5 Best Pizza Cutters For Pizza Lovers!

When you go to a pizza shop and order a pizza, do you notice how finely the slices are done? Whether the crust of the pizza is thin or thick, you always find the slices cut very neatly without messing up the topping of the pizza. If you’re a pizza lover, you might want to enjoy freshly baked homemade pizza with a customised topping of your favourite veggies or pepperoni. But, when it’s the time to cut slices of the hot, bubbling cheesy pizza, a knife can’t help you way out. And it becomes very challenging to cut through the boiling cheese, molten hot sauce, and freshly baked crust.

So what distinguishes a pizza cutter from a similarly pointed, sharp knife?

With the appropriate pizza cutter, you can cut through even the thickest and crunchiest crusts without sliding a tiny little bit of cheese or topping off the plate. It’s also important to remember that a pizza cutter may be used for much more than just slicing pizza. Consider cutting up the uncooked dough, dividing up tortillas, or even precisely chopping fruit and herbs.

Unfortunately, many pizza cutters on the market are unable to quickly slice without losing treasured toppings like melting mozzarella along the way, pulling them under their worn-out blades and into a disorganised mound of once-perfect pizza. A sharp pizza cutter made with chefs in mind may be used in this situation to make clean and equal slices. Our list comprises popular designs, classic wheels and the incredibly efficient slider blade that results in perfectly sliced pizza. Let’s look into it!

Best Pizza Cutters To Shop In 2022

1. Josephjoseph Disc Easy-Clean Pizza Cutter


This pizza cutter is quite affordable to purchase and makes slicing a left-hand play. All of our pizzas, even salami and veggie ones with thin and deep crusts, were easily sliced with it. It is shaped like a little wheel and has a small hole in the centre that you can insert your finger through for more grip. With a black casing that contrasts with the red finger grip, it is simple and pleasant to grasp and also looks nice. It cut the first time and really good.

When utilising the case, a carefully crafted silicone band around the bottom provides a safe and pleasant grip. When you’re done, simply remove the blade so you may hand-wash it or put it in the dishwasher.

After cleaning it, you reinstall the blade, detach the silicone strip from its metal stud, and wind it around the blade to provide protection while it is in the drawer. It won’t take up a lot of room because of its small size.

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2. Star Trek USS Enterprise Pizza Cutter Utensil


The Star Trek USS Enterprise pizza cutter has to be included in our list since it is both entertaining and useful. Anyone can admire its high-quality, solid design that does the job and looks fantastic while doing it. Sure, the lighthearted tribute to one of TV’s most well-known franchises makes a terrific present for a very specific Trekkie (or Trekker). The one significant drawback is that it cannot be put in a dishwasher, so you will need to wash it by hand using dish soap and a sponge. But rest assured, it will be worthwhile.

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3. Dreamfarm Scizza


You might never turn back after you’ve taken the plunge into the realm of pizza cutters. This kitchen gadget eliminates the mess associated with cutting when contrasted to their cutter competitors. The Dream Scizza, a mix of the words “scissor” and “pizza,” is one of our favourites since it cuts through pizza, tortillas, and raw dough with ease. Due to two metal blades that smoothly cut through food without the need for both forward and backward strokes, it even holds toppings intact.

Additionally, it has a useful spatula bottom that slips beneath the pizza so you can avoid damaging your priceless pizza stone. The blades may be taken out and sharpened as necessary, but they should keep their razor-like edges. There is a security lock for storage purposes when not in use.


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4. Oxo Good Grips (For Non-stick Pans)


The edges of pizza wheels are made to be razor-sharp, slicing through the dough, cheese, and toppings. However, if you use non-stick baking pans to cook your pizza, a sharp blade might harm them.

As a remedy, Oxo Good Grips created a wheel with a plastic blade that won’t scratch your pizza stone or ruin your pans and trays. It takes some getting used to, and you’ll probably try to pull off what appears to be a plastic covering at least once, but it’s a brilliant concept. The blade is also less sharp than others, making it the perfect tool for children. It still cut through the pizza with ease and sliced through the salami on our deep pan with ease.

In addition to having a large, ergonomic handle, the pizza cutter also offers the benefit of being dishwasher-safe.


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5. Big Green Egg


This wheel-shaped pizza cutter is easy to grasp and has a rubber-like band at the base for added comfort. The built-in blade shield, which you can conceal and reveal with a simple flip of the switch, was what we loved best. It means that you can easily put the shield on and set it on the table without worrying that curious hands may reach out and accidentally injure themselves.

