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 It is very pertinent to be security conscious. To keep watch over your house or property all time isn’t that easy, it requires security personnel and this costs a huge amount of money, but with the secret revealed here you can be the security guard of your abode even without being physically present with just a Secure Lite Cam security Camera.

Intruders are unpredictable, you never can tell when they plan invading your abode. They can invade anytime, in the night, morning, afternoon etc they have no specific time for operation. This is why it is very important you keep watch over your home 24/7 with a Secure Lite Cam security Camera. But Perhaps I can hire a security personnel to do that for me.

Hiring a security personnel is never a bad idea, but remember that security is a human and not a machine, for them to keep watch over your abode 24/7 you have to pay them a huge amount of money because a lot of risk is involved .

These intruders operate with different kinds of weapons which enables them to have their way all the time. They can even take a life for them to get what they want. Imagine invading your home, your security trying to defend your abode and as well his life, they can decide to silence him forever just to get what they want leaving you with two tragic events to face. Your lost property, the life of your security personnel, the worst of all there is no evidence to trace them. Secure Lite cam is very important and the best for securing your abode, no life is at stake.

Secure Lite Cam security Camera is a revolutionary surveillance camera for the protection of life and property and a solution to curb all insecurity problems and put thieves in their rightful place. But there are security cameras out there, how do I know that Secure Camera Lite is the perfect one? And also security cameras require a lot of physical wiring and installation. Secure light camera is not an ordinary security camera, it does work like other cameras out there but in a unique and perfect way. No complicated installation, no wire connections, keeps watch 24/7. Shocking right, more information about this security camera is carefully noted here, peruse as I open your eyes. Secure Lite Cam Reviews.

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What Then is Secure Lite Cam( secure lite Camera security LightBulb reviews?


Secure Light Camera is a bulb like camera that serves as a surveillance at your abode both inside and outside and as well your business. Bulb like?  Yes, bulb like. It has a similar outlook to your normal electric bulb. This bulb-like camera is capable of capturing all areas of the house without you being present. With this you are always 100% ahead of the burglars, so any cunny move, you will be notified. If there is a need to call the Corps you can do that without the burglars knowing about it.

Secure Light Camera is advanced technology that aids the easy capturing of burglars, fake vendors, etc. It makes use of Wi-Fi connection and is operated via the App which is compatible with all androids, iOS devices. With this all the daily activities that took place in your house, office, store room can be captured and stored. You can monitor your home from anywhere around the world and as well gather strong evidence which can be used to capture any burglar that tries to mess around your house in your absence. Just present your evidence and within some time he will be captured and subdued to face the punishment and as well pay all stolen items.

Secure Light camera unlike other cameras does not capture one area, it has 360 degree rotation feature. This means that the Secure Light Camera is not fixed, it can be controlled to rotate to capture all areas. With this there is nothing like behind the scene, all actions are directly exposed to you. You don’t also need thousands of Secure Light Cameras to keep watch over your house. With few you are good to go.

Secure Light Camera is a hassle free camera. No wire connections which the intruders can use to locate the camera, no charging or battery is attached, just a plug on the bulb outlet and your security case is settled.

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But Do I Necessarily Need a Secure Lite  Cam? ( secure lite Camera security LightBulb reviews?

Yes, as a land or property owner you need this Secure Lite Cam. But why? I hired a lot of securities at my business area and my abode as well.  Yes you did a great job but I guarantee you that those securities can’t give a detailed account of all the activities that took place in your abode or office.

Some time ago, Mr. Jason after establishing a huge company boasted to me saying, Smart I’m good to go, I will be opening my company in a few days time.

Few days before the Grand Opening, some burglars invaded the company and made away with all his goods. You might be asking, is there no security there?  Of course there is, he paid them a huge amount of money, but the range with which they can monitor is limited. Those bad boys made their way through the back door.

Mr. Jason was broken but what can he do, he has to move on because there is no way to capture those thieves and even if he decides to go out there to look for them, that will be an exercise in futility because he has no evidence against them. But had it been Mr. Jason had Secure Light Camera installed in his company the reverse could have been the case. Those criminals will be captured and they will surely pay for their actions.

You need a Secure Lite security Camera, because it is the greatest home watch anyone can have. It watches your home, office, land etc giving you notification of any suspicious move to enable you to act on time. No one can mess around your property and go Scot-free where you have a Secure Light Camera.

Any Benefits?( secure lite Camera security LightBulb reviews?

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There are a lot of benefits to be utilized from using a Secure Lite Cam security lightBulb. The benefits are too numerous to be exhausted here.

  • You can monitor and watch over your children even when you are not there. You can as well monitor all their movements and call their attention whenever they are crossing the limit. Not only does Secure Lite Cam enable you to watch over your children it also helps you speak to them through the two-way audio perk, with this there is nothing like loneliness.
  • It aids the easy capturing of thieves. Secure Lite Cam security Light helps you to bring down all criminals that trespasses your house or area even when you are far from your home or office. Because a Secure Lite Security Camera will always notify you of all cunny movement.
  • Some time ago, I received a fake package from a vendor. I complained but the deliverer denied ever delivering a fake package. He also claims that someone might have exchanged at my doorstep. I kept mute, the man never knew I had a great watch that will reveal the truth which is my Secure Lite I viewed the past event and Lo and behold, this vendor was lying all this while. He was captured, I got my exact package, and he was also taught a lesson. This was all possible because I have a Secure Lite Cam. Purchase yours now and put criminals where they belong.
  • Steady illumination will be all yours. The Secure Lite Camera Bulb has 4 bright lights that can illuminate your environment. Intruders will never take advantage of the darkness because a Secure Light Camera is always at work to give you a clear view of your environment both day and night.
  • Secure lite Camera Bulb is very easy to install. No extra payment for installation, as long as you have a bulb outlet you are perfectly good to go. Aside from easy installation , Secure LiteBulb is very easy to control using the available app on your smartphone (either iOS or Android).
  • Secure Lite Cam helps to prevent unnecessary break-ins because you will always be notified about any unusual movement of strangers.

