An Insider’s Guide to Homeowner Insurance and Pit Bull Owners

If you have a pit bull, you might be liable for the damage it causes, as it may bite someone or dig a hole in someone’s yard. You should have an insurance policy if you own a large dog, as it provides excellent coverage against these situations. Some insurers might deny insurance coverage to pit bull owners but others might offer coverage with specific restrictions. The liability portion of a renters or homeowners policy covers such claims, as we know that dogs can cause expensive problems.

In many cases, you might add animal liability coverage as an endorsement. Keep in mind that certain companies might not sell you coverage options, especially if you are having a pit bull. The majority of insurance companies exclude pit bulls from coverage for legal and medical expenses because when your dog attacks someone, it may not be covered. In case your dog is aggressive, you may want to consider maximizing your liability protection with an umbrella policy.

Why do some insurance companies ban pit bulls?

If you have a pit bull, you might be able to get homeowner insurance, but it depends on what kind of insurance company you select. Insurance companies are not uncommon to deny coverage to pit bulls and other kinds of breeds because they deem them dangerous.

Sara Routhier, Director of Outreach at, list two main benefits if your insurer agrees to cover your pit bull:

  • In the event that your pit bull bites someone or damages someone’s property. Should they not agree on the compensation, your liability coverage might help you to pay for legal fees.
  • Liability coverage means they can pay for some medical expenses like an ambulance ride, first aid, and x-rays.

If you are planning to get homeowners insurance for a pit bull, you will need to check the policy for any caveats. In some cases, insurance carriers will insure your pit bull after it has undergone a specific amount of training. If you choose the appropriate insurance company then you can also get some additional coverage for your pit bull like personal umbrella insurance and pet liability insurance. Suppose your insurance company might exclude pit bulls then you might buy a pet liability insurance policy because it is offering coverage to all breeds of dogs.

Your homeowner insurance might provide this coverage as an endorsement or they can also sell it as the standalone policy. Alternatively, if your insurance company does not provide pet liability coverage, you can purchase it from a specialized insurer. If your insurance might cover your pit bull, you can consider maximizing liability coverage along with umbrella insurance. According to the study, umbrella insurance is offering massive numbers of benefits to pit bull owners.

Why do You need homeowners insurance for a pit bull?

Having a pit bull might not be covered by your regular home insurance if you are a new homeowner. Pit bulls are considered to be dangerous dogs. In case you are looking to get homeowner insurance with dogs, you might get it under specific conditions like:

  • Some companies might accept certified and trained service dogs
  • They look at the history of dog
  • Neutering or spaying your pit bull is a must
  • Type of pit bulls that have lower chances of attacking someone
  • Responsible pet ownership

The umbrella insurance policy covers any injury damage, lawsuits, and property damage not covered by homeowner’s insurance. You can also get canine liability insurance because it is specially designed for dogs that might cause damage. You can choose the right insurance coverage option if you have a specific type of certification for pit bulls.It may be illegal for your insurance provider to reject your claim if you fail to notify them that you have a dangerous breed or a pit bull.

If you have a home insurance plan and recently got a pitbull, then you must check out whether your insurance policy has any breed exclusions.ime, you must verify that dog bites could be covered on and off your property. There may be policies that cover dog bites that occur while on trips or walks outside your apartment or house.

What does homeowners insurance for a pit bull cover?

In some states, your insurance company might be prohibited legally from canceling your coverage based on a dangerous dog breed. According to the research, pit bulls are the most frequently rejected dog breed by insurance companies. Thankfully, some homeowner and renter insurance companies don’t blacklist pit bulls, but they look at your dog’s past behavior to calculate insurance risk. If you have a pit bull, you can be sure that your insurance rates will be increased. This is depending on the insurance company that you choose and the history of your dog. Pit bulls have a reputation for being too aggressive, so they may be regarded as posing a heightened liability risk because of their reputation.


When you are looking for insurance coverage options for homeowners with pit bulls, you may consider other policies, like umbrella policies and dog liability insurance. It provides policyholders with excellent coverage for all kinds of dog breeds. Pit bull insurance can be a stand-alone and reliable policy. This kind of policy could be purchased through small insurance companies. If you own a pit bull, you already know how energetic and sweet they can be. They’re also very loyal and protective of both their family and their property. But because of the breed’s aggressive nature, they’re also commonly thought of as a dangerous breed. If you’re worried about liability, you may want to consider pit bull liability coverage.

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