You can wash the entire stainless steel blade by hand or in the dishwasher, and it can be disassembled for cleaning. It is a useful cutter and a convenient size to tuck into a bag or a cutlery drawer if you’re bringing it out for outdoor eating.


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How to Choose a Quality Pizza Cutter

Although a pizza slicer may appear to be a simple instrument, an astounding number of them are available on the market and are incapable of carrying out even the most elementary duties. The majority of chefs advise using metal blades since they have been shown to be the most efficient at quickly slicing through food.

We tested all the pizza cutters, their usability, pricing, and user-friendly qualities such as easy cleaning, multi-functional, and durability. Of course, we tested them on pizza. It’s vital to remember that almost every device we evaluated came with a guarantee of at least 10 years or a lifetime.

1. Style

The most traditional type of cutter used by restaurants is a pizza wheel, which is also a reliable option for home cooks. But if you want to expand out, scissors provide a different kind of accuracy, and if you master them, they may assist you in creating really accurate slices. people of all age groups may choose safely from rollers, especially those that include safety guards.

2. Size

The 4-inch blade that most pizza cutters have is big enough to cut through any basic pizza or kitchen requirement. Since wheel dimensions vary, be careful to pick a wider version if you want to ensure that it can cut through Sicilian or deep-dish crusts. Please remember your available drawer space as well, as the bigger the cutter, the more precious space it will take up. A roller without a handle is your best option if space is at a premium.

3. Easy to Clean

This function has a bit of a catch because the pizza cutters that can be cleaned the most completely need to be disassembled in order to do so. The majority of cutters can be cleaned quite quickly, but those that need to be disassembled may take a little longer.

4. Durability

Pizza cutters need to roll smoothly and have a firm, sharp edge in order to be useful in the kitchen. To prevent breaking the crust or tugging at the toppings, the edge must be clearly defined. In order to prevent damaging the pizza or whatever else you’re slicing, you also want it to roll smoothly.

You could find it advantageous to think about a pizza cutter with a changeable blade option depending on how frequently you anticipate using it. Instead of going through the hassle of sharpening your cutter, get a new edge.

5. Material

Generally, stainless steel blades are what you should look for. The material works best when cutting through thicker dishes, just like knives do. Even though it can rust and get dull over time, you can keep the blade sharp by using a knife-sharpening tool or block instead of repeatedly running it through the dishwasher.

There are several expensive pizza cutters with carbon steel blades. These are a combination of cast iron and stainless steel. You shouldn’t put them in the dishwasher since they are usually seasoned.

We use pizza cutters because…

Cutting through melted mozzarella and toppings with a knife may result in a major mess, we use pizza cutters. While pizza cutters cut through the pie, forcing the melted cheese and toppings onto the dough. The surface of the knife would be covered in several toppings and cheese threads if you used a knife and pulled it back up after cutting.

6. Price

When buying a pizza cutter, you can’t ignore the price. Try to purchase ranging from £3 to £45. If you get a pizza cutter with all the qualities and features at less price, then it would be the best pick.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What size pizza cutter is ideal?

A 4-inch blade is standard for pizza cutters. Deep-dish pizzas may be cut with this ease. You should pick a handle size that feels good in your hands because the length of the pizza cutter handles varies. Choose a big blade size if you’re worried about your ability to cut through an extra-thick pizza.

2. What alternative exists to a pizza cutter?

A big knife may be used to cut your pizza in place of a pizza cutter. Use the biggest and sharpest knife you have to avoid cheese and toppings from adhering to the blade and save yourself the time of making multiple slices along each portion. You should wait a few minutes for the pizza to cool before cutting it, unlike when using a cutter, which is safe immediately after the pizza comes out of the oven. This will help avoid the toppings from adhering to the knife. Use the knife to rock back and forth so you don’t get stuck.

3. How should a pizza cutter be sharpened?

You might want to periodically sharpen your pizza cutter depending on its usage.

The simplest method to sharpen a pizza cutter yourself is to use a multi-sharpener. Nevertheless, it’s preferable to bring it to a nearby cutlery store to be sharpened. However, taking care of your cutter when using it, such as preventing using it on stone surfaces and not exerting too much pressure, is the best course of action. You won’t need to exert much effort to make a decent cut with a high-quality pizza cutter, which keeps the blade sharp.


It might seem worthless to spend money on buying a pizza cutter when you can cut or slice your pizza with the help of a knife. But, what’s wrong if you can enjoy eating a pizza without disturbing its cheesy topping for only a few euros. Slicing matters a lot for those who love baking pizza at home and enjoy eating a freshly baked pizza with melted mozzarella. So, if you want to serve your pizzas with finely cut slices, you can choose your favourite pizza cutter out of the 10 choices listed above.

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