV, if structured proficiently, can mirror a person’s skills and qualities to the recruiters.

With fast-growing technologies, one must be extra cautious with their CV as the ATS, a favourite of the HRs, is not to be messed with.

Now that we are aware of the importance of a CV, the question arises of creating a CV complex. Can it attract the best recruiters for you?

The answer is yes; however difficult it sounds; an eye-catching CV is not rocket science. It is, in fact, the most easily done job.

But one has to keep in mind to give more weightage to an error-free cv.

Easy processes to reduce unpardonable mistakes


No grammatical or spelling errors 

Grammatical and spelling errors are considered sinful by recruiters. With the availability of applications, the recruiter has every right to discard your cv if there is an error.

Stuffing of keywords

Many times to attract recruiters, we input many keywords, which can act as a bane as many recruiters tend only to search keywords. Or too many could put them off.

Too lengthy cv

considering the application: the vacancy ratio per cv is given a maximum of 30 seconds.

So the thumb rule is to keep it short.

Avoid too flowery language

studies show 12.9% of recruiters get demotivated by such over-creative language.

Avoid superlative adjectives

words such as ‘highly qualified, and ‘perfectly suitable’ must be avoided. Instead, put a list of your skills—a word of caution – state only the skills that align with the job profile.

Chronological order

there is no stated rule for the chronological order. Some like to follow the recent to past achievements, while others follow the past to recent ones. Whichever you choose, stick to it. Also, mention any gaps in your career.

Accurate information

going by psychology, we all tend to colour our abilities. This must be avoided, as you have to validate your statements. So accurate information must be given.

Avoid Including unnecessary or irrelevant information

Studies show 40.6% of recruiters are dissatisfied with it.

Avoid including pictures
as 14.2% of recruiters disapprove of it.

Proper structure
A proper structure is at the core of a good cv. It must carry all the details.

  • Qualifications
    • Number of years of work experience
    • Proficiency in languages
    • Knowledge of any particular technology or software
    • Certification in specific skills.

A good CV can be created with the abovementioned list, bringing you under the radar of the best companies. But if you want an edge over other applicants, you can use a CV writing service.


internship cv

If you are reading this, you may be a university-level or pass-out student. Now job applications in the UK are high among students.

It would help if you got information about this from your seniors. Considering the competition, the students should start early. The students at the university level here in the UK must be ready for the plethora of opportunities.

To start early, you are required to gear up with all the weapons. The most important tool is a great internship cv.

Now you must be awestruck. Do we need an internship cv? What to put into it? And how to do it.

Patience wins the game. Answering the first query, yes, an internship cv is as essential as a regular cv. If you have an internship CV, it will benefit you. An internship CV gives students a perfect idea of their skills or interests.

  • Now what to put into it? 

Since you are just a student, it is considered you have no or minimal experience. So, your internship CV must contain the following pieces of information,

  • Any linguistic skills: If you know any other language except the native one.
  • Fieldwork- If you have done any research work in your study field.
  • Any certification– If any particular course is done, you can mention that too. In addition to that, mention any scholarship program you have been awarded.
  • Social work experience– there are many universities where social work is given priority. If you have any experience, include that as well.
  •  Any particular skill – if you have any knowledge other than your course, mention that. E.g., knowledge of data science.
  • Career-related achievements (if any): If you have been awarded any achievement, mention that.
  • Hobbies: You could also mention your objectives. The recruiter must have a clear idea about your likes as it will add on for you and the recruiter.

We are now coming to the second part of the question:

how to create an internship cv: If a student is creating their CV, it is advisable to research the company you are applying for. The company with whom you want to intern with matching your interest criteria.

As you have no or little experience, it is better to apply according to your skills. Your CV must highlight your qualities.

Incorporate the below list while you compose your CV

  • It should be grammatically sound with no spelling errors.
  • Your skills and qualifications must be mentioned clearly.
  • Personal details – also include your objective.
  • It would help if you mentioned your educational qualification in reverse chronology since recruiters will be interested in your recent qualification.
  • Mention any social work or any environment-related work done.
  • Put a proper contact detail.

Warning- do not get carried away mentioning your skills. Keep in mind that statements that are easy and short always attract.

If one needs professional help, one can avail of the UK-based cv for internship.

Creating a cv is an art. a soft -skill by which you attract a great career. The attractive quotient of your CV will decide your career growth, as a CV will open the doors for great opportunities and companies.

So, act fast and decide whether you want to be a leader, as the deciding factor is a quality-enriched CV.

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