Apex Air Drone Review: 4k Camera Drone For Under $200

Product Name: Apex Air Drone

Product Type: Drone

Category: Tech

Price: $199 US Dollars

Link: Click Here

I’ve done a lot of research on drones and have plenty of first-hand experience. There’s so many to choose from, ranging from the very cheap ones that are toy-like and fly for only a few minutes, to the extremely expensive commercial grade drones that can cost upwards of $5,000.

The Apex Air Drone is advertised as an affordable yet premium drone with many similarities to the more high end options. Let’s dig into it.

Flight Time

The Apex Air Drone’s modular battery lasts for a whopping 20 minutes – although I found that it sometimes lasts for slightly less. I’d safely say that the flight time is around 17 to 22 minutes long.


The overwhelming majority of drones have just one camera so I was surprised by the dual camera feature on the Apex Air. It has one camera on the front and another camera on the bottom. Both cameras can take videos and pictures and the 4k quality footage is crystal clear.

Wind Resistance & Stabilization

The Apex Air Drone has great wind resistance capabilities. It can sustain moderate wind speeds, but you might want to avoid flying on unusually windy days. To help keep footage smooth, a combination of technologies are used including optical image stabilization and electronic image analysis.


The build of the Apex Air Drone really impressed me. It has a lightweight frame and doesn’t seem to sustain damage even in crashes. The highly durable design is mainly due to the resistant engineered plastics used to manufacture the drone.


The Apex Air can be controlled using the mobile app or the remote controller that comes with the order. In order to use the mobile app, you need a smartphone or tablet and it is free to download. Even though it has enough features to keep experienced pilots occupied, I would say that it is easy to use for less experienced (or new) pilots.

Mobile App

The mobile app allows users to not only fly, but to also edit footage. You can add tons of different filters on the videos and pictures without the need for an external editing application.

Flying Indoors

I was skeptical about this one. Can you really fly the Apex Air indoors? The answer is yes. I would highly recommend doing most of your flying outside, but if you want to put your navigation skills to the test, you can try this.


The Apex Air Drone perfectly folds into an ultra compact device. Essentially, each of the 4 wings fold towards the body of the drone making it easy to carry around. Put it in the carrying case, backpack, or suitcase and it’s ready to go. This is especially useful if you plan on traveling with it.

Intelligent Flight

This is one of my favorite features on the Apex Air Drone. Using the mobile app, you can choose the flight path with your finger. Once you select a flight path, the Apex Air will automatically follow it without the need to control the drone.

Smart Follow Me

The smart follow me feature has a similar concept to intelligent flight. Instead of following a flight path, the Apex Air Drone can follow a designated object or person with this feature. It is ideal for getting new perspectives in your videos and pictures as well as getting footage of a moving object.

One Key Features

With one button, the Apex Air Drone can take off and land. No complicated maneuvers or controls are required. This is a feature that lots of new pilots enjoy.

Optical Flow Positioning

This allows the Apex Air Drone to hold its position and altitude without the pilot taking control. It is another benefit for inexperienced pilots but also useful so that you can focus more on getting the best footage.

Speed Switch

There are three different speed options which can be switched easily (low, medium, and fast). It can reach top speeds of up to 25 mph.

360° Rotation

The Apex Air can easily move in a full 360 degree circle. It is yet another way to help capture unique shots.

Final Thoughts

The Apex Air is an incredible drone for the price and I would recommend it to both beginners and more experienced drone users. For commercial purposes, I would recommend drones with a longer flight time and added features such as obstacle sensors. However, note that this will drastically increase the cost.

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