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Audio-listening devices have indeed come a long way in their evolution. Today, you no longer have to deal with wired earpieces as a result of the creation of Bluetooth headphones. However, up until now, all of these headphones are designed to cover the ear canal. Inductvv reviews

constantly keeping the ear covered creates a humid environment in the ear canal and may encourage bacterial infection of the ear. Additionally, this situation also affects the clearance of ear wax and may leave the ear clogged with wax.

so, even though airpods and buds have emancipated us from wired earpieces, they are not without drawbacks. When worn over a long period, these devices may cause dermatitis as well as ear wax impaction. Inductvv headphones reviews

In today’s review, you will learn about a unique headphone, designed with a different working mechanism. Unlike traditional headphones which block the ear canal, Inductivv works as an ear-free headphone.

This particular pair of headphones doesn’t require you to place them in your ears. We’re so glad you decided to check the new inductivv headphone out! and because we care about you and never want you to miss out, we did some research on this product and got you everything you need to know.

Therefore, this is our Inductivv headphone review with everything you need to learn about the wonder device.

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Inductivv Reviews: What Is Inductivv Headphone?

Inductivv headphones are a new, innovative, and unique way of using headphones. You’re probably wondering what “unique mode of operation” means. It means the inductivv headphone works in a different way. Unlike regular headphones that work in the ear canal, Inductivv is different.

It’s a headset that doesn’t go inside your ears. It is placed just above them. Now, you understand what we mean by unique, right?

We’re guessing your next question is, “How is this possible?” It is indeed. Many people have tried the Inductivv headphone and attest to its success, so yes, it’s possible. You don’t need to do anything special to listen to music in this unique way. Just put them on the bone just above the ear and let the music vibrates through you and listen with the open-ear design. We’ll be giving you more details about this later.

The point is that Inductivv is not a typical earphone that works inside the ears like all earphones are designed to. Your ears are left open and you still get to hear music, loud and clear, even though you’re wearing headphones. Much clearer!


Does The Inductivv Actually Work?

Yes, it does indeed. It sounds impossible, but it really does work. Many people who’ve purchased and used these products have attested to their effectiveness and of course, our team too.

In addition, there’s no doubt that the high demand for this item is enough proof. If it didn’t work as intended, people would have found out long ago. Do you not think so?

Do Bone Conduction Headphones Work? (Inductivv Reviews)

Many people who hear about the Inductivv think it is a scam because they don’t understand how it works. We actually thought the same until we heard from people who actually bought this device and found it satisfactory. Then, we tested it ourselves. So, we can confidently say that Inductivv isn’t a scam.

It may be that most people are simply not accustomed to it and miss the sensation of having something stuck up inside their ear canals.

In addition, the headphone industry is a very competitive market. We are constantly hearing about new innovations with headphones. From the very large headphones that swallowed our ears, down to the smaller ones that stuck inside them. And then Apple came up with the AirPods, which eliminated the need for wires and made it easier to use them. Most companies had to adapt to the new technologies to remain competitive, and we’ve had many changes since then: pods, buds, and whatnot.

Regardless of their design and size, they were all made to block the ears. However, here comes the Inductivv which has an open ear design and offers a more comfortable fit and great sounds. They will certainly feel threatened. Their counterattack? All kinds of bad reviews, name-calling, and claims of scams; all in a bid for keeping their customers.

Pathetic, but unfortunately true. We don’t blame anyone though, it’s just business; let the best man win. (Inductivv headphones reviews)


How Does The Inductivv Headphones Work?

Phew! The information you’ve been searching for. You probably came here because you were interested in knowing how inductivv works. You certainly made the right decision by choosing to read this Inductivv review.

Okay, let’s go back in time, shall we? You need not worry; it will help you understand.

Remember Beethoven, the musician who went completely deaf, and couldn’t even hear his own music? You probably know the story already. What did he do?

Out of desperation to listen to his own music, he did something strange. We don’t know whether he did any research or simply guessed how to accomplish this feat, but Beethoven came up with a way to listen to his own music.

He got a conducting stick, stuck one end of the stick to the piano and held on to the other end with his teeth, and subsequently heard his music. Amazing.

