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No one is ever comfortable around bugs or insects. These are pests that needs to be gotten rid of from our homes and environment but it’s quite unfortunate that we can’t get rid of them permanently from our environment but at least we can try as much as possible to eliminate them to an extent from our homes. Looking for a way to manage and get rid of these insects from our homes can be quite annoying and tiring as most of them even breed faster when they get adapted to a particular environment. They are such a menace that they can ruin your summer holidays and periods for you as they are seen most during the summer periods thereby breeding more then. Should we dive into the fact that it is the worst thing that can visit you at night? I mean it could drive you nuts all night long with their biting and buzzing and there is you who can’t sleep well again. Well, we can say that they have had their best fight but this is your time to get rid of them completely. This is with the use of an anti-bug device that kills all insects and bugs within few minutes – the Bug Bulb. Let’s see if those bugs and insects won’t shut up, literally. This is a highly effective zapper that can be used to get rid of all bugs within your home. There’s so much to the Bug Bulb as it uses an LED light which is normally purple in colour to draw them in and destroy them within some few minutes. You can now enjoy the summer season without nuisance. This Bug bulb comes with a long-lasting battery life which makes it possible for it to be on throughout a long period of time especially at night when you will need them the most to eliminate the bugs while you get that satisfying sleep.

Moreover, this device is such user-friendly and does not require any form of technical expertise while setting it up. You just have to go through the necessary instructions on how to take good care of it so it could last and so this makes it an easy-to-use device. So have you been feeling agitated all these while because of the pests flying within your range? You can now finally say good riddance from now on as the Bug Bulb is here to combat all these in just few minutes and as it also stands out from other bug swatter as it has both a dual functionality to it being an electric zapper and a source of light. The remaining parts of this review will expose you to other amazing features and benefits of the Bug Bulb and it works to eliminate these bugs.


What is Bug Bulb? ( Bug bulb Reviews)

The Bug Bulb is a device which is built specifically to eliminate mosquitoes, bugs and insects from within your homes. This device resembles a light bulb just that it comes with a very powerful UV light and it is the light that gets the mosquitoes and bugs attracted to it thereby getting zapped and destroys them. The manufacturers of this gadget has designed it the Bug Bulb in such a way that the insects get attracted to the LED light and kill them with its powerful volts hereby protecting you and your family from the risks of getting bit from these insects.

This LED light gives your rooms that exciting look and since the device is chemical-free, it keeps it free from noxious smells. One of the very important reasons why the Bug Bulb is preferred more is that it doesn’t emit any toxic chemicals or substances to kill all bugs within a matter of minutes. Unlike other preventive means of eliminating bugs and insects around which involves the use of chemicals that could result to lot of allergens to people with respiratory distress or low immunity, Bug Bulb just uses the light to effective remove these irritable bugs. The Bug Bulb is also equipped with a strong battery that can last for a very long time and yet it is being recharged quickly by using a USB cable.

Furthermore, the Bug Bulb isn’t limited to just within homes. It is a medium-sized portable device and thus can fit in perfectly for any kind of outdoor activity you would want to engage in like hiking, ball games, camping etc. You obviously wouldn’t want such fun moments to be ruined by mosquitoes buzzing around the whole place. It also features an integrated touch light which you can use during the dark to brighten your rooms. So it can even serve as a lantern at night since It gives you the opportunity to shuffle between the Lantern mode and the zapper mode. The light has 3 brightness settings and can last for 20 hours when it is on its lowest setting. With Bug Bulb, we can live safely and avoid unhealthy bug sprays that makes everywhere have this stinky and toxic smell that could actually affect ones health. Bug Bulb is 100% safe for even children and pets alike and this makes it one of the most powerful mosquito zappers in the market today. Purchase the Bug Bulb today at an affordable price and you are sure to be 100% protected from these bugs and mosquitoes.

Features of Bug Bulb (Bug Bulb reviews)

1) LED light:

Normally insects are usually attracted by light and that is why the Bug Bulb is built with the LED light inside to attract insects from around the area or room where it is placed to itself and then, they get destroyed by the light.

2) Portable and lightweight:

This device has a small size allowing it to be carried about even while travelling or going for any outdoor activity without getting disturbed. It also occupies just a small amount of space wherever it is being placed.

3) Eco- & User-friendly:

It is a simple and easy device to use, thus do not require a technician to install or test-run it. Just with the instruction manual, you are good to go. It is also safe and doesn’t cause allergens in any way thus eco-friendly.

4) Noiseless operation: Bug Bulb produces no audible noise while it is working. You can therefore take a nap or enjoy an outdoor gathering as you protect yourself from harmful insects.


Benefits of Bug Bulb (Bug Bulb reviews)

Bug Bulb offers a lot of amazing benefits and this is why its popularity is growing more and more everywhere. These benefits include:

1) Protection while sleeping:

The Bug bulb has a long-lasting battery life and because of this, it can be able to last for a long period of time at least throughout the night while you are sleeping to provide you with enough protection from mosquitoes all night long. So, with Bug bulb you would have succeeded with eliminating mosquitoes and bugs from yourself and your loved ones around you. It is also a very quiet device as it’s sound won’t interrupt your sleep.

