The Best 5 Office Putting Set (Updated 2022 with Reviews)

Do you have a golf practice mat or workplace putting green? If so, you’re passing on a terrific and enjoyable method to enhance your golfing skills. It is no accident that the top players on the PGA Tour are also the finest putters since putting is the most important aspect of the short game.

We examine the top office putting mats of 2022 in this blog article.

We offer everything you need, whether you’re searching for something little and portable or something that can hold many people. For updates on the finest office putting set suggestions, check back frequently!

What is an office putting set?

Take your putter and use office putting equipment, which includes putting green and golf balls. People who wish to practise their putting without leaving the office should use it. There are several sets available, so you may pick one that meets your requirements.

What variations of putting mats exist?

Practice putting sets come in a variety of sizes, from fully portable, compact equipment to professionally renovated rooms or yards. Depending on your demands and financial situation. Are you searching for something portable or something stationary that will go with the house if you ever sell it?

Guide to Purchasing the Best Office Putting Set

It’s essential to get an indoor putting green that fits all of your requirements if you want to improve your putting. Your requirements for the proper putting set should thus be based on your available office space, price, and desired level of excellence.

These elements necessitate in-depth investigation, which frequently includes reading online consumer evaluations, viewing YouTube reviews, or speaking with relatives and friends who have already purchased the set.

Before purchasing an office putting set, take the following factors into account:

1. Size and Style

It can seem simple to establish artificial golf in your office. However, for things to work out, you’ll need a carefully thought-out strategy.

One of the most important things to take into account when purchasing a putting set is your workplace space. As a result, you should assess the size of your workplace, the amount of space the putting green will require, and if it will restrict circulation inside the area.

Additionally, the design of your office is important. Is it square, rectangular, L-shaped, long, or narrow? All of the information might assist you in selecting a mat that is ideal for your workplace setting.

2. Cost

Putting sets come in a variety of pricing ranges based on their special characteristics. It follows that you may get one for as little as $10 and another for as much as $250.

You should get a putting mat that delivers value for money since, as a golfer, you likely understand the importance of accounting for every dollar you spend. This does not, however, imply that you base your decision primarily on pricing as you can still get high-quality putting sets at mid-range costs.

3. Little putting set

The first suggestion is a small-space-friendly putting equipment that is portable. These sets normally come with two golf balls, a putting green surface, and some putting aids.

This kind of set is ideal for golfers who need maximum mobility or who want to practise their putting without taking a lot of room, imagine bringing it with you to a hotel room while travelling.

A small putting set’s disadvantage is that its mats are frequently thin and fall short of a proper putting green’s roll. They are difficult to level and are readily wrinkled.

4. Putting set with many holes

The second choice is a putting layout with numerous holes, which you should think about if you have a bit more space. You may test yourself and considerably improve your putting by using these sets, which often have a variety of various hole placements and occasionally break.

This kind of setup has the benefit of giving you actual putting practice. These pieces are more luxurious, roll accurately, are tougher, and last longer. We advise using the kind of practise putting set that collegiate athletes and professionals utilise.

A bigger office putting green has the drawbacks of taking up more room, requiring assistance to set up, and being much more expensive than light-weight portable setups.

5. Large practice putting mat

Consider getting a permanent putting green if you take your putting seriously. These are full spaces or outside locations set aside for placing. the type of configuration seen at your nearby driving range.

The benefits include practically infinite options for lie setup, bespoke stimp, a larger chipping practise area, and simultaneously practice by numerous players.

The price of a fixed practise green is its biggest drawback. These are professionally installed and start in the hundreds of dollars. Depending on the size and complexity of your installation, you could need building permits and more time for construction.

Why practise with a putting set from the office?

Any golfer wishing to advance their game or maintain their proficiency would benefit from using golf putting green mat for a number of reasons.

1. Private Practice

Improve your game by taking private golf lessons from a pro or by yourself in the comfort of your own home or workplace.

2. Practise Anytime

You may practise while you take brief breaks, in between calls, or even while on calls if you have a practise putting set at your house or office (or home office).

3. Continuous Practice

The only way to properly grasp a skill is to practise it countless times. You may complete your repetitions with an office putting set without worrying about when the course ends.

4. Seasonal Practice

Your putting practice is weather-proof if you have your own putting green. You may work on your roll during blizzards, downpours, and even power outages.

List Of The Best Office Putting Sets

1. Perfect Practice Putting Mat


We are all familiar with the agony of using a substandard indoor putting green mat. They can resemble nothing like natural greens, being rough and wrinkled. These guys partnered with renowned golf trainers and tour players to develop Perfect Practice Mats, which can save you hours of stress while enhancing your putting and decreasing your score. You may quickly set up a putting green indoors at your house or place of business and bring it with you on trips.

