Now Could Be the Perfect Time to Move to Italy: Here’s Why

If you’ve always thought about moving to another country, but never made a concentrated effort to do it, you’ve probably been wracked with two problems: what country do you choose and when do you move? Planning logistics and timing an international move are both complex problems, but there are more opportunities for world travelers than ever before.

If you’ve ever considered moving to Italy, now may be a perfect time to pull the trigger. But why? And what makes Italy so appealing in the first place?

The Best Reasons to Move to Italy

These are some of the best reasons to move to Italy today.

  • Visa options. If you’re interested in traveling to Italy, you’ll be pleased to know that it’s easier than ever to get a visa to travel to this country. There are many special programs and incentives designed to attract more people to Italy. The investor visa is a great example. Through the investor visa, anyone who is planning on investing money beyond a specific threshold into a specific asset or organization within Italy will be granted access to travel. For example, if you plan on investing in Italian startups, Italian companies, Italian government bonds, or charities within Italy, you may qualify if you meet all the other criteria.
  • A slower pace of life. Italy has always been known for its slower pace of life. People don’t rush to appointments and they’re not especially worried about making the most of every second of every day. Many people find this to be calming and relaxing, ultimately leading to a life of lower stress. The modern era hasn’t changed this much, and Italy still remains a slower paced, more relaxed country.
  • Relatively low cost of living. The cost of living in Italy is almost 17 percent lower than in the United States, with average rent being 55.5 percent lower than average rent in the U.S. If you’re concerned about skyrocketing costs in the United States, or if you’re just looking for a way to stretch your salary a little further, Italy could be a great option for you.
  • A strengthening economy. Though Italy faced some economic struggles over the past decade, things are looking up for this powerful European economy. With more investment, more entrepreneurship, and more economic activity overall, Italy may be on a solid growth trajectory.
  • Beautiful architecture and scenery. Though it’s not a new development, Italy still has some of the best architecture and scenery across all of Europe – and that’s saying something.
  • Food and beverages. Most people believe that Italy is home to a rich culture of delicious foods and beverages. They’re absolutely right. Foodies will be in heaven.
  • Excellent healthcare and social programs. Today’s Italian citizens and certain residents have access to excellent healthcare and social programs, including free healthcare and free higher education for all people who qualify.
  • Incentives for immigrants. After 5 years of living in Italy with a temporary residence permit, you can become a permanent resident. After 5 additional years (10 years total), you can apply for Italian citizenship. If you’ve always wanted to be an Italian citizen, the path lies before you.

Preparing for Your Move

If you’re seriously considering moving to Italy, these are your most important steps to take next:

  • Do your research. There’s a lot more to Italy than a single article can convey. Before you make any big decisions about uprooting your life or even visiting Italy for a trial vacation, make sure you do your homework. Understand Italy’s climate, culture, political landscape, economics, and opportunities for immigrants before moving forward.
  • Prepare your documents. To start, you’ll need a travel visa to Italy, a passport, and potentially other forms of identifying information. Start preparing this paperwork a few months in advance so you have plenty of time to get approvals for your trip.
  • Choose a city. Italy is not a gigantic country, but it’s not a small one either. Different cities have very different strengths and weaknesses, so it’s important to choose the right city for your needs.
  • Make financial plans. To move to Italy, you’ll probably need at least a few thousand dollars set aside for travel expenses, moving costs, and deposits or down payments for your new living situation. Make sure you have this money available by the time you want to move.

Italy is a beautiful country and certainly one that’s worth visiting, even if you’re not convinced it’s a new place to call home. Of course, if you’ve fallen in love with the country, you’ll be heartened to know that this is one of the best times to move there. The future for Italy is looking bright, and you can help make that future even better by traveling and staying there.

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