The 5 Best Backpack Cat Carriers of 2022

Do you notice that whenever you take your cats to the vet, they feel so stressed and feel like you’re taking them away from their family to an unknown place?  Making the necessary preparations will lessen your cat’s anxiety both before and during the trip.

An exploratory cat can even like the opportunity to observe and sniff novel things with the appropriate cat carrier. Compared to conventional, boxy cat carriers, backpack cat carriers provide more flexible travel options. Some are even cosy enough for long hikes and other excursions.

We consulted a vet and examined hundreds of items to determine the most ideal backpack cat carriers in terms of size, fitting, comfort, and other accessories.

This is the time to explore what you need to know before purchasing the most suitable backpack for your cat.

What Features Should a Cat Backpack Have?

Whether you’re heading to the vet, on a trip, or taking your cat for an adventure, a cat backpack is a secure and convenient way to transport your feline friend.

Not every kitty backpack is made equal. It’s critical to consider the backpack’s layout, the calibre of its materials, and the degree of protection and comfort it offers your cat. Here is what you should ponder over:

  • Fabric – To guarantee that your cat will be fully secured, consider the materials chosen for the straps and the backpack’s body. The fabric should be strong and thick enough to resist cutting cat claws while also being manageable in weight.
  • Stability – A quality cat backpack should have strong belts for holding the backpack and a stable foundation to carry the weight of your cat.
  • Comfortability – Choose a cat backpack that is roomy enough to fit your cat comfortably, and look for inside cushioning as well. You should also think about how comfortable the straps will be for you; make sure they are broad and adjustable. Additionally, check the ventilation!
  • Reliability – In addition to supporting your cat’s weight, the backpack should be strong enough to endure repeated uses. If you take your cat trekking, it might also need to withstand bad weather and be spot-cleanable as necessary.
  • Accessibility – Make sure your cat can enter and exit the bag with ease by inspecting the zippers and other fasteners. Additionally, extra compartments for items like snacks and a foldable water dish are helpful. Your cat backpack needs to be useful.
  • Security – Lastly, confirm that your cat will be secure within the bag. To keep your cat contained, that calls for strengthened seams, locking zippers, and maybe an inside leash.

As you look around, you’ll see that many cat backpacks are similar. However, appearances can be misleading, so be sure to take into account the above-mentioned elements while making your decision.

5 Most Suitable Cat Backpacks

1. The Fat Cat


The Fat Cat backpack is our leading recommendation for the greatest cat backpack overall. Since their items are of excellent quality, creatively constructed, and popular with both cats and cat owners, we’ve included a number of Travel Cat backpacks on our list.

The enclosed Fat Cat backpack has three airflow control along the bottom, net ventilated screens on both sides, and a detachable bubble on the front. The bubble attachment is perfect if your cat loves to stay warm or keeps to himself outside. Change it out with the screen connector for cats who like to smell and see outside, or on times when a little extra airflow would be needed.

The imaginative design of this kitty backpack is what we adore the most. This spacious backpack fits two medium-sized kittens or cats weighing up to 25 pounds. It contains storage spaces on both sides as well as a clip and elastic hook for the leash of your cat.

The Fat Cat has elasticated straps and a chest belt to appropriately balance your cat’s weight for the best support and help while ensuring your own comfort.


  • Bigger cats up to 25 pounds can use this design.
  • enough ventilation on all three sides
  • removable screen or bubble attachment
  • comfort-enhancing shoulder and chest straps


  • The price was a little high.
  • a meagre storage area

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2. PetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier Backpack


This PetAmi Premium Pet Carrier Backpack doesn’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money. It is an absolute deal for $25.

There are nine various colours and ideal sizes for little to medium-sized cats available for this cat backpack. It features a plush Sherpa lining in the bottom and is properly ventilated for the comfort of your cat. Additionally, it has a foldable pet dish that you can conveniently connect to the exterior of the backpack.

For optimal comfort and support, this backpack has both waist and chest clips. Additionally, there are side pockets for storing your needs.

This cat backpack has a protective strap to hold your cat in place and is made with 600D high-grade polyester for durability. It will be difficult to find a nicer cat backpack at such a low cost.


  • inexpensively priced under $25
  • sufficient airflow to maintain the cat’s comfort
  • available in a variety of nine colours
  • includes a foldable water dish


  • Zippers don’t lock for further security, which we didn’t like.
  • Large cats might not fit in this cage.

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3. Morpilot Cat Backpack Carrier


Purchasing a huge cat backpack makes little sense if you have a tiny cat. With enough of room for a little cat without making the backpack bulky and difficult to carry, the Morpilot Cat Backpack Carrier is a fantastic option.

