6 Corporate Culture Trends That Will Shape 2022 And Beyond

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After the last few years of uncertainty and disruption in most people’s working lives, it’s easy to see why businesses have begun to put more emphasis on workplace culture this year. The dust has settled from the pandemic, and many office workers returned with a seed in the back of their minds that if company life doesn’t offer them what they’re looking for they’ll find something else. Many corporate companies were shocked when employees showed just how ready and willing they were to leave positions that did not value them. 

Now more than ever, corporate companies need to create a workplace culture that puts people at the centre. Investing in new office spaces that are built around employee comfort and well-being, including features like standing desks, (such as those at https://standdesk.com.au), corporate memberships, free food, and premium coffee will help to ensure the well-being of your employees is always front and centre. However, with the rise of remote working, your team could be working from anywhere and this new style of remote or hybrid employee is having a major impact on corporate culture trends.

Let’s look at some of the emerging cultural trends to see if corporate companies will deliver what their employees want. 

Flexibility Is The New Normal 

Companies are going to have to offer more flexibility. Flexibility isn’t just when and where employees do their work but how, that’s the game-changer. We all know that some tasks are easier done in peace and quiet, equally, most people prefer collaborating in person and building relationships in person. It’s also easier for many to continue career development. It should be up to the employee to choose how they wish to work. Freedom of choice is directly correlated with an increase in engagement and staff retention. 

Connection is Key

It’s rather ironic that when we were all connected online for most of the day, during isolation the disconnect was palpable. Many people have had time to step back and see that our society has become increasingly individualistic and it started long before we were told to stay home. Yet, most people yearn for connection. Businesses should be enthusiastic about sharing their purpose with their employees. The easiest way to build trust and showcase value is to do some good. Whether it be charity, community, environment, or education – there are plenty of ways you could all be doing more together. 

Developing Talent 

For over a decade, many industries have been borderline obsessed with attracting and securing talent and yet, by comparison, offered very little career development for their employees. Millennials are the highest skilled workforce of all time, hungry to progress and expand. This is a positive for corporate life as a highly energised workforce will continue to deliver results if given the recognition and input they desire. Online training is still one of the best ways for employees to grow within their position, and trends suggest that many would like companies to extend that to include employee wellness too. 


Last year’s Gartner survey revealed that 26% of Australians said lack of recognition was why they left their previous employer. Recognition has been directly correlated with workplace satisfaction and higher retention rates for years. Much of it is so simple that it’s painful to think managers are not giving credit where it’s due. Companies that celebrate individual employees in addition to larger business achievements, inspire people to be themselves and flourish. 

Power Of Technology

Advancements in technology and bandwidth were the foundation that allowed remote work on mass to be possible in the first place. While most corporate employees can work remotely, some managers grip too tightly to traditional expectations of how work should be done.

The increase in technology supports remote work, fast-growing sectors include collab and project management software, virtual programs, and note-sharing apps. With a little more time and innovation, employees will be able to do many tasks in a way that suits them as tech companies begin to add more customisation to their products. 

Valuable Benefits

Corporate benefits were a selling point back in the day. They reflected on company culture and the values and lifestyles of their staff. With a younger, more competent workforce responsible for driving most of your results, if they’re telling you they want genuine value, they’re also saying they can’t be bought. That said, as a nation of incentive and reward lovers, benefits that tie into personal finance, purchases, and merchandise with a message, seem to tick the right boxes. 

The Employee Economy

It’s safe to say there is a buzz around workplace culture. Only time will tell if corporate companies execute these trends in a way that works for those doing the work. One thing’s for sure if they don’t – their employees will not hesitate to move on. In the current economy, employees have the upper hand, and it seems, for now, they are using this to their advantage and getting their way.