Call Online with iMind – the Right Choice for Business


Today, videoconferencing is no surprise to anyone. Free video calls are available to almost everyone. Even text messaging services have gradually gained the functionality of first a call and then a video chat. iMind offers a turnkey solution for video conferencing and webinars.

Not only does the solution meet all quality standards, but it also has a number of advantages over other companies.

Video Conferencing with iMind

A call online with iMind is a solution for organizing video communication with a small number of peers. Videoconferencing is actively used today in corporate communications for interaction, when visual contact of several people located at a distance is important. The “many-to-many” format implies that all meeting participants are involved in discussing working issues.

Using Mind’s capabilities it is possible to display images of up to 25 people at a time. Video conference participants can chat, view documents during an online meeting, and “share” their desktop and programs. They have all the rights of ordinary participants by default, but the conference moderator can manage participant rights at his own discretion.

Possibility to Organize iMind Webinars

Webinars are the most convenient and economical format for conducting online events with the performance, as a rule, of one, less often several speakers. The format “one-to-many” assumes that all participants see only the speaker and the demonstrated material. Webinar participants are allowed to post chat messages and view the recording of the event.

iMind Updates

New features include:

  • The ability to deploy an HD video image to full screen, and full screen mode is available for video sessions, both on the server solution and in the cloud.
  • Polling functionality has been expanded: the results of completed polls can be uploaded even after the video meeting is over. Mind 3.5 version is easier to install.

Users of Mind cloud service got these updates in the product for free and without having to install them themselves, and new buyers of the server version of the solution will get these features when installing the product.

Advantages of Using iMind

Your video conferences will be provided with the following features:

  • the ability to use your phone or tablet to connect to a video conference;
  • access to communication from anywhere;
  • accompanying your speech with a visual demonstration of what you’re talking about;
  • screen demonstration;
  • organize a videoconference and have the ability to record for those who couldn’t participate;
  • ability to share the recording later;
  • file system inside the online conferencing platform;
  • convenient collaboration;
  • emphasis on certain parts of the image for colleagues;
  • co-edit whiteboard;

Also, there are several options for inviting participants: unique ticket links, bulk email input and guest invitation links.

iMind Subscription and Free Trial

What’s included in my free trial subscription?

  • maximum number of participants connected to the videoconference;
  • videoconferencing organizer;
  • number of simultaneous events;
  • 4 GB of space for documents and meeting recording on cloud drive.

You will save money and try all the advantages of the service.


So, iMind is an online conferencing platform that can increase the efficiency of communication in your large and medium-sized business.

And for 60 days, you can take advantage of free access for personal use.

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