BaldiePro Groomie Shaver Reviews – Worth it?

What is BaldiePro Groomie Shaver?

The Groomie Shaver is a special shaver that is primarily suitable for hair removal on the head. Although it is primarily a head shaver, you can also use the Groomie Shaver for shaving your beard and other parts of your body, according to the supplier. The great advantage of the Groomie Shaver is that it is equipped with several blade heads and thus allows you to shave in circular movements. This not only makes shaving uncomplicated but is also said to be much quicker, as more blade heads mean that you have to go over the skin less often until all the hair is removed. (Affiliate links are used in this article. This means that the author receives a commission. However, the price of the product remains the same).

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BaldiePro Groomie Shaver Seal of Approval and Quality

The supplier of the hair removal product advertises high quality standards. However, he has not yet been able to provide proof of the promised quality on his website. Both seals of approval and certificates are missing. Stiftung Warentest and Ökotest have also not tested the Groomie Shaver so far and thus have not tested the quality of the device. Go to the product website here to see the discounted prices!

General Groomie Shaver customer reviews

On the website of the official supplier, users of the hair removal device have their say. According to the provider, well-known athletes also use the Groomie Shaver, such as Eddie Truck Gordon, a former UFC fighter, who expresses his love for the head shaver on the provider’s website, Reid Ferguson, an NFL football player, who believes that the Groomie Shaver will save him a lot of time, and Joseph Rudd, a former WWE wrestler, who describes the hair removal device as a great product.

Verified buyers also report their experiences with the Groomie Shaver. They are mostly positive about the shaver and mostly give it five out of five stars. They speak of a good price and excellent performance. They particularly praise the speed at which it is possible to shave the head with this particular shaver as well as the fact that the blades are guided very close to the scalp and thus cut very thoroughly. According to the reviewers, shaving with the Groomie Shaver is possible in both wet and dry environments and with or without shaving foam. Visit this product website to see more customer reviews!


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General information on the subject of shavers

Anyone who wants to buy an electric shaver is spoilt for choice. You have to decide whether a rotary shaver or a foil shaver is the better choice, but also which device in particular is ideal for your own needs. A rotary razor is a razor with three to five rotating blades that cut the hair from all sides. With individual rotary razors, you always have to pay attention to how many revolutions the blades can make per minute, because the faster the blades rotate, the faster and closer the shave will ultimately be. Rotary shavers are particularly suitable for men with short beards, with short beards with a lot of tangles and for shaving short hair in general, such as on the head or legs. Accordingly, it is important to use the rotary razor regularly so that the hair does not become too long. Then the razor can no longer be used and a hair trimmer is needed. When using a rotary razor, the razor is moved over the skin in circular motions, which can initially cause irritation and slight skin irritation, especially on sensitive skin. A foil razor, on the other hand, is better suited for beards with few swirls. This is the case because the razor consists of only one blade block and a shearing foil above it. Irritation and cuts are prevented by the shearing foil. When using the foil razor, it is important to move the razor as straight as possible so that the shaving surface can grip the beard hair well.

Once you have chosen the shaver that best suits your needs, you will find that although using an electric shaver is self-explanatory, a good shave does not come by chance. It therefore makes sense to prepare the shave by softening the hair and making the underlying skin completely free of dirt particles. You can do this by washing the area to be shaved with warm water and then drying it thoroughly. You can then apply talcum powder to remove the last of the moisture. To put the hair in the best position for shaving and to degrease the skin, you can also use a special preshave for electric shavers – the two more expensive packages that contain the BaldiePro Groomie Shaver already include such a preshave. Now you are ready to start shaving. The rotary shaver is used to shave the skin in circular motions. The foil shaver is used to shave the skin in straight lines. In both cases, apply as little pressure as possible – it is better to simply go over the skin again with the razor if some stubble remains. Instead of starting with the easy-to-reach areas, you should start shaving where the more difficult areas are. For beard shaving, this is the area under the nose and the areas under the jawbone. At first the shaving head is cool, but later the electric motor makes it warmer, which can be uncomfortable when shaving difficult areas. It is also important to shave regularly. Electric razors do not work as well on longer hair as they do on short stubble. It is therefore recommended to use a hair removal device every day or every other day, depending on the hair growth. For more information and a discounted price, visit the product website here!

General razor uses

According to the Groomie Shaver provider, 90 per cent of people believe that personal and professional success depends on how good one’s grooming hygiene is or how hygienic a person is perceived to be. Since – also according to the provider – around 66 percent of all men aged 35 suffer from hair loss, shaving the head every day can help many men to look more hygienic. These statements are probably less about the actual hygiene of a man, but more about how hygienic and visually appealing a bald head is perceived by other people compared to a head of hair characterised by hair loss. Shaving a bald head is of course not compulsory, but many people, especially men with hair loss, feel much more comfortable with it. In addition to shaving the head, the Groomie Shaver is also suitable for men who want to shave other parts of the body and their beard. Women can also use the device for hair removal – for the head, legs, armpits or even the bikini line.

