Sure Sleep Mask Reviews: A Must Read Buyers

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Sleep is a problem for about 7-19% of Adult Americans according to a research carried out by the National Institutes of Health. Our daily activities which are often tasking and time-consuming have put sleep on the backbench but unfortunately, it comes back to us — we suffer from health effects of poor sleep and rest.

In a desperate desire to have more sleep, people resort to using several sleeping pills. Although such medications are not prohibited (they’re actually encouraged in some cases), they don’t always play out well.

For one part, they may be unsuitable for a particular individual, and for another part, there’s the tendency to abuse them especially as the body’s tolerance level for the pills goes up.

A ton of sleep-promoting gadgets have surfaced, promising to be the lasting panacea to sleep issues. However, the majority of these have not been tested to certify their claims.

It is therefore more difficult than one might expect, getting one of these gadgets for oneself. How do you separate the grains from the chaff?

The Sure Sleep Mask is an innovative mask that claims to put the user to sleep using natural and scientifically-proven methods. With 5-star ratings and tons of positive customer reviews, the Sure Sleep Mask seems to be the real deal. However, we can’t jump the guns, can we? Therefore, I decided to review this product to prove or disprove these strong promises.

This review on the Sure Sleep will tell you everything you need to know about this product. Whether it’s genuine or fake; worth the hype or just a knockoff, we’ll find out.

Introducing the Sure Sleep Mask

Sure Sleep Mask is a state-of-the-art mask that promotes sleep naturally. Sure Sleep Mask has been tested in reputable laboratories and certified effective. It’s free from allergens and causes no abuse since it contains no drugs.

Sure Sleep Mask is designed for individuals who have a hard time falling asleep. By creating the ideal environment supportive of sleep, the Sure Sleep Mask “tricks” the brain into releasing chemicals that promote sleep.

Having the Sure Sleep Mask is like giving you the control over your sleep. You can use this gadget to induce sleep at night or in the daytime. If your work compels you to be up at night, Sure Sleep Mask can help you sleep comfortably in the day to regain your energy and vibrance.

Sure Sleep Mask can be used at any time and any place. It comes with a long-lasting battery that powers the device for 8hrs+. Interestingly, you can recharge the battery effortlessly using the USB cable. The package includes a USB cable which slots into the USB port on the mask.

To use the Sure Sleep Mask, you simply have to wear it over your eyes. It can be used by anybody — young or old, man or woman. You’ll feel no discomfort using this gadget because it is a masterpiece. This gadget has 3D contoured eyecups that arch over your eyes, making it possible to open your eyes while putting on the mask.

Reviews on Sure Sleep Mask say it’s the sleep mask of the future. This isn’t difficult to see when we consider the working of the gadget. This mask uses three scientifically-proven ways to promote sleep.

This sleep mask blocks out light, creating the condition of nighttime. Its touch pressure stimulation gives one a soothing feeling. Additionally, Sure Sleep Mask includes built-in speakers that connect via Bluetooth to your smartphone. If you enjoy sleeping with music, this bit is for you.

Sure Sleep has a breathable memory foam core that promotes air circulation. It is machine-washable, has simple controls for easy operation, and can be adjusted to fit every user.

You can either wash this mask manually or with the use of a washing machine. Its professional-grade materials make it highly durable.

Now let’s see the 8 features of Sure Sleep Mask that make it stand out.

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8 Features of Sure Sleep Mask That Make it Stand Out

Sure Sleep Mask is said to be the sleep mask of the future according to reviews. How could this be? These are 8 features of Sure Sleep Mask that support this claim.

  1. Sure Sleep Mask is battery-operated. You can wear this mask anytime whether the battery is charged up or not. However, the Sure Sleep Mask music integration feature only works when the battery is recharged. How long does it run? As long as 8hrs of continuous use! Hence, you can enjoy your favorite music throughout the duration of sleep.
  1. Universal USB type-C cable for recharge. Sure Sleep Mask comes with  USB type C cable which can be used to recharge the mask. As this is compatible with most USB-enabled devices, you won’t have a problem recharging the sleep mask. Simply plug in the USB cable to its provided port in the mask and to a power supply, either your socket via a USB adapter or a laptop/PC.
  1. Three Scientifically-proven methods to promote sleep. To ensure that every user of Sleep Mask gets quality sleep, the mask is designed to work using three methods that have been scientifically proven to promote sleep.

