About your Business Logo

Most entrepreneurs, startups, and companies about to launch a new product or service may need a logo also referred to as a business logo. That’s when most people are exposed to the large and diverse logo design industry. The industry encompasses solopreneurs, i.e., freelancers who have years of experience designing logos, then there are logo design companies, and there are advertising agencies that also specialize in creating logos in addition to other types of branding collateral.

The diverse selection of places from where you can get a business logo designed or redesigned can be downright confusing. Then you also need to consider the obvious fact that not all logo design companies or freelancers are good.

Before choosing a logo design company, freelancer, or agency, it is worth starting with getting a few things straight:

  • For starters, identify your budget for the logo design
  • Make a list of all the features your logo should have, for instance, number of colors, slogan, initials, etc.
  • Find and download logos from other businesses or products that you like. This will tell the designer what you’re leaning toward in terms of design.
  • Make a list of competitors for the logo design company to research.

Once you have the above ready, you can start searching for the right logo design company or service to start working with.

What is a Logo Design Company?

It is essential to start by identifying what a logo design company does. As the term suggests, a logo design company specializes in designing logos. While many companies offer more than just logo design services, you will want to find one whose core offering is logo design.

A good logo design company understands the importance of visual elements in conjunction with your business’s values, products, and services. A well-designed logo will capture the attention of the consumer within 10 seconds. A good design company will take time to learn about a client’s business and the values and principles they stand for. Using the information they have found that was given to them by the industry, the logo design company can create a memorable and brandable image or icon. A strong brand will establish instant recognition and an association with potential customers. This will open doors for further business opportunities, but it starts with a memorable, easy-to-replicate logo.

Logo Design Company Versus A Freelancer

As mentioned earlier, as a business owner who needs to get a business logo designed, you will run into freelancers who are graphic designers and have experience designing logos. However, there are a couple of advantages of having a company versus hiring a freelance designer.

Generally, a logo design company has access to a vast swath of tools that freelance designers don’t. These programs include Adobe Illustrator, Logo Design Studio Pro, CorelDraw, an extensive database of custom logos, color-accurate monitors, etc.

In addition, a logo design company may have decades of experience access to top-notch software and tools to create a custom logo for a client. Also, a logo designed by a company is more likely to be done right than one created by a freelance designer.

If you want to save time and get the best possible logo design, you should hire a logo design company. However, a good logo design company should have a portfolio that features work from other clients. Moreover, they should offer a variety of options so that you can choose a suitable option based on the needs of your business.

Ideally, the logo design company you choose should be able to work with any budget and deliver a logo in the shortest time frame possible. Generally, a logo design company will charge more to design a logo than a freelance graphic designer. However, in a company, there is often more than one person working on your logo, so your branding benefits from an amalgamation of ideas.

Why Do You Need To Hire A Logo Design Company?

While some logo designers are capable of creating a business logo that is unique, trademarkable, and looks good, it is always better to leave it to an agency. This way, you don’t need to offer as much input because the company’s designers already have the experience required to produce the best logo.

Agencies often specialize in specific industries and markets, making it easier to find one that suits your needs. However, the agency should also be able to show you a portfolio and previous work to ensure that you’re getting exactly what you want. Ideally, that previous or portfolio work should be for businesses in your industry. So, you know what to expect.

A few other reasons to hire a logo design company include:

Lots of options – Companies often employ a dozen experienced graphic designers. That means they can offer multiple concepts, which gives you more to choose from.

Excellent customer service – Most logo design companies offer better customer service than a freelancer that’s juggling everything themselves. If anything, this is one of the reasons why people shy away from hiring a freelancer and instead choose a company.

Revisions are faster – If you need the color changed or the shape of your logo redone, a company will respond sooner.

Companies offer guarantees – Companies are in a position to provide guarantees that freelancers can’t. For instance, some companies provide a moneyback guarantee if you don’t like any of the concepts they come up with.

The company will not disappear – Freelancers can disappear, and often because they either found a job, maybe they had a kid, or were bored of designing logos. If anything, that means your project goes into cold storage. That’s something you don’t need to worry about when hiring a company.