Very well, Let’s safely assume the manufacturers of the Inductivv headphones got a hint from this famous classical musician. The bone conduction.

The Inductivv headphones use two pads that are placed on top of the ears, and when they’re connected to a device, send vibrations from the music. Through the temporal bones, these vibrations are conducted to the cochlea inside the inner ear. This is different from the normal hearing mechanism, in which the sound vibrations are carried to the bones in the middle ear via the eardrum and then to the cochlea. Interesting, isn’t it? You now know that it’s not magic.

Inductivv Headphones Reviews

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Who Can Use The Inductivv? (Inductivv Reviews)

People, of course (unless the bones above the ears are missing), can use the Inductivv headphones. For athletes and joggers who like to exercise in the early morning, it is most convenient to listen to music with inductivv while they train. It is nice, as it allows them to still remain aware of their surroundings, even when they are completely isolated from them.

Swimmers will also enjoy this futuristic gadget because it is waterproof, and will allow them to have some underwater fun. There’s a whole lot more which we’ll be spilling down this review! Keep reading!

What Are The Features Of The Inductivv Headphones?

This section of this review is devoted to explaining all the details about Inductivv so that you’ll know exactly what to expect before making any purchases.

First things first, what are the specifications of the inductivv headphones?

(Inductivv headphones reviews)

Specifications Of The Inductivv (Inductivv Reviews)

Amount per unit: One (1) Inductivv per package

Weight: four (4) grams

Colour: Black

Material: Silicone

Other Features Of The Inductivv Headphones

They include the following:

Great and comfy Design

LED indicator light

Power button

USB port

USB cable

Bone induction pads Duet

Bluetooth connectivity 5.0 EDR


Advanced noise-reduction microphone

Long battery life ~ 7 hours of use

Standby Time: 2000 hours

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The Design (Inductivv headphones reviews):

The Inductivv headphone is shaped like a semi-circle, except for the fact that there are some appendages crawling out from the edges of the device. Those appendages bear the duet conducting pad that will be placed on top of the cheekbones and send the vibrations, as well as a comfortable anchor that clasps the backs of your ears.

Then, the semi-circle placed behind wraps around your neck or head, whichever is appropriate. You can adjust the semi-circle to fit the size of your head or neck.

Power button

This is the only control panel button on the Inductivv. It lies on the anchor that goes behind the right ear. It does a lot of controls for the Inductivvv.

First, it powers on inductivv by pressing the button for three (3) seconds. Secondly, it also switches it off by pressing and holding the power button for the same amount of time. A single press on the same button is used to answer a call as well as end it. This same action is used to play/pause your music when listening to one. A rapid double press is used to reject calls.

To activate your device’s voice assistant, quickly triple press the button. You can reset the headphone by pressing and holding the power button for 25 secs.

LED indicator light

It is located on the anchor, behind the right ear. It indicates when the battery is charging and when it has been fully charged. A beeping green light indicates that the device is charging, while a steady white light indicates that it is fully charged and should be unplugged from the power source. When the headphones are powered on, flashing green and white light shows that it is in pairing mode.

Inductivv Headphones Reviews

USB port

This is placed on the left anchor which does not have the power button and the LED indicator light. This is where you connect a USB cable to charge your inductivv headphone.

USB cable

Each Inductivv pack includes a USB cable to charge the device. It can be plugged into a wall socket, a car charger, or a computer or laptop to charge.

Bone induction pads

These are the oxygen that fuels the Inductivv headphones. These pads are made from rubber still, but the metal parts that touch the cheekbones are covered with silicone. They hold firmly when in place.

These pads send vibrations through the temporal bone to the cochlear nerve in the inner ear, which then sends signals to the brain, causing the sensation of hearing.

Bluetooth 5.0 EDR connectivity

The Inductivv headphones work with Bluetooth 5.0 technology. You can use it with any device that has Bluetooth connectivity.

Once you’ve turned on your Inductivv headphone, you go into Bluetooth settings to see if your headphone has been paired with your phone. If it hasn’t, simply click “connect” to pair them.

