Top 7 Programming Languages for Android App Development

Do you know how frequently you check your smartphone in a day?

No? Well, according to several standard reports, that’s an astounding 100 times a day( At least for us millennials The rest of the population is a little lucid). And the reason we’re so addicted to our phones is the inviting sensitive experience they give in our diurnal lives. How so, you ask? Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp( need I go on?!!)

So in a nutshell, smartphone apps are an integral part of our diurnal lives. They can be used to produce connections, gain information, or just have fun! And while creating a smartphone app is also delightful, it requires a little further guidance, specifically in choosing the right programming language. That’s why this composition deals with the top programming languages needed for Android App Development ( Android because I like it!).

What language to choose?!!

While Kotlin is the sanctioned language for Android, there are numerous other languages that can be used for Android App Development. Read Full Detail click here.

1. Java

Originally Java was the sanctioned language for Android App Development( but now it was replaced by Kotlin) and accordingly, it’s the most habituated language as well. numerous of the apps in the Play Store are erected with Java, and it’s also the most supported language by Google. In addition to all this, Java has a great online community for support in case of any problems( And trust me, there will be problems!).

Still, Java is a complicated language for a freshman to use as it contains complex motifs like constructors, null pointer exceptions, concurrency, checked exceptions, etc. Also, The Android Software Development Kit( SDK) increases the complexity to a new position!

All by each, Java is a great language to witness the full mannas of Android App Development. still, it may be a little complex for newcomers who would prefer to start with commodity easier and also return to it.

2. Kotlin

Now Kotlin is the sanctioned language for Android App Development declared by Google in 2019. Kotlin is across-platform programming language that may be used as an volition to Java for Android App Development. It has also introduced as a secondary “ functionary ” Java language in 2017. Kotlin can interoperate with Java and it runs on the Java Virtual Machine.

The only sizable difference is that Kotlin removes the redundant features of Java similar as null pointer exceptions. It also removes the necessity of ending every line with a semicolon. In short, Kotlin is important simpler for newcomers to try as compared to Java and it can also be used as an “ entry point ” for Android App Development.

3. C

C can be used for Android App Development using the Android Native Development tackle( NDK). still, an app can not be created completely using C and the NDK is used to apply corridor of the app in C native law. This helps in using C law libraries for the app as needed.

While C is useful for Android App Development in some cases, it’s much more delicate to set up and is much less flexible. It may also lead to further bugs because of the increased complexity. So, it’s better to use Java as compared to C as it doesn’t give enough gain to neutralize the sweats needed.


is relatively analogous to Java and so it’s ideal for Android App Development. Like Java,C# also implements scrap collection so there are smaller chances of memory leaks. AndC# also has a cleaner and simpler syntax than Java which makes rendering with it comparatively easier.

before, the biggest debit ofC# was that it could run only on Windows systems as it used the. NET Framework. still, this problem was handled by Xamarin. Android( formerly Mono for Android) is across-platform perpetration of the Common Language structure. Now, Xamarin. Android tools can be used to write native Android apps and partake the law across multiple platforms.

5. Python

Python can be used for Android App Development indeed though Android does n’t support native Python development. This can be done using colorful tools that convert the Python apps into Android Packages that can run on Android bias.

An illustration of this is Kivy which is an open- source Python library used for developing mobile apps. It supports Android and also encourages rapid-fire app development( which is a palm- palm situation according to me!). still, a strike to this is that there wo n’t be native benefits for Kivy as it is n’t natively supported.

6. HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Android apps can be created using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript using the Adobe PhoneGap frame that’s powered by Apache Cordova. The PhoneGap frame principally allows the operation of web development chops to produce mongrel apps that are shown through “ WebView ” but are packaged like an app.

While the Adobe PhoneGap frame is enough for introductory tasks in the realm of Android App Development, it hardly requires important programming except for JavaScript. And since it needs a lot of work to indeed produce a decent app, it’s better to use the other languages in this list if you want to be called a true Android inventor( Yes That’s a thing!). But if you’re comfortable with Javascript, you can learn React Native, which is an open- source frame that’s now largely in demand. You can develop beautiful and important mongrel apps with reply native means your app will be on android and ios both. mongrel app development is getting so much popular so learning reply- native can help you make your carrier in Software development.

7. Dart

Ignoring Dart as a programming language in moment’s environment would be like ignoring the goon in the room( because the giant is java). Dart is an open- source programming language that powers the Flutter frame, which is getting a lot of traction these days because of its capability to deliver beautiful and performance apps for the web, desktop, and mobile in lower time. The crucial selling point of outrage is that it’s designed by Google as a customer- optimized language for fast apps on any platform. Dart substantially focuses on making UI development easier for inventors with features similar as hot- reload, which lets inventors see changes incontinently while working on the app. Dart is also known for its fast performance, it compiles to ARM and x64 machine law for mobile, desktop, and backend. And to JavaScript for the web apps.

We’ve one further programming language for Android App Development i.e.


Corona is a software development tackle that can be used for developing Android apps using Lua. It has two functional modes, videlicet Corona Simulator and Corona Native. The Corona Simulator is used to make apps directly while the Corona Native is used to integrate the Lua law with an Android Studio design to make an app using native features.

While Lua is a little limited as compared to Java, it’s also important simpler and has an easier literacy wind. also, there are make monetization features as well as colorful means and plugins that enrich the app development experience. Corona is substantially used to produce plates operations and games but is by no means limited to that.


Now, it’s time to go forth and conquer Android!!!

There are a lot of apps similar as Chat Messenger, Music players, Games, Calculators,etc. that can be created using the below languages. And there’s no language that can be called a “ correct language ” for Android App Development. So, it’s upon you to make the correct choice of language on the base of your objects and preferences for each individual design. And always flash back , whatever your choice, it’ll only expand your skillset and lead to your growth as an Android inventor.

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