BigTime Pro Clock Reviews: [ Buyers Beware] BigTime Clock UK Reviews, Consumers Report

1 31Though primarily an alarm clock, BigTime Pro Clock has changed the way we look at timers, owing to its wealth of features and astounding functionality. Go nowhere because BigTime Pro Clock isn’t what you’ve seen before. The A-Z information on the gadget is contained in this BigTime Pro Clock review.

Our biological clock is far from reliable. Because of our numerous daily tasks, it is practically impossible to keep to every schedule without an alarm clock. Night Shifts and the bid to meet up deadlines frequently alter our normal sleep cycle, making our dependence on timers even higher.

BigTime Pro Clock wasn’t built like regular alarm clocks. This digital timer was designed to redefine the function of alarm systems. In this review we will see what BigTime Pro really does, its main features, upsides and downsides, and every single detail about the gadget.



BigTime Pro Clock reviews: Key points

  • Digital timer with light projector
  • Temperature and humidity sensor
  • Built-in USB charging station
  • Sleek, cutting-edge design
  • Digital-display LCD Screen
  • professional-grade quartz timing
  • Radio and sound compatibility


How BigTime Pro Clock is redefining the alarm clock function

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BigTime Pro Clock is a digital alarm clock that has a light projector which flashes time onto your ceiling in addition to several other features that make it a multipurpose timer.

Getting up exactly when you want is particularly difficult without an alarm. However, you don’t just need an alarm clock. What you need is a timer that wakes you up in a pleasant and non-irritating manner. That’s where the BigTime Pro Clock comes in.

A lot of us have to grope in the dark, looking for our glasses, to turn off the alarm whenever it goes off. What the manufacturer of BigTime Pro Clock has done is to integrate a light projector that provides a warm illumination to our rooms, helping us get off the bed quickly and safely.

But that’s not all about the light projector. Its other important function is to flash the time, in a digital display, to the ceiling so that you don’t have to look directly into your alarm clock to tell time. The projector beam shows time in crisp clarity within 5m range and you can turn the direction of beam through 180 degrees.

By default, BigTime Pro automatically adjusts its projector light intensity, being brighter at night and dimmer as the day breaks; the main aim being to keep the light from being dazzling. If you please, you can manually change the brightness level between 1-6 units.

The LCD screen of BigTime Pro doesn’t only show time; it displays this boldly and with values of other parameters including temperature (in OC) and humidity (in %). Therefore, BigTime Pro Clock also tells how hot or cold your room is and the moisture content of the air you breathe. Interesting!

Another thing about the BigTime Pro clock that is changing the narrative of alarm clocks is its Radio and Sound compatibility. Family members can drag which radio station gets turned on all they want. You can have your peace, in your own space, using the BigTime Pro Clock radio integration. Likewise, BigTime Pro has a variety of tones preinstalled to gently wake you up. What’s exciting is that you can download more from platforms like Spotify.

A little more stretch to what it can do, BigTime Pro Clock has a built-in charging station, meaning you can recharge your smartphone, iPods, air Pods with this same gadget. It has professional-grade quartz timing, a rear mirror that can serve as a dressing table, and a design so sleek that you’ll love to flaunt BigTime Pro Clock.

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Features of BigTime Pro Clock no other timer has

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As a top-tier alarm clock, BigTime Pro Clock is a multipurpose timer whose features we couldn’t find in any other single alarm clock.

Here’s a list of them.

  • Light Projector Integration

Because the aim is to gently wake you up without straining your eyes, BigTime Pro Clock was built with a light intensity-adjustable projector. Unless you choose any of the 6 brightness levels (1-6), BigTime Pro Clock will sense and automatically adjust its light intensity depending on that of the environment.

The Light Projector beam writes out the time for you in the ceiling which you can see even right from your bed. Time will be clearly shown as long as the projector is within 5 meters distance from the ceiling. You can turn the beam within 180-degree angle.

  • Digital-display LCD Screen

On the LCD screen of this gadget are numerous numbers, all bold and easy-to-see. There are two time displays for the alarm clock, a regular time display and a military time display. Additionally, you will see the temperature values in deg Celsius (OC) and humidity values in percentage (%).

  • Built-in USB charging station

BigTime Pro Clock is a power bank that stores energy capable of charging your smartphone to completion. While having your nap, you can cease the opportunity to power up other gadgets including your USB-enabled air pods and digital watches with BigTime Pro Clock.

