All you need to know about natural food coloring

People have great knowledge how to extract color from natural foods on special occasions from the centuries. Artwork converts the simple dishes to beautiful and more attractive.  Generally, there are two kinds of food colors available in nature natural and artificial. Although artificial food colors are cheap and widely available, but it also includes variety of damaging substances. That’s why natural foods colors by Exberry are an ideal choice. Let’s know why natural food colors are best and what are the varies ways to use these colors.

Reasons to choose natural food colors

There’s a great need to know that organic or natural food colors are significantly extracted from fruits, vegetables, and tubers. Natural food coloring is not only appealing but it also boosts the overall nutritional value of food items. Extracts from food also includes antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and anti-cancer properties. Although, these are wholesome but these colors are sharky. Consider the massive amount of natural color but artificial colors are more durable and very little is required.

Color variety

It is fascinating to know that natural food colors comprise massive variety thanks to the innovative research and development that has found multiple alternatives. Although food coloring is not safe, but natural options are beneficial. For an instance edible glitter is used in baking but it’s prepared from Gum Arabic.

As it’s the extraction of natural foods, these food colors also have capability to treat some gastrointestinal diseases, diabetes, as well as atherosclerosis. You can use natural food colors for dyeing as well as to enhance the appearance of anything.

Best way to create a natural food color

In order to avoid processed food, advocated suggest to used natural food colors where possible. Keep in mind that, natural dyes are used for centuries while provide multiple other perks other than food coloring. Rather than using synthetic food colors, it would be best to opt for natural and healthy options.

There are numerous ways to get color such as green color from pandan can be used in making jelly, cake, muffins, as well as beverages. This green color is so durable even with high temperatures. Get the pleasant aroma of colors extracted from bamboo, rattan plant, and katuk.

Brown color is one of the indispensable options in order to make the food more enchanting and attractive. People usually caramelize the sugar to get this color.

Along with this, some sticky rice and cakes with yellow, red, and orange color cannot beat the level of bitter gourd. It gives scarlet color as well as includes multiple minerals and vitamins good for health. Yellow for turmeric is used in food processing and also has multiple anti-cancer properties.

In the northern areas, a cake is made with black glutinous rice cake. It is fascinating to know that, black color for the cake come from ramie leaves. The leaves are dried and grinder to use the powder while cooking.

Color appearance

It is essential to keep in mind that single color doesn’t provide the desired result. Nearby and background colors have great impact on color appearance. For example, if you desire a blue or green food color, just limit your color scheme. Use carmine to get bluish-pink color, but it’ll not give your pure blue tone. Turmeric, one of the fluorescent spices has an egg or cheese hue. Keep in consideration, both physical and chemical properties of food limit the color options.

Natural colors are so beneficial as well as healthy option but the drawback is, these colors are unstable. At many food industries of restaurants, artificial colors are preferred because they are cheap and stable. The important thing is, very little color is required to get the desired outcomes.

Although synthetic food colors must be licensed by Health ministry but you can’t ignore their harm to health.  A lot of unprincipled companies are also using toxic chemistry of synthetic food colors making it worst for health. Organic food colors are not tested by the health ministry but they are still safe and healthy to use for long time. it would be best to keep away from the artificial side it may cause physical and psychological side effects.

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