Made from lightweight, durable, wear- and scratch-resistant eco-friendly polyester materials, this cat backpack is built to last. But the breathability is what we truly like about this cat backpack. A sizable ventilation panel is present on this backpack’s front, top, and both sides of the carrier. This enhances visibility from within the carrier while also keeping your cat cool and comfy.

There are flexible belts for the shoulders, chest, and waistline on the Morpilot Cat Backpack Carrier. This makes it simple to modify the bands for your cat’s support and comfort.

For more security, it also includes a built-in safety strap and locking zippers. For the comfort of your cat, the bottom of the carrier is cushioned and strong. Additionally, it is detachable and double-sided for your convenience.


  • Your cat will have excessive airflow and visibility.
  • The inside is roomy and has two exterior storage compartments.
  • Lockable zippers and an integrated safety strap


  • Large cats might not have adequate support.
  • Mesh materials could be stronger.

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4. Lollimeow Large Cat Backpack Carrier


In the case of a big-sized cat, you need a backpack that is so spacious for him to fit comfortably inside as well. This bag can hold cats weighing up to 12 kilograms.

This cat backpack is constructed from remarkably lightest yet strong materials. Cleaning up is simple because these materials are impermeable and scratch-resistant.

The top hole and plastic bubble of the Lollimeow Large Cat Backpack carrier makes it simple to put and remove your cat from the bag. The sides of the backpack are made of mesh for ventilation, and if you’d like, a mesh cover may be used in place of the clear glass to increase airflow.

If you have a larger cat, it is well worth the extra money to purchase this Lollimeow pet carrier bag. You’ll like the improved durability and strength as well as the shoulder, waistline, and chest strap adjustability for your individual comfort.


  • The Large Size and Robust Construction (cats up to 26 pounds)
  • Visibility-enhancing bubble windows, side ventilation
  • solid, waterproof, and scratch-resistant materials


  • Not as affordable as some models were one thing we didn’t like.
  • Zippers do not lock, and the security leash might easily break.

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5. LEMONDA Portable Pet Carrier Backpack


Please keep in your mind that your cat can look out when wearing a backpack, but you also don’t want to sacrifice airflow. With its translucent bubble strategically placed in the middle of the backpack’s back, the Lollimeow Pet Carrier Backpack succeeds on both counts.

Your cat will be completely secure inside the bag while using this cat carrier, and they will both be able to view it outside. For greater visibility, use the transparent bubble cover; alternatively, use the mesh cover for more ventilation. You actually don’t need to worry either way because the bubble has three air holes on the bottom. There will be lots of fresh air for your kitty buddy.

The fabric and high-density plastic materials used to design it make it remarkably lightweight while also making it highly sturdy.

But the built-in security features of this kitty bubble backpack are what we truly adore. A built-in lock prevents your cat from escaping while you aren’t carrying the backpack, and the bubble features a thread lock hook to keep the screen cover or bubble in position.


  • made with materials that are both light and strong.
  • Substitute a mesh cover for the bubble
  • Internal locks and thread lock rings are built-in safety measures.


  • This model could retain heat more than others.
  • Not advised for really big cats.

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Useful Cat Backpack Tips

You could believe that the challenging part is finished after you’ve selected your kitty backpack. Sadly, it might not turn out to be the case.

Not all cats enjoy wearing cat carriers or backpacks. You’re probably going to struggle with a cat backpack if you’ve previously had trouble getting your cat into a carrier. The excellent thing is that you can train your cat to accept the backpack so he won’t resist it as much.

Utilize constructive reinforcement to train your cat.

Finding something your cat loves that you can use to encourage him is the answer to getting him to react effectively to motivation towards training.

  • The majority of the time, some delectable treats will work, or you might try utilising your cat’s favourite toy.
  • How to get your cat to appreciate the backpack is as follows:
  • Put the cat backpack on the ground in a location where your cat frequently hangs out.
  • Place some goodies or your cat’s favourite toy inside the backpack after opening it.
  • Give your cat the go-ahead to approach and inspect the bag.
  • When your cat approaches the backpack or enters it, praise it vocally and give it extra treats.
  • Once your cat feels secure entering the backpack on his own, you may begin to partially zip it up while your cat is inside.
  • Before opening it and releasing your cat, take a little pause.

With the help of this learning phase, you may gradually accustom your cat to spending more time inside the cat carrier. Your cat should stop being anxious around the backpack after a few training sessions, and you won’t have any trouble placing him in it when you need to.

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