How do I Design my own Digital Business Card


Did you know the most significant difference between a digital business card and a paper business card? A digital business card contains much more digital content as well as creating a good impression for the receivers.

You should also know that creating a digital business card is not a complicated task as there are multiple platforms available for creating them. But it is essential to create a professional and impressive digital business card.

Wondering how to make a dynamic and captivating digital business card?

Your digital business cards shouldn’t be too cluttered and contain only relevant information. Some key factors to consider while creating a digital business card. A good design is always a must, and if you don’t know how to design a good digital business card, this article is for you. Here are the best tips that you can follow to design your Digital Business Card.

# Add a professional picture of yourself

Users need to add a professional and pristine picture of themselves to make an impressive design of your Digital Business Card. It will help if you look professional, confident, and approachable to the viewers in the photo.

Your photo should catch the viewer’s eye and adding a logo can also be a great option. A logo with a video that amplifies and shows your achievements can be appealing. Always ensure your photos are strategically placed and not dominating the card.

# Add Name and Job Title where it can be seen easily

Most people are curious and would  like to learn more about you, which can be facilitated by adding all the relevant information in the card.  The first start is for you to professionally place your name on your digital business card so that it is easily visible.

Everything should look legible, and the font shouldn’t be cluttered with too many highlights. In addition, the text should be of a size to look clean and professional so that it is easy to read.

# Use Call to Action

A Digital Business Card is no less than a marketing tool for the services and products that you are offering. That’s why it is always essential to add a Call to Action feature so that you can redirect them to your video, marketing brochures, and social media links.

The primary purpose of Call to Action is to create some quality customer leads that you can hopefully convert into sales.

# Mention some Reviews

It can be an excellent option to mention the reviews of your affiliates and customers to build a good impression on them. Adding the name of some customers can sustain your personality and endorse your reputation. If the customer company name references are well-known, then don’t forget to mention them.

You don’t need to explain too much; add their names with hyperlinks, and everything is clear. Try to add some as many positive reviews in your digital business cards to impress people about your capabilities and accomplishments.

# Include Social Media and Video links in your Digital Business Card

A Digital Business Card should contain as much digital content and so that the viewers have a full picture of your capabilities. Adding links or files can be an excellent option to demonstrate your successful track record.

But make sure that the files and links you are sharing should be easy to open. Just a few pages of relevant information can increase the effectiveness of your digital business card.   Inserting a full portfolio in the digital business card is also a good option where you can elaborate fully on your services so that people can understand your offerings.

# Add Contact Details Clearly

Apart from adding name and job details carefully, users should also add contact details clearly so that anyone can get in touch with them quickly.

To make the business card attractive, don’t add too many colours to it that it becomes too flashy. Instead, keep things simple and the best way to contact you is clearly indicated. How you present your contact details paints a better picture of you and is an important point to be considered.

# Use Simple Colour Combinations

Users should always know that viewers are never interested in too many colour combinations used to create a digital business card. Instead, they want to simply read the information you have added to your digital business card.

Just try to go with only two to three colours, such as pale white or cream or beige, so that headings can be more clearly visible and not make it too colourful like a billboard.


These are the essential tips that everyone should understand before designing a digital business card. Users can go with any card-making app available on the market and follow the advice given above.   The design enhances your business card’s impact, and you cannot compromise on the look and feel. So, make sure to go with the best digital business cards app offering the best design options.

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