Sure Sleep Mask is built to completely block out any light rays, hence simulating night environment. This causes the brain to release an important chemical called melatonin. The mask has built-in speakers for music. In addition, its touch pressure stimulation provides a soothing feeling like that of a blanket.

  1. Uses Bluetooth facility for music. You won’t have to stress over copying your favorite music to an external SD card. Sure Sleep Mask plays the music right in your smartphone. All you have to do is connect the mask with the smartphone via Bluetooth. Luckily, this connection is hassle-free and strong. You can have your phone within 10 meters radius from the mask which is the range of the Bluetooth connectivity.
  1. Can be washed both manually and with washing machines. However you want to make your mask clean again, by hand-washing or by throwing it into the washer, you can safely do so. For any case, however, you have to take out the speakers and the Bluetooth converter box before washing the mask.
  1. Portable and light-weight. Like every mask, Sure Sleep Mask is light-weight and can easily be slipped into your traveling bag. When you’re done embarking on long journeys, be it on air or land, or when you go for camping or excursions, don’t leave the Sure Sleep Mask behind.
  1. Comes as an adjustable mask to fit all sizes. The Sure Sleep Mask is made in just one size. However, it is easily adjustable so that it fits all face sizes. The mask neither feels too tight or loose. It is a one-size-fits-all mask.
  1. Both Android and iOS devices are supported. Sure Sleep Mask is able to connect to your device whether it is an Android Phone or an iPhone. Sure Sleep Mask can also connect to bluetooth-enabled PCs.

What to expect from Sure Sleep Mask package

  1. One unit of Sure Sleep Mask
  2. On unit of USB Charging Cable
  3. One unit of Sleep Manual
  4. One unit of Resonant Frequency Device



Does Sure Sleep Mask have complicated controls?

For Sure Sleep Mask to have a music feature, it necessarily comes with buttons. You may wonder whether these controls will be convenient. Whether you can easily turn on or off the music, for instance.

Good news for you. Sure Sleep has no complicated controls. It is operated by three buttons:

  • Power button — to turn the music on or off
  • Pause-and-play button — to either pause the music or resume it
  • Volume control buttons — you can either increase or reduce the volume with these buttons

Note: You can also make these operations right from your smartphone.

Does Sure Sleep Really Work? — See the Pavlovian Mechanism Behind Working

Sure Sleep Mask does work. The mask utilizes a scientific mechanism called the Pavlovian Mechanism to induce sleep.

The Pavlovian Mechanism is named in honor of Ivan Pavlov, a Russian Scientist.

The application of the Pavlovian Mechanism in the Sure Sleep Mask involves association of the mask with sleep. The manufacturer of Sure Sleep Mask says in 3 weeks, the user of this mask gets used to it and falls asleep faster and sleeps longer with the mask. It happens through a body conditioning process, scientifically termed conditioned reflex.

What is the right way to use Sure Sleep Mask?

Using the Sure Sleep Mask is no hassle. The mask has no complicated controls. It can easily be operated by anyone.

To use the Sure Sleep Mask, take the following steps:

  • First step: After receiving your order, the first step is to unbox the Package.
  • Second step: Plug the Sure Sleep Mask into a power outlet and charge up the gadget. In the package, there’s an USB cable which can be used to recharge the Sure Sleep Mask.
  • Third Step: Ensure your device is bluetooth-enabled. Then turn on the Bluetooth feature. The Bluetooth feature is found in all smartphones and in many PCs.
  • Fourth Step: Turn on Sure Sleep Mask. You can do this by pressing and holding the ‘on/off’ power button on the mask until it turns on.
  • Fifth step: Pair your Bluetooth-enabled mask with your smartphone. Find ‘BT-01’ on the Bluetooth list on your phone and connect it. Now you can enjoy your sleep with your favorite music. Sure Sleep Mask blocks off all light rays to mimic the conditions of nighttime.


  • You have to  disconnect all paired devices in the first place. Then pair the mask.
  • The included instructional manual contains step-by-step  on how to use this gadget.


Will I Sweat Under the Sleep Mask?

The Sure Sleep Mask is built with a core of breathable memory foam which not only provides a cushioning effect but also allows free circulation of hair. Therefore, heat will not be trapped in this mask and you’ll not sweat under it.