It might also be interesting for you to know that Inductivv headphones work using the latest Bluetooth technology that allows you to connect up to 10 meters away from the device.

This means you can walk away from your smartphone to a distance of about ten meters and still stay connected.

With Bluetooth 5.0, you can connect multiple devices at once and play music from different devices!

The Inductivv Headphones are Water-resistant

The Inductivv headphones also come with IP55 water-resistant protection. So, you can still wear it on rainy days with no fear of it getting damaged. This earphone is also good for swimmers.

Noise-reduction Microphone

When answering calls with the Inductivv headphones, this feature comes alive. It knocks out the surrounding noise and amplifies the voice of the caller so that it becomes clear and distinct. So, you don’t need to bend towards the microphone or pull it towards you; the amplifying microphone feature will do the job for you.

Long battery life

The Inductivv headphones offer up to 7 hours of use before needing to be recharged. The average charging time for a full charge is about an hour and a half.

It also has a feature of 1.5-hour use after a 5-minute charge and with a standby time of ~ 2,000 hours after a full charge.

Well, that’s pretty much the features of the Inductivv bone conduction headphones. Next are the benefits of the Inductivv headphones. Looking at the features, one should easily be able to tell the advantages already, but we will highlight them for you, just in case you missed them! (Inductivv reviews)

Benefits Of The Inductivv Bone Conduction Headphones

These include:





Battery life

Versatile use


Quality sound


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Inductivv Headphones Reviews


Unlike most headphones, the Inductivv has no wires, so you don’t need to worry about tangling them up. You just put it around your neck and keep it there. You don’t need to keep holding it in place. The rubber part that keeps it from slipping off has a spring inside for that job.

Hence, you can continue with your regular activities, while enjoying your favorite music or listening to a podcast. In addition, the power button on its side offers you a lot more control. You can pause your song with a single touch and resume playing it as well. You can skip to another song by pressing it two times quickly.

When it comes to calls, you don’t have to reach for your smartphone or device to answer a call. When you get an incoming call, just press the button to answer it. And when you’re done talking, press the button to end it. To reject a call an incoming call, you simply double-tap in quick succession. (Inductivv reviews)


The Inductivv bone conduction headphone weighs about 4 grams, making it lightweight and the spring with which the device comes is foldable You can fold it up however you want; just be sure to keep it flat for easy storage. It can be carried in a pocket, so you don’t need to worry about losing it.

It’s equally okay to wear it around your neck without any music playing and be sure to still feel comfortable. The parts that have direct contact with your skin, such as the conduction pads and anchors, are covered with silicone, a soft-feeling substance. Hence, you won’t get sore spots from pressure.

Safe and Eco-friendly

The Inductivv bone conduction headphone lets you listen to your music without having to fit them into your ears all the time. This is really nice! We must admit it. Do you remember having headaches after listening to music for a long time, or experiencing pain in your ears? we guess the answer is yes. So, you can attest to the fact it is not that convenient to be wearing headphones in your ears.

In fact, people with hearing impairments often avoid using headphones because they can cause further damage to their ears. With this unique design and bone conduction, Inductivv makes music accessible to everyone. In addition, these headphones don’t clog your ears and so do not cause ear wax build up as much as other earphones.

Still, on safety, the Inductivv wireless headphones, leaves your ears open so you’re not completely locked out from the world; you will still be able to hear loud screams and noises so you’ll know when to run for safety. It can be useful for people who like to run before work. The Inductivv bone conduction headphones let you hear sounds from your immediate environment, even when listening to music.


The bone conduction headphone is covered in silicon in every place where it will touch your skin. It feels soft, so you don’t feel any pain even after using it for a long time. It’s even better than having a headset because it doesn’t require any wires or a direct connection to your phone.

Battery life

The inductivv wireless headphones feature a long-lasting battery that can last for about 7 hours after one full charge. This is way above the quality offered by most headphones, which are wireless. This could be longer depending on use.

The Water-resistant Inductivv headphones

A 90-year-old man when giving advice on enjoying a long and happy life says, “Own a good stereo system, enjoy music in the shower…”

The Inductivv is designed to help you live up to the words of this old, happy person. With its IP55 rating, it can survive water splashes and sweats.