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What Are The Distinguished Features Of A Secure Lite Cam?( secure lite Camera security LightBulb reviews?

Secure Light Camera has a lot of unique features that make it a perfect product for your abode and workplace.

360 Degree Panoramic Camera

Secure Lite Cam captures your entire room from all angles with just one bulb. A Secure Lite Camera Bulb can pan up, down, left or right to capture every corner of your house and relay it to you.

Motion Detection/Instant Notification

The Secure Lite Cam has a tracking sensor that easily dictates movements. Once any form of movement is dictated, you will get a notification on your smartphone making it easier for you to detect whether the movement is illegal or not.

2 Way HQ Audio

The two way audio enables you to communicate with your loved ones from your workplace or wherever you are. Using your mobile phone, you can speak to them at any time and as well they can also respond to you. This can help your children feel relaxed even when you are not there with them physically.

Automatic Alarm

Secure Lite Cam has an alarm feature that can be programmed in a way that it can scare away unwanted individuals. This automatic alarm is programmed in your smart phone with the help of the control App.

Multi Bulb Outlet Compatible

Secure Lite Cam does not only serve as a watch, it also provides security light around your vicinity. You can screw it in any of your bulb outlets. This is super excellent right?

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Extender Pole and Wall Adapter

Secure Lite Cam security Bulb comes with a 7 inches extension pole if you choose not to use bulb outlets to aid a clearer vision. You can plug your Secure Light Camera in your AC outlet with the help of this pole extension.


Secure Lite Camera is a lifetime investment. It can last for an infinite time depending on how you manage it. It is one of the best Security Cameras that will never place a financial burden on you.

Easy Set Up

Secure Lite Cam is very easy to install. A technician is never needed for its installation. You can actually do the setup yourself within seconds, all you need to do is screw it in any available bulb outlet and connect the camera to your home Wi-Fi with App.

Night Vision/Infrared LEDs

Secure Lite Cam provides you a clear and quality image and video  of every event that took place in your house both day and night.

Customer’s Satisfaction Reviews on Secure Light  Camera

I had my doubts but this little camera is amazing. Alex H.

It pan left and right, up and down. It has motion tracking that works perfectly, and has many features. The Secure Light Camera also has a space for a 64GB SD Card. This purchase has a lot of values to it. Reina J.

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Secure Lite Cam night vision is outstanding, attached to a flood light,  2 storeys up, we sit on a hill,  which  makes it equivalent to 3 stories and it is amazing video quality down to the street on the side of my house. Tabatha A.

I bought the first one to try it out. I found out it is better than a ring device to me based on the fact you can move the camera in a 360 degree rotation. The night vision/ infrared is excellent as well. Justin C.

Where Do I Purchase a Secure Light Camera And At What Price?

You can buy Secure Lite Cam at the official website, this gives you the privilege to enjoy some certain advantages such as 50% discount. This advantage is limited and can only be enjoyed by few fast purchasers. You can be one of them by clicking any of the links for easy purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions About Secure Lite Cam (Secure Lite Cam Reviews)

Do I have to keep the socket on at all times for the camera to work?

Yes. In order for the camera to be on and active, the camera needs frequent power supply as the camera has no battery attached. If for any reason there is a power outage, once the power is restored, you don’t need to start relinking because the Secure Lite Cam will automatically turn on and link back to the Wi-Fi.

How long does a security camera last?  Life span.

Secure Lite Cam does not make use of batteries, and so relies only on bulb outlets or wall adapters for power. The life expectancy should range from 20-30 years depending on how you handle it.  Thus 3 years warranty is given to all the fast purchasers.

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Can I use a regular size SDcard?

The current card size that can fit in the camera is a mini SD Card with a maximum storage of 64GBs. Secure Lite Cam does not accept regular size SD cards at this time.

Will Secure Lite Cam work with flood that is straight out?

It is not advisable to use a Secure Lite Cam in a straight out socket. It works perfectly in a facing down or facing up light bulb socket. 90 degree wall adapters are also available to place the camera in a wall socket.

Is the height of the product sufficient to work from a recessed exterior ceiling light?

Yes, we recommend you purchase a 6 inches extension to make the camera have a 360 degree view.

How do I download the App?

The Secure Lite Cam App works on both Android and iOS devices. For easy download, simply scan the QR code. You can also find the App by searching “YL LoT”.

Does the security camera give a notification if a person approaches the door?

Yes, there is an option in the camera setting to notify you when it senses any activity. You will get push notifications from the app on your phone, you can talk to the person if there is a need for that.

Conclusion (Secure Lite cam Reviews)

Secure Lite Camera Bulb is the perfect camera for watching over your home from anywhere around the world all the time. It is very easy to install, it is as easy as replacing a bulb light.

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Even in your absence, you can still connect to your family, and monitor their movement. Secure Lite Camera bulb gives you an instant notification about any movement around your home.

24/7 Clear videos of all activities that take place in your workplace or home. Alarm function to scare away any unwanted guests.

A Secure Lite Camera bulb is a must have for everyone, it is very affordable. The company is recently giving huge discounts which you would not like to miss.  This offer might not last for long and the Secure Light Camera is likely to go out of stock soon because the rate at which people rush it is shocking. Place your order now you still have the opportunity.

Purchase Secure Lite Cam security lightBulb now and have full control of all your property both in security and management.

Your Secure Lite Cam is affordable at Discounted price now

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