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Is Sure Sleep Mask worth my money?

Only a few sleep masks provide efficiency and cost-effectiveness at the same time. Sure Sleep Mask is a breakthrough technology and is sure a one-stop shop product in the market of sleep masks.

Some of the benefits of using this mask include

  1. Top-level comfort

Sure Sleep Mask comes as a one-size-fits-all mask. It is neither too tight nor too loose for any user, and therefore provides comfort. Again, Sure Sleep Mask’s 3D contoured eye caps arch over the eyes, allowing the user to open their eyes within the cups. Most regular sleep masks are flat in the orbit region, causing discomfort.

  1. Sleep Mask for deep sleep

Shallow sleep is a problem for many people. Although better than no sleep at all, shallow sleepers don’t get the maximum satisfaction and vibrance they need after sleep. Using the Sure Sleep Mask creates the necessary conditions for sleep, allowing the user to fall into deep sleep.

  1. Suitable for all sleeper types

You won’t be cut off from purchasing the Sure Sleep Mask because of your sleeping position. This mask is built for all sleeper types! Side sleepers, stomach sleepers, and back sleepers can now comfortably use the sleep mask. This mask is also in favour of  combination sleepers.

The speakers are built to fit into the ear so that side sleepers won’t have an issue sleeping.

  1. Induces sleep in no time

With Sure Sleep Mask, you can be put to sleep in no more than 15 minutes on the average. This mask quickly puts your to sleep by creating the conditions that favor sleep.

  1. Therapy for tension, migraines, and fatigue

Sleep is the therapy for many healthy conditions including tension, migraines, and fatigue which could result from inadequate sleep among other causes.

  1. No Allergens or drugs

 Sure Sleep Mask is built with hypoallergenic materials. Particulate matter (which can induce allergy) doesn’t also adhere tightly to the mask. Therefore, you won’t experience any hypersensitivity reactions. Again, there’s no risk of abuse or addiction because Sure Sleep Mask is drug-free.

  1. 30-day money back guarantee

The Sure Sleep Mask comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. You’ll be given a full refund should you return this product within 30 days of purchase.


Sure Sleep Mask — For Who?

Anyone who wants to improve their sleep should consider the Sure Sleep Mask. This mask is special in that it can be worn anywhere. You can decide to wear it at work, during travels, or take it to camp.

Sure Sleep Mask is for people who desire to put an end to sleep disturbances. Whether you have noisy neighbors, a sleep partner that snores, or you stay in a noisy street, the Sure Sleep Mask is your best bet to keep out these disturbances from affecting your quality of sleep.

Again, anyone who wants to have a deep sleep (put an end to light sleeping), listen comfortably to anything, play their favorite audiobooks, podcasts, soothing music, nature sounds, white noises, or guided meditations shouldn’t look elsewhere in their choice of sleep masks.

The sure sleep mask is also suitable for people who travel a lot or love combat jetlag. Whether you drift off in an airport, long nights, road trips or hotel rooms, you can sleep anytime, anywhere when you have this mask.

Sure Sleep Mask ensures quality sleep during the day for nightshift. It helps users ease pain & discomfort, and relieve migraines, restlessness, tension, and vertigo.

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Sleep disorders

Everyone has a sleep clock that is controlled by what is named the circadian rhythm.  Sometimes the circadian rhythm is altered, affecting sleep.

Sleep disorders could result. Two of these disorders are advanced sleep phase and delayed sleep phase. You may be more susceptible to these if you work an irregular shift, have low vision, or are a teenager or older adult.

Disorders related to your circadian rhythm may lead to difficulties falling asleep at night, waking frequently throughout the night, and waking and not being able to go back to sleep in the middle of the night.