This is equally nice as the headphones don’t go into your ears, there won’t be any buildup of wax or fluid discomfort while wearing them.

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Versatile use

The Inductivv headphones can be used by different types of people at different times: work, school, and sport, because of its quality build and in addition, you won’t be completely knocked out from the environment.

Unlike conventional headphones, the Inductivv headphones can be used by multiple people. Earwax is not something you need to worry about if you wish to share your headphone with friends and family because it doesn’t go into their ears.

Another benefit of the Inductivv headphones is that they work with multiple devices at once. It is also very compatible with most, if not all Bluetooth devices. If your device has Bluetooth connectivity then the Inductivv will be a good fit for you. Hence, it works with Android phones, iPhones, iPads, Macs, PCs, and whatever else. There is no limitation here.

(Inductivv headphones reviews)

Quality sound

We were skeptical when we first heard about this new product because we didn’t think it would sound the same as when it was placed in our ears. We thought, well maybe it works, but definitely not as loud as regular headphones.

Fast forward, our doubts were cleared when we saw it worked. It is so loud that listening to it at high volumes for a long period of time may cause discomfort; no wonder the manufacturer advises that it be listened to at medium volume.

Therefore, if you could get a similar level of sound quality with little or no side effects, which would be better?

Next, let’s look at the downsides. No product is perfect. In fact, if any product seems too good to be true, you should be suspicious. That is why in the course of our research, we dug deeper to fish out all that could go wrong with the Inductivv. Read on! (Inductivv headphones reviews)

Cons Of The Inductivv Headphones (Inductivv Reviews)

They include:

It is difficult to adapt to

As of now, there is no guarantee for younger age groups.

It can be uncomfortable at high volumes.

Awareness of the environment

Available only online

Low stock

Difficult To adapt to

Yes, this is an example of a con because no matter what kind of cool thing it is, most people will probably just be used to having music in their ears and won’t want to change. It takes them time to get used to the Inductivv’s vibration, and they may not enjoy using it for the first few days.

No guarantee for younger age groups

It is important to keep in mind that children are not done growing or developing. Their bones are still developing and haven’t fused yet. Using a device, vibrating on them, may not always be a good idea.

Discomfort at high volumes

It was clearly stated in the instructions provided in the Inductivv headphone package. It is best to use the Inductivv headphones when listening to music at medium or low volumes. Because high volumes mean more intense vibrations, which may be too loud and uncomfortable.

Awareness of environment

While this is an obvious advantage for safety, it might just be a turn-off for people who prefer to lock out the rest of the world and be in a bubble when listening to music. They won’t enjoy interferences, even little ones when listening to their podcast or songs.

Only available online

Another discouraging fact about the Inductivv headphone is that it is sold online and some people would prefer to go into stores to check out the products they’re interested in buying. It is even worse than it sounds because, it is only available on the manufacturer’s website and not on other websites, so people may think it is a scam because they don’t want to share their profits with the manufacturer. Well, we made this extensive review so you get to know all about inductivv.

Limited stock

There has been a lot of buzz about this product lately, and demand for it has skyrocketed due to the positive testimonials from buyers online. Everyone wants to benefit from this innovative product. So, if you decide not to buy one now, you may not be able to save up for one later. You might just be a victim of out-of-stock messages.

You’re now aware of the advantages and disadvantages of the Inductivv headphone and probably now interested in knowing its price. Don’t worry, the best Inductivv Review has got you covered.

Inductivv Headphones Reviews

How Much Does The Inductivv Cost?

Inductivv Bone Conduction Headphone Pricing:

1x Inductivv headphone costs $59.99

2x Inductivv headphones cost $107.98

3x Inductivv headphones cost $143.96

4x Inductivv headphones cost $167.97

5x Inductivv headphones cost $179.97

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Next up, we’ll look at how to use Inductivv. It is still the same way you set up and operate a Bluetooth headset. However, we still listed them out, but if you don’t want to read them, feel free not to. (Inductivv headphones reviews)

How To Use The Inductivv Headphone (Inductivv Reviews)

Inductivv Headphone Set-up

Step 1: Unwrap the inductivv from its case Plug in the USB cable and charge it fully before using. It helps keep its battery life.