You can’t go wrong with this golf putting green mat, which starts at under $200 and is available with your alma mater’s emblem in college addition. The greatest workplace golf putting green mat is this one.

Key characteristics:

  • Up to 15’6″ in three lengths.
  • two hole sizes
  • Auto-Return Ball
  • Track arrangement for trains.
  • The technology used in Crystal Velvet TrueRoll.
  • Most Highly Rated and Recommended Mat.

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2. FORB Professional Putting Mat


It doesn’t have to be difficult to advance your game. You may practise in genuine green conditions at home or at work with a FORB Professional Putting Mat.

Two distinct types of putting mats are offered. The regular design has two holes and is 12 feet long. You may practise in match-like settings at home or at the office thanks to the skillfully crafted 40mm rough and 12mm flawless putting green surface, which provides players identical qualities as if they were on a genuine golf green!

There are no wrinkles, either way, so just wrap them up when not in use and put them anyplace without worrying about hurting anything. This premium synthetic grass mat is the ideal method to boost your putting game.

Key characteristics:

  • Standard or XL FORB Professional Putting Mats are made from premium artificial grass.
  • Each mat has a 40mm rough and a 12mm putting green.
  • Fantastic for usage at home or the office
  • 12 feet long by 3.2 feet wide, with two holes.
  • Both mats may be conveniently folded up and stored.
  • accessible via Amazon

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3. Putter Ball


This putting set is quite famous since it is portable, enjoyable, and accessible to all ages. If you haven’t already, you should try PutterBall, a game that combines beer pong and putting. The package is intended to allow you and your buddies to have fun together, not to improve your golfing skills. If you already put it well, this game should help you become successful at beer pong.

There has never been a simpler way to experience some classic ponging thrill than right now because all three variants are incredibly portable and only require a few minutes to set up.

Key characteristics:

  • You don’t need golfing skills to experience PutterBall.
  • For entertaining golf pong, take it to the beach, your lawn, the office, or parties!
  • Simple and easy to assemble.
  • made of high-quality, ultralight, high-density foam that is incredibly strong.
  • Play as you please.
  • for all ages to enjoy.
  • More than 600 5-star Amazon reviews.

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4. SKLZ  Accelerator Pro Indoor Putting Green


This indoor practise mat is made to be easily assembled and to fit in practically any office, condominium, garage, or residence. Additionally, it contains graphic markers to show the length of the backswing and follow-through for putts of 7,5 and 3 feet.

Key Characteristics

  • It is excellent for training thanks to an integrated ball return feature. possesses a real roll surface.
  • Additionally, it has a significant inclination to allow you to practise varying the length and pace of your stroke.
  • Setting up the mat takes around two minutes. It is portable and simple to relocate from one location to another.

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5. PUTT-A-BOUT Par Three Golf Putting Green


This putting mat will raise your overall performance, regardless of your level of expertise. You may practise different putt lengths and angles thanks to its inventive design.

It is made to endure a long time using urethane and polypropylene foams.

Key Characteristics:

  • many holes that let you investigate various angles Budget-friendly
  • Lightweight, simple to put up, and portable
  • allows you to improve your putting abilities without having to venture out


  • The plastic used to make its holes may be fragile and can feel cheap.
  • A little amount of a thin mat

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Characteristics Of A Good Office Putting Set

Any putting set you buy should allow you to maximise your spare time while helping you improve your putting numbers. The following are some characteristics to watch out for:

  • Automated ball return: Having an automated ball return on your putting green not only saves you a tonne of time but also improves the effectiveness of your practice sessions. You may continue playing without being interrupted because you don’t have to go grab the ball yourself.
  • Various holes: Having a selection of holes allows you to practise more easily because you may start with simpler possibilities. With this, you may greatly increase your accuracy and self-assurance with each putt.
  • Slope: Practice all different kinds of putting skills on putting mats that have changeable slopes to keep things interesting. Additionally, slopes make it simple for the ball to return for a second attempt, giving you more time to fine-tune your putting strokes.
  • Portability: You’ll need a movable mat because you could have to move between offices. It needs to be compact into a manageable package that you can carry.
  • Ultralight Material: Mats made of ultralight materials deteriorate more quickly than those made of heavy materials in terms of material quality. Thinner mats can develop holes whereas larger mats maintain their shape.
  • Mat pattern: You may improve your golfing abilities by aligning your stance and ball address on a mat with grid lines or other helpful markings.


You can find any office-putting set of your choice whether you’re looking for something tiny and portable or something that can hold numerous individuals.

The most important component of the short game may be mastered with the aid of a practise putting mat, which is available whenever you want, weatherproof, and helps you improve your golf game. Don’t pass up this enjoyable chance. Purchase a putting set for your office right away.

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