Symptoms related to these conditions include:

  1. insomnia
  2. sleep loss
  3. problems waking in the morning
  4. tiredness throughout the day
  5. depression or stress

Other conditions that are tied into your circadian rhythm include:

  1. jet lag, caused from traveling over several time zones quickly
  2. shift work disorder, caused by an off-hours job or a job with unpredictable hours
  3. irregular sleep-wake disorder, caused by an inability to set a regular sleep and wake schedule


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Upsides of Sure Sleep Mask

  • It provides quality sleep wherever and whenever you need it.
  • Therapy for tension and migraines.
  • Sure Sleep Mask prevents the formation of visible wrinkles around your eyes from the pillow.
  • Premium-quality night mask for better sleep quality.
  • Clinically proven and lab-tested relaxation techniques.
  • Ultrathin Bluetooth headphone Sleep Mask blocks out all sleep disturbances, lights, and noises and combats fatigue that results from long, exhausting travel hours.
  • You can listen to your favorite music while you sleep, without having to use earbuds.
  • Sure Sleep Mask allows you to listen to sleep-inducing music and sounds.
  • Sure Sleep Mask may help you wake up refreshed and energized.
  • It uses premium memory foam for comfortable wear.
  • It is compatible with machine washing.
  • Sure Sleep Mask should help you fall asleep faster and easier.
  • Sure, a Sleep Mask may alleviate symptoms of anxiety and stress.
  • Sure Sleep Mask should help you sleep deeper and sound.


Downsides of Sure Sleep Mask

  • Sure Sleep Mask sells out quickly
  • Removing the Bluetooth connector box in order to wash the mask is a little time consuming
  • The product is only available on the official site

Where do I buy Sure Sleep Mask

Sure Sleep Mask can only be ordered from the official website. There are several payment options including Credit and Debit cards ( MasterCard, Visa), PayPal, etc.

Buying from the official website also guarantees you buy the genuine product.

How much is Sure Sleep Mask sold?

  • Sure Sleep Mask (x1) – $49 (Save $49)
  • Sure Sleep Masks (×2) — $44.50 per mask (save 10%)
  • Sure Sleep Mask (x3) $39.67 per Mask (Save $175)

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Return Policy

The company runs a return policy that allows customers to return the product within 30 days of purchase.

Return shipping costs, according to the company, are the responsibility of the customer. Customers can also keep the mask if they have only purchased one.

Contact SpeedTech:

  • By Email:
  • By Phone:

United States and Canada (Toll Free): 855 741 9257

United Kingdom: 033081 80843

Australia: (02) 5133 5671


SureSleep Mask, Inc.

1084 Clay Street, San Francisco, CA 19354

Frequently Asked Questions- sure sleep Mask review United states/ Canada

How comfortable is sure sleep mask?

Sure sleep mask is highly comfortable. It is cool, lightweight, and made from breathable material that allows free air circulation and therefore does not trap heat.

Do I need to charge the Sure Sleep every night?

You can use the Sure Sleep Mask for  two nights of uninterrupted play on one charge. If the mask is not receiving sounds, it will go into standby mode to save battery.

Can I wash the Sure Sleep Mask in a washing machine?

Definitely! You only have to remove the electronic parts before putting the mask in the washing machine.


Sure Sleep Mask Customer’s Reviews

This mask is exactly what I was hoping for — an alternative to my AirPods when I’m listening to things as I fall asleep. The eye sockets make it much more comfortable than the other options I was looking at, and the overall connectivity was quick to set up. The fact that you can adjust the straps and the speaker positions within the mask make it even easier to get the perfect fit. I can fall asleep comfortably even while on my side.

Jean S ​

This item has saved my husband’s life!!! He’s a night owl. I am NOT!!! Late night TV watching, video game playing, light on having, midnight snacking, my man’s routine has caused my sleeping routine to be in complete chaos until this purchase. This has, ultimately, saved both of our souls and our relationship. East to use, comfortable to fall asleep in. I paired it with my phone and put on a mediation playlist and off to sweet dreams I went. I have yet to use all of the battery life in one night and it blocks out all other sound and light. I am soooooo grateful!!!


This is my second mask. I received a replacement after the first one died and wouldn’t charge up after just a month or so of use. The company was very, very nice about it and replaced it quickly and at no charge

Chester P

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Final Wrap up: Sure Sleep Mask Review

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Sure Sleep Mask is a one-stop shop product built with the customers in mind. It combines both efficiency and affordability. Because sleep is a problem for many individuals, getting help with sleeping is becoming more relevant.

While some people drug themselves to sleep, some others run into fake sleep gadgets that don’t improve their conditions. However, the lucky ones come across sleep masks like the Sure Sleep Mask.

Conclusively, the sure sleep mask ranks high in performance. This mask is used by many customers across the U.S., Australia, Canada, and the U.K. who have given positive reviews owing to the fact that the mask helps them combat their sleep problems.

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