2) Safe to use and Chemical free:

Bug Bulb does not contain any form of toxic or pungent chemicals which could be harmful to you and your family even your pets. And this is what makes it unique over the other traditional mosquito-killing sprays which we apply around our homes. These sprays are most times toxic and a threat to our health. When applied, you can’t even stay in that environment for some hours because of how concentrated these chemicals are and could even go to the extent of killing an individual with weak immunity. The awesome Bug Bulb zapper is most-recommended because it is completely safe to use in any environment.

3) Offers no hassle returns:

The manufacturer of this product offers you a 30day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your Bug Bulb product. You can return it within 30 days and get a full refund. What it means is that you have to make your purchase from the official website so you can stand the chance of returning the product to get your money back if the product does not meet up to your expectations as purchasing from other sites might risk you of these benefits.

4) Easy to clean:

Bug Bulb is simple and very easy to clean. All you need is to rinse off the dead debris under your tap where the insects which were destroyed falls. It is water-resistant, so do not worry that the water may ruin it. Clean your Bug Bulb under your tab and get it ready to zap more mosquitoes!

5) Made of high quality:

The Bug Bulb zapper is built from high-quality materials and components and thus ensures their incredible longevity and durability. Its quality is one of a superior quality when compared to other similar bug products in the market.

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Advantages of using the Bug Bulb

– Bug Bulb is compact, lightweight and portable to carry about.

– It I’d chemical-free, thus doesn’t contain toxic or hazardous compounds.

– It offers a 30-day money back guarantee

– It is very simple and easy to clean.

– It is effective in killing all kinds of bugs and mosquitoes

– Bug bulb has a long-lasting USB rechargeable battery.

Disadvantages of using the Bug Bulb

– The Bug Bulb zapper is only available for purchase on the products official website thus can only be purchased online.

– The discounts being offered only last for a limited time.

Where can I purchase the Bug Bulb from?

Bug Bulb is available for one to purchase online from the manufacturer’s official website. It is advised you purchase your Bug Bulb only from the official website as the manufacturer offers the best deal and best value for this product. Getting this bulb from the product’s website will guarantee also that you will not purchase a knockoff of this product unlike on other sites where you might stand the risk of getting substandard and imitated product of the original. When you want to place your order for your own Bug Bulb, you have to visit the official website and complete your order by filling out your shipping information and paying for your order on the site. You can then proceed with making payments through PayPal or credits cards like the MasterCard. The company also currently offers you a 50% discount off the normal price and it is highly advised that you take advantage of this right now and buy yours now that the offer is still valid.

Pricing of Bug Bulb (Bug Bulb reviews)

Bug Bulb is affordable to purchase as you will see now. The following are the different available packages and the prices:

1x Bug Bulb

$61.52     Now $39.99 only.

2x Bug Bulb

$123.05   Now $79.99 only.

3x Bug Bulb

$184.57    Now $89.99 only.

4x Bug Bulb

$246.09    Now $119.99 only.

Hurry up with placing your order because quantities are limited.


Return Policy

The company offers a 100% money back guarantee on purchase made within 30 days from moment the product was shipped and delivered. This is if the product does not meet your expectations or you are not happy with it although it is not the case by the way as the Bug Bulb is a tested and trusted device that works perfectly well.

If more than thirty days have passed by after the delivery of your purchase, the Bug Bulb company may not be able to refund or exchange the item for you. To initiate a quick return process, simply contact the customer support or visit the official website via:

Email: support@shopbugbulb.com.

Phone: 1 (855) 219 4892

Frequently asked questions about Bug Bulb.

Can both the Zapper and lantern mode of the bug bulb work simultaneously?

Yes, individuals have the option to select both the Zapper and Lantern modes simultaneously.

How does the Bug Bulb work?

Bug Bulb works by using effective UV-lighting to attract mosquitoes, and then an electric coil to kill them.

How long does Bug Bulb’s battery last for?

Yes! The automatic rechargeable battery will make sure your Bug Bulb zaps for 16 hours and lights up for 20 hours!

Is Bug Bulb waterproof?

Definitely. Bug Bulb has an IPX6 waterproof rating. It can withstand whatever conditions you need it in!

How do I recharge Bug Bulb?

Bug Bulb can be recharged using any USB port, and also comes with its own wall charger adapter.

Can I have the light and the zapper on at the same time?

You sure can! You can have the light on, the zapper on, or both on at the same time.

Is the Bug Bulb safe for children and pets?

Unlike chemicals, coils, and other types of lanterns, Bug Bulb is completely safe for children and pets.

What are some tips to get the most out of my Bug Bulb?

Tip #1. For best results, place Bug Bulb in the area you wish to use and leave it operating for at least two hours. This will rid the area of any mosquitoes beforehand.

Tip #2. Because the device relies on the LEDs to lure mosquitoes, minimizing ambient light in the background will give better results. Having too many lights on will be distracting and you may not see the results you want.

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Bug bulb Customer’s Reviews and testimonies

The Reviews Are In! People Are Loving Bug Bulb

Na Li. — Bellingham, WA

“This is exactly what I wanted! Attracted little fruit flies or similar kind that grew out of my indoor plants. So effective and easy to clean, just recharge every other night.”

Na Li. — Bellingham, WA

“Bought to use under my canopy at a night time craft fair. They worked great! Could have used 1 or 2 more probably, but they worked better than expected! Definitely zapped the bugs on a humid summer night!”

Conclusion: ( Bug bulb Reviews United states)

This review has exposed you to amazing benefits of this bug bulb zapper. You would need to purchase this bulb ahead of summer to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from the insects and bug bites. Purchase your Bug Bulb today and you will be glad you did.

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