Factory Automation-as-a-Service (FAAS): how it works

Imagine that your company is finally ready to embrace new changes and start implementing automation in practice. Saving enough funds to begin this process is the first step. Finding a team of professionals who can help with it is the second one. But what if there’s a simpler solution that will allow you to see the benefits quicker and at a lower cost? There’s such a phenomenon, and it’s called FAAS service, the term which appeared not so long ago.

It’s widely applied in factories of all types, as automation can and should be implemented in every manufacturing sphere. This can be food packaging, textile manufacturing, or auto parts. Factory automation services increase your enterprise’s profitability and speed up the workflows.

Adapting FAAS function as a service

Being the pioneers in the robots-as-a-service (RaaS) field, RIOS Company moves forward to provide a ready-made automation solution for factories of any class. Now, we’re offering an all-inclusive service that comes together with installation, 24/7 monitoring, support, maintenance, and future upgrades.

You no longer need to save up a fortune to implement industrial automation service in your company. One can see immediate ROI once the equipment is installed. Not to mention the funds saved on salaries and paid holidays. We also remain your only contact that works towards bringing your factory to complete automation.

What advantages has FAAS

Unlike purchasing and installing one robot by one, this type of service includes everything your company needs. It also boasts the following advantages:

  • Adapts to your consumer demands
  • Works 1.5-2x faster than human operators by default.
  • Keeps the production rate and its quality at the desired level.

Our machines bring a human factor to zero allowing you to forget about accidental mistakes and absent-mindedness. You will also be able to monitor every workflow and predict if a potential defect may occur.