The Best Apps For Saving Money On Travel

If you intend to take a vacation this year, you should not let anything stop you. Everyone needs a break sometimes, and the summer is the ideal time to get away from work for a while and recharge your batteries.

You might look into vacation loan if you don’t have the ready cash to fund a trip at the moment. You can also look at travel apps that can potentially save you some money. We’ll talk about some of the best ones right now.

1. Airbnb

You’ve likely heard of Airbnb. The app and company are very nearly global phenomena at this point. Airbnb allows homeowners to make their houses, apartments, or other dwellings available for rent.

Often, if you use Airbnb, it’s a lot cheaper than staying at a hotel. This app has spread to an incredible 191 countries, and the service boasts 4 million listings.

The company debuted in 2008, and it has continued to pick up steam as we progress further into the 21st century. Besides saving you money, you can also secure private accommodations and feel more like a native of whatever country or city you’re visiting for as long as your trip lasts.

2. Kayak

Kayak is another vacation powerhouse. You’ve probably seen the app and web site advertised on TV. Kayak commercials often emphasize how you can use it to search for the cheapest hotel accommodations all over the world.

What makes the Kayak app such a vacation must-have is that you can use it as command central if you wish to explore its vast network of interconnected travel sites. Whatever your vacation budget, you’re liable to find lodgings within your price range.

You can customize your search on Kayak in many different ways. You might search for three-star hotels or better, or you can mention that you’re only looking for hotels with complimentary continental breakfasts, swimming pools, etc. You can even find exclusive mobile deals with the app that are not available on the desktop or laptop version of the site.

3. Skyscanner

Skyscanner might not have gained the widespread popularity yet that Kayak or Airbnb have, but it’s another great travel app of which you should be aware. This is a search engine that encompasses rental cars, hotels, and flights, but it’s probably most useful if you’re looking for cheap, last-minute airfare.

This app incorporates 1,200 separate travel providers and gives you the best deals from each of them in one location. Based out of Edinburgh, Scotland, both the site and app are available in over 30 languages.

More than 100 million vacationers use the app every month. While it’s better known in Europe than the US at the moment, all indications are that it will continue making inroads into the American market.

Use These Apps to Get Great Vacation Deals

If you’d like to travel this year, you should know about these great apps and consider downloading them to your phone. If you’re looking for inexpensive flights, particularly at the last minute, Skyscanner should be on your radar. Since it’s available in so many languages, you’re just as likely to encounter this app in Europe, Asia, or South America as you would in the US.

Kayak is a useful app because you can customize your travel search parameters with it in so many ways. You might look for hotels with a certain amount of stars and various amenities.

You’ve likely heard of Airbnb, the app that allows you to stay in houses, apartments, or other lodgings that the owners have made available for rent. You can often save money when you use it. It also gives you an entirely different perspective when staying in a new city or country if you’re in a comfortable private residence rather than a hotel.

With this trifecta of money-saving travel apps on your side, there’s no reason not to consider traveling this year.

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