It uses USB Type C cable (included in the package) and delivers charge at 5V.

  • Radio Compatibility

Some of us sleep faster with soft music in our ears but we wouldn’t want it to continue after we’ve slept off. BigTime Pro Clock’s radio can be programmed to go off after a set time. You can set the time so that the radio turns off after anywhere between 5mins to 90 mins (at 5 min interval).

If you want to have full control over which radio station gets tuned to, you can’t do this with a family radio. Luckily, with BigTime Pro Clock, you can have up to 10 radio stations and select whichever one that appeals to you, anytime, anywhere. The antenna comes in the form of a radio wire.

  • BigTime Pro Clock Audio System

Do away with irritating alarm clock tunes that are either too loud or give you panic attacks. BigTime Pro Clock has 10 preinstalled tones tested and confirmed to gently wake you up. If you’re uncomfortable with these, there’s an option for more notes which can be downloaded from Spotify and other platforms.

  • Professional-grade quartz timing

BigTime Pro Clock is a reliable gadget to tell time. It is built for accurate time keeping thanks to its professional-grade quartz timing.

  • Energy-efficient timer

After a single charge, you can use BigTime Pro Clock for days (except if used as a power station in which case it typically lasts for hours). Because of its low energy consumption, BigTime Pro Clock is by far one of the most energy-efficient digital clocks.

The USB Type C charger is to be plugged into the USB port on the device to recharge it. By functioning as a power station, BigTime Pro Clock serves as both an energy-utilizing and energy-producing gadget.

  • Sleek, cutting-edge design

A handful of alarm clock owners find the handle, shape, and analogue screens of conventional alarm clocks ancient and out of date. Moreover, they find a hard time blending with your interior decors. Always standing out, ugly!

BigTime Pro Clock, designed as a flat, black gadget that looks like a smartphone is sufficiently sleek and trendy. You won’t have to hide this gadget. You’ll flaunt it rather.


Technical Specifications (BigTime Pro Clock reviews)

  • Product Name: BigTime Pro
  • Product Number:TS-9210
  • Product colour: Black
  • Product size: 18.5 * 2.4 * 7.7 cm
  • Product weight: 187.4g
  • Package dimensions: 19.4 * 4.6 * 9.6 cm
  • Package weight: 232.4g
  • Power cord length: 1.5 metres
  • Cord type: Type C USB
  • USB Output port
  • Radio wire: yes
  • Cr2032 Battery
  • Temperature range 00c – 500c
  • Humidity range 20% – 99%

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BigTime Pro Clock as a thermometric and Hygrometric gadget

For quality sleep, air temperature and moisture content need to be optimal. Unfortunately, there isn’t a way our body accurately measures this and we must therefore rely on tools like the thermometer and a hygrometer for temperature and humidity respectively.

But science always amazes us, doesn’t it? Now you can tell how hot or cold and how dry or moist the air is with the BigTime Pro Clock. Its LCD screen precisely displays temperature values in deg Celsius (0-50 deg calcium) and humidity in percentage (20-99 %).

Hence, BigTime Pro Clock sufficiently serves as a thermometric and hygrometric gadget.




Who Needs a BigTime Pro Clock?

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Everybody. Since it is difficult to schedule our activities without having to work overtime and since our body isn’t always at its best, an alarm clock like BigTime Pro Clock is needed by all.

The following people specifically need this gadget:

  1. People who find it hard to wake up, either because of stress, a learnt habit, or a health condition
  2. Those who need a reminder for important events
  3. Students who must make it to school early
  4. Shift workers whose sleep cycle is regularly altered


How Does BigTime Pro Clock Work?

Like every alarm clock, BigTime Pro Works by setting off the alarm tone at the scheduled time. It does this in a gentler and more effective and appealing way. There are 10 preinstalled tones and you can download more.

In addition to its basic alarm function, BigTime Pro works as a light source, table clock, and temperature- and humidity-sensor gadget.



How do I use the BigTime Pro Clock?

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Whether or not you have an in-depth knowledge of technology, you can use the BigTime Pro Clock without any problems.  Although the buttons appear complicated, they are well-explained in the instructional manual.

Use the BigTime Pro Clock the following way:

  • Unpack the gadget
  • Plug in BigTime Pro Clock to a power socket via the USB cord and recharge this device
  • Turn it on and select the mode of operation – as an alarm clock or for other functions. Instructions are contained in the manual.

Note: You can snooze the alarm for 5 to 60 minutes.