Logo designs come through sooner – Companies will produce logos and meet deadlines far better than any bogged down freelancer. That means the odds of having a logo on your marketing collateral sooner with a company are higher compared to with a freelancer.

Hiring A Local Logo Designer

While you can search for a logo designer locally, you’ll be able to get more ideas by hiring a seasoned company.

If you’re lucky, your friends may know a graphic designer who is good at branding. You can also try networking groups or online social networks. Mention that you’re looking for a new logo and ask them to recommend a designer. You’ll also be able to find a logo design agency through a social network that has members from different industries.

When looking for a logo designer, you should consider how much you’re willing to spend. A freelance designer’s services are the least expensive, but they require you to handle the entire process yourself. It can also get immensely time-consuming and frustrating.

A design agency or a small design studio is a better option, but they’re expensive. You should have a reasonable budget to start with.

While the argument can be made that you can hire multiple freelancers to handle the design for the price of a single company. However, the management toll that it takes on you can be immense. As a business owner, you don’t want another time-consuming task on your plate.

Logo Template Versus Custom Logo Design

When you need a new logo for your business, the choice between a logo template and a custom logo design is crucial. You need a logo that represents your business and your company which means choosing the right one can be the difference between success and failure.

Remember that your business is unique and should reflect your personality. Using a template will save you a lot of time, money, and energy, but the downside is that your logo will look like so many others using the same template. This may not be the best approach for a business that intends to spend money on branding.

A custom logo is ideally a reflection of your business, and it will be unique and memorable. Using a logo template is an economical way to create a custom logo. However, it is not as customizable as a custom logo. There are hundreds of similar designs, and it can be difficult to stand out. Therefore, it is imperative to choose a unique design that stands out from the crowd, which is something only achievable by a custom logo design.

When comparing a custom logo design with a logo template, it is essential to understand what each method offers. A custom logo design is a more complicated process. A template provides a more generic look but takes less time to customize and is thus cheaper.

How to Hire a Logo Design Company?

When choosing a logo design company, it is essential to know precisely what you want. Most custom logos need to be created from scratch, so the designer will ask questions that only you can answer.

However, before you can start answering questions and working with a company, you need to find the right one.

The first step in choosing a Logo design company is to decide what kind of logo you want. If you’re looking for a more modern logo, there are plenty of logo design companies that design them. A modern logo is the perfect match for a trendy and youthful brand. However, a classic logo is also an excellent option for an older business or a more formal industry like medical or legal.

The only way to know if a logo design company can design a logo that you need or like is to look at their portfolio. Ask the company to show you a portfolio of logos they have created for businesses in your industry. Then point out logos that you like from their portfolio.

Ideally, you will want to hire a logo design company that offers some assurances. These assurances can be in the form of a guarantee. For instance, some companies will offer unlimited revisions, others a moneyback guarantee, etc. This should help you shortlist the best one.

The right logo design company should be able to design a logo that helps you stand out from your competitors. Remember that a logo is an integral part of your brand and should represent your business in many ways. It should represent your company well.

When it comes to the look of your logo, the first thing to consider is your target audience. You should also look at the competitors. If you have a niche market and want to be noticed, your customers will be more interested in your products and services. Ask the company how they will ensure that your logo is attractive or attracts your target audience. Also, ask what steps the logo design company will take to ensure that your logo does not look similar to other logos.

Final Word

A business logo will be the most important part of your brand. It will be everywhere your customers will see you, including your website, business cards, and packaging. This is why a good logo will represent your brand and make a good first impression. A well-designed custom logo will help your brand stand out from the competition. It should communicate your brand’s values and make it memorable. So, a good logo will make your brand look unique.

The effort you put into finding and hiring the right logo design company is worth it because everything about your business is identified via your logo.

Once you hire a company to start designing your logo, do not hesitate to make sure that the company has every they need to do a good job. Follow up with the company and ask if there are any questions the designers have or if they have a concept you can look over.

While most logo design companies don’t require that you constantly follow up with them, it is a good way to keep tabs on the process. It will also increase the likely hood of the company designing a logo that you instantly fall in love with and finalize. That will accelerate the process of taking your product to market or maybe start working on branding your service.

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