Step 2: After fully charging, hold down the power button for a few seconds to turn on the Bluetooth headphone. You will hear a voice prompt, indicating that it is ready to be paired.

Step 3: Turn your device’s Bluetooth on, then go to its Bluetooth settings. Click on the “available devices” link and then select Inductivv or whatever unique headphone name that appears.

Step 4: Place your induction pads on the bones above your ears and blast your music.

Step 5: Press once to pause the music, then press again to play it. A quick double press skips to the next. For calls, it is similar to what was written in the top part of this review.

The following section of this Inductivv review is dedicated to addressing frequently asked questions about this bone conduction headphone. It’s also for those who don’t have time to read through the review, but just want their questions answered right away. (Inductivv headphones reviews)

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Inductivv Headphones

Q1. Does the Inductivv Headphone actually work?

Yes, it does indeed. Unlike most Inductivv headphone reviews that you will see, we got our information directly from actual buyers and users who have actually used the product.

Q2. Is Inductivv a scam?

No, inductivv is not a scam. It is just a new product that most other competitors are afraid of, and they are trying to bring it down.

Q3. Are they only for people who have a hearing problem?

Not at all. Although it is a suitable headphone for people with hearing problems, it can also be used by everyone else. Everyone deserves safety too.

Q4. Who can use the Inductivv Headphones?

Anyone from workers to mums to dispatch riders to athletes.

Q5. Can it work with iOS devices?

The answer is Yes! As long as your Apple device has a Bluetooth feature it will work. The Inductivv headphone works with any device that has a working Bluetooth.

Q6. Does the headphone come in different sizes?

It doesn’t. The Inductiv Bluetooth Headphone is a one for all type of device. The part of the inductivv headphone that fits the back of your neck or head is made of spring that adjusts to fit just perfectly.

Q7. How long does a full charge last?

The battery can last for about 7 hours with one charge. The time for charging lasts about an hour.

Q8. How easy is it to use inductivv?

Yes, it is indeed. Just the same way you would set up any Bluetooth headphones. You simply place them on the bone above your ear instead of inside your ear.

Q9. Can inductivv headphones cause damage to my ears?

No, it can’t. It’s an open-ear design.

Q10. What technology does it work with?

The Inductivv headphone works using bone induction technology and open-ear design.

Q11. How much does the Inductivv headphone cost?

1x Inductivv bone conduction headphone costs $59.99

2x Inductivv bone conduction headphones cost $107.98

3x Inductivv bone conduction headphones cost $143.96

4x Inductivv bone conduction headphones cost $167.97

5x Inductivv bone conduction headphones cost $179.97

Q12. Where can I buy the Inductivv headphones?

It can be bought only online at the manufacturer’s website. It is not available at any physical retail stores.

Finally, we will tell you what actual buyers of the Inductivv have said about it. (Inductivv headphones reviews)

Inductivv Reviews By Customers

With the Inductivv headphone, my long working hours have been so much fun. I can play my music for as long as I desire and not worry about missing any call from my boss because I can still pick up the loud ringing from the phone while listening to music. I am so excited about this!”

– Stephanie, New Orleans

I can now listen to my favorite podcasts while doing chores and still hear when my 2-year-old kid is about to get into trouble. Relieving! Every mum should get one.”

– Petals, Minnesota

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Final Remarks On The Inductivv Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones

Thanks for reading until the end. Now that we’ve covered everything about the Inductivv wireless headphone, it is totally up to your choice. But here’s what we think.

The Inductivv wireless headphone really has a lot more advantages than disadvantages and is far more affordable than most other headphones out there that don’t even have half of its cool features.

We love the fact that the Inductivv is safe for use and doesn’t require us to worry about damaging our hearing. Therefore, we think it’s something everyone should experience. Get your inductivv bone conduction headphone now.

If you found this Inductivv Review useful, please share it. Thanks!

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