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BigTime Pro Clock Benefits that make it a MUST-HAVE digital clock

BigTime Pro is a multipurpose alarm clock that is equivalent to nearly a dozen gadgets put together. The benefit of having is device is for a reliable alarm clock as well as for other functions/

Efficient Alarm Clock – With gentle tones and a warm illumination, BigTime Pro Clock is easily your go-to alarm clock that effectively takes you out of sleep mode.

As a nightlight – In the darkness of the night, it is easy to damage an item while looking for your glasses. With the Light Projector whose intensity you can adjust, you won’t have to grope in the dark when you wake.

For Table clock – Where the BigTime Pro Clock is seated, in its adjustable support, it can be used as a table clock. The LCD screen values bold and large enough to tell what time it is and how hot or moist your room is.

Rear mirror – Also, on the timer’s rear side is a shiny surface that gives reflections like any typical mirror. With a BigTime Pro Clock well positioned, this can serve as your mirror to quickly dress up or look out for blemishes or stains on your face or teeth.

As a thermometric and Hygrometric gadget – BigTime Pro not only tells time, it has temperature and humidity sensors that can tell the temperature and moisture content level of your space.

As a power station – In urgent need to power up your device? If you have the BigTime Pro Clock, your worries are over. The high-capacity battery can charge up your gadgets including smartphone, digital watches, and air pods at 5 volts.



Factors to consider before buying an alarm clock (BigTime Pro Clock reviews)

Type of Screen Display of your alarm clock

Where possible, large digital screens should be the choice of screen type to precise report of whatever parameter measured, including time.

Most effective way to go out of sleep mode

If you prefer a light alarm clock, then a projector alarm clock may be ideal.

Bedside Table space for your alarm

You don’t want an alarm clock that easily falls off from your table and therefore you have to consider the size of your bedside table before buying an alarm clock

Extra functionality

Alarm clocks have evolved. Instead of a dozen gadgets that do take up your space, look for alarms that do more than just wake you up.

Many alarm clocks, like the BigTime Pro Clock, include special features like temperature and humidity control, USB chargers for gadgets, or radios.


Cost and Where to Purchase

  • Buy 3 BigTime Pro, GET 2 FREE ($ 30/each)$ 149
  • Buy 2 BigTime Pro, GET 1 FREE ($ 36/each)$ 109
  • BigTime Pro ($ 59/each)$ 59
  • BigTime Pro ($ 45/each)$ 89
  • BigTime Pro ($ 32/each)$ 129

BigTime Pro is available only on the official website. The manufacturer is currently giving out this gadget at juicy discounts for a limited time. You don’t want to miss out on this.

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What More Do People Want to Know About BigTime Pro Clock?

Can BigTime Pro Charge my iPhone?

Sure, it can. BigTime Pro Clock is built to charge smartphones (Android and iOS), air pods, and other devices.

What is the output voltage of a BigTime Pro Clock?

BigTime Pro Clock is rated 5V.

Can I leave the radio overnight?

Definitely. However, most people prefer the BigTime Pro radio system turned on only for a few minutes after they sleep. The radio could be a disturbance when you’ve slept off.

Can I use the BigTime Pro as a nightlight?

BigTime Pro’s light projector is bright enough to serve as your nightlight.

What happens if the alarm clock doesn’t work?

If you notice that the alarm clock isn’t working, quickly send it back to the supplier within 30 days of purchase. You’ll be fully refunded or you receive a replacement.



What we Find cool about BigTime Pro Clock

  • Projects time onto ceiling, gently waking you up without disturbing you with light
  • Light Projector Can be adjusted to any angle
  • Temperature and humidity sensor
  • USB charger for gadgets
  • Radio and sound system
  • Sleek design
  • Digital-display LCD screen
  • Adjustable light intensity
  • Built-in Power station

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What we wished was different about BigTime Pro Clock

  • Light may be too bright for some people when used as an alarm clock
  • Only available on official website
  • BigTime Pro sells out quickly

Our Final Say on BigTime Pro Clock

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Our review of BigTime Pro Clock shows the evolution of alarm clock systems. In deed, BigTime Pro Clock is a yardstick for timers of the present time.

Built with an efficient timer system and a plethora of features, you can confidently call this a multi-purpose gadget.

BigTime Pro Clock is a top-tier gadget — a one-stop shop for alarm clock lovers who want to enjoy more benefits than what regular alarm clocks offer.

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