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Known FAQ about this product

  • Q: How long can I use a SmoothShave blade head before I need to replace it?
  • A: The supplier recommends replacing the blades every 90 days for the highest possible hygiene and performance of the hair removal device. Normally, the blades stay sharp for up to 100 shaves. If the blades are damaged, they must be replaced immediately to avoid injury.
  • Q: Why is electric and rotary shaving better than any other type of shaving?
  • A: According to the supplier, the rotary shaver is much easier to use and handle because you can move the shaver in all directions. However, it is recommended to shave in small circular movements or from top to bottom or with forward and backward movements. Because the rotary shaver has multiple blade heads, fewer passes over the skin are necessary to get a close result.
  • Q: Can I use the BaldiePro Groomie Shaver on my face and other parts of my body?
  • A: Yes, you can use the shaver for any part of your body. According to the supplier, although the Groomie Shaver is best known for providing a straightforward head shave, it can also be used for facial beard shaving, body shaving and intimate shaving.
  • Q: How short does my hair have to be before I can use the Groomie Shaver?
  • A: Basically, the Groomie Shaver is suitable for maintaining a bald shave. If the head hair has not been shaved with the head shaver for seven to ten days, the already longer stubble should first be shortened to a length of one millimetre with clippers or a beard trimmer. Afterwards, according to the supplier, shaving with the Groomie Shaver is possible without any problems.
  • Q: Can I use shaving cream, oil or shaving butter with my Groomie Shaver?
  • A: According to the supplier, you can use the shaver for wet shaving with shaving cream or butter as well as oils. The Groomie Shaver is waterproof and can therefore be used in the shower.
  • Q: Is the Groomie Shaver also suitable for women?
  • A: Of course, women can also use the Groomie Shaver. Either to maintain a bald shave or to shave the legs, armpits or bikini line.

Where can I buy BaldiePro Groomie Shaver

Are you bald and still looking for the perfect head shaver or do you want to use the Groomie Shaver for shaving your face or other parts of your body? Then you can order the shaver on the website of the official supplier to be able to try it out shortly afterwards. The Groomie Shaver is currently only available on the official website.

Before you place your order, you have to choose one of the three packages on offer. Currently, you get a discount depending on the package you choose.

  • The “Copier Shaver Bundle” includes a Groomie Shaver, Gromie Shaver Blades, Precision Clipper, 3-5-7mm Clipper Guards, Nose and Ear Trimmer, Exfoliation Brush, Pre-Shave Massager, Cleaning Brush for the blades and a charging cable. You can currently save around 20 percent on the original price.
  • The “No-Hair-Does-Nothing Bundle” comes with a discount of slightly less than 25 per cent and, in addition to the contents of the head shaver bundle, also includes a Natural Aftershave Serum and a Natural Pre-Shave Oil.
  • The “Crispy AF Package” includes all parts of the No-Hair-Does-Nothing bundle, a travel case for your new razor and a Natural Deodorant. This package is also currently discounted by a little less than 25%.

Once you have decided on a package with the Groomie Shaver, click on “Order now” to proceed to the next step of the ordering process. Here you can choose the express checkout with PayPal or enter the necessary details for payment by credit card. If you choose the latter, enter your e-mail address, your first and last name, your telephone number and the desired delivery address in the fields provided. By clicking on “Continue” you will be forwarded to the payment option. Here you enter the necessary information about your credit card. You can now order the Groomie Shaver.

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Groomie Shaver technical facts

  1. shave in 3 minutes
  2. wet and dry shave
  3. ergonomic design
  4. includes: Groomie Shaver, Groomie Shaver Blade, Exfoliating Brush, Pre-Shave Massager, 3-5-7 mm Hair Clipper, Precision Clipper, Nose and Ear Trimmer, Cleaning Brush, Charging Cable, Skin Care Products (with purchase of No-Hair-Does-Nothing Bundle or Crispy AF Pack
  5. lithium battery
  6. 90 minutes shaving time
  7. 10,000 rpm
  8. travel lock
  9. Intelligent LED display
  10. 1 year warranty
  11. Easy cleaning

Groomie Shaver Recommendation

At first glance, the Groomie Shaver does not seem to be a real novelty. However, an electric shaver equipped with multiple blade heads already brings some advantages as such: It is said to enable a quick shave of the head, sometimes even in about three minutes. Unlike some other electric and rotary shavers, however, the BaldiePro Groomie Shaver is, according to the supplier, suitable for dry and wet shaving and has a particularly ergonomic design. In addition to the Groomie Shaver and the corresponding blade heads, the scope of delivery also includes numerous other shaving accessories that should make it possible for you to remove hair from any part of the body and even clean the skin. It seems to make sense to use a lithium battery inside the device for hair removal, which can be charged very easily with a charging cable included in the scope of delivery. Once fully charged, the Groomie Shaver can be used for up to 90 minutes, with the shaving heads reaching up to 10,000 revolutions per minute. If you want to take the BaldiePro Groomie Shaver with you on holiday, you can use the travel lock to prevent the head shaver from going on in your luggage. The shaver is cleaned with an included brush and water. All this data, plus the one-year warranty and the intelligent LED display ensure that the Groomie Shaver is not just a shaver. According to the technical details, it is a very practical, attractive and easy-to-use device that can be used by men as well as women and can replace most other hair removal products.

Info about the product provider

The GiddyUp Group, Inc.

20 N. Oak St.

Ventura, CA 93001



E-Mail: groomie @ giddyup-support . com



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