Five Things Every New Pet Owner Should Be Aware Of

There’s a lot to learn when it comes to pet ownership, and even the most experienced pet owners are still learning something new everyday. Beyond everything else, pet ownership is exciting, fulfilling, and extremely rewarding. Pets today are considered full fledged family members and can truly be someone’s best companion. Becoming a pet owner for the first time is an unbelievable experience and one that should always be treasured.

Before jumping into pet-ownership, though, there are a few things that every pet owner should be aware of. Having a baseline of knowledge about what you can expect as a first-time pet owner can help you manage some of your expectations and make sure that you’re prepared for all of the responsibilities (like comparing pet insurance companies), as well as the joys (like cuddles on the couch and eager daily greetings), that come with pet ownership.

The Reality of Pet-Parenthood

When it comes down to it, pet-parents need to be dedicated, loyal, and attentive. Now, this varies significantly based on the type of pet that you’re welcoming into the family dynamic, but every pet needs at least a little love and attention. After all, you’re likely going to be in charge of making sure they’re eating enough, and getting all the right nutrients for them specifically.

An example of some of these differences could be demonstrated as easily as the difference between cats and dogs. While kittens will certainly need a certain amount of love and attention, adult indoor cats are often incredibly self-sufficient, and are sometimes slightly antisocial due to this self-reliant nature.

Dogs, on the other hand, never quite grow out of the puppy stage, at least in terms of affection-needed. Of course adult dogs are capable of being house-broken, trained at a high-level, and can serve a variety of different functions; they are very emotional, empathetic, and loving creatures. As such, dogs typically need a lot more daily love and affection.

Besides understanding the differences in care that are required based on the type of pet you’re getting, there are other basic functions that every pet-owner needs to be aware of. These include routinely cleaning the pet, feeding them, and cleaning up after them.

Additionally, it’s important for pets of all different sizes and categories to get an appropriate amount of exercise.

Learning About (and Acquiring) pet Insurance

One of the next things that new pet owners need to be aware of is pet insurance. There are a lot of different types of pet insurance policies from which consumers can choose, and generally there’s a policy out there for just about every pet owner and their unique pet ownership needs. Comparing pet insurance companies can be a good way to help you understand the differences in policies, and the price ranges for different coverage options. While comparing pet insurance companies, you can also take the time to look at consumer reviews which can offer powerful firsthand insight into the experiences that current and previous consumers have had with that specific company.

Additionally, by comparing pet insurance companies, you’ll have a better overall sense of what is on the market, and what feels like a good fit for your needs.

Budgeting for Food and Toys

Pet ownership isn’t quite as intense as legitimate parentship, but at times, it can feel just as expensive. No matter what kind of pet you’re bringing into your life, you’re almost undoubtedly going to be in charge of feeding it regularly, as well as playing with it on a normal basis.

This means you’re going to have to account for these additional expenses, related to food, treats, and toys, into your normal monthly budget. Otherwise, you could end up with some unexpected pet-related-expenses in order to get your furry-friend-fed.

Vet Visits-101

Another reason comparing pet insurance companies is well worthwhile is because you’re going to need to take your pet to the vet routinely. Visiting the vet on a regular basis is important for the health and longevity of your pet. It can help keep them happy, healthy, and alive for many more years to come.

Having adequate veterinary care included in your pet insurance policy is crucial.

It’s a Learning Experience

Last but not least, it’s vital to keep in mind that becoming a first time pet owner is always going to be a learning experience. Be patient with both yourself, and your new furry addition to the family. Some things take a little getting used to. Being a new pet owner is definitely one of them.

Final Thoughts on New Pet-Owner-Education

There is a lot to get used to and learn about as a new pet owner. From comparing pet insurance companies to learning about the personality of your new animal companion itself. Mostly, pet ownership should be fun, loving, and rewarding.

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