Introduction To Snapshot Action Camera Reviews

Being able to capture the very thrilling times in our lives is really something one should do with the very best of the cameras there is because years later just a look at the very quality picture can take one down the memory lane and can bring a lot of happiness to one’s soul no matter the state of mind one is at the particular time before having a glance at the quality pictures

There are a lot of cameras out there claiming to be and do what they can’t and this has really made a lot of people lose faith in getting things online. Snapshot Action Camera gives you the very best there is and is not just a said word because many people are actually enjoying what it means to having a really quality camera because of Snapshot Action Camera

Action camera can be a small rugged waterproof camera that is been made for capturing immersive action shots. They take pictures and videos in a way that your normal cameras and even smart phones can’t imagine

Snapshot Action Camera pictures and videos doesn’t discriminate between a pro and a beginner in the art of photography as a beginner with this camera takes pictures which cannot be differentiated from the shot of a pro. So if you are new in the art of photography and really need your pictures to be up to par with that of a pro then Snapshot Action Camera is really your best shot at it

Choosing a camera to get in our world now seems to be very difficult because it looks like all are same and does the same thing but that’s really far from the truth as the quality of the images and the ease of handling are really different as well as the pricing too and that is one of the reasons Snapshot Action Camera really stands out when compared to all the other cameras out there

If you are an outdoor person whether it is hiking, camping, concerts, football or any type of outdoor activities that catches your fancy and you really need to save up your memories and fun time for future use and you need a camera that can do that for you while also giving you the best of image quality there is at a friendly price then Snapshot Action Camera is really the best bet for you

Below we are going to review Snapshot Action Camera without taking your time and telling you all you need to know about this camera and why it is the best for you out there without necessarily wasting your time





What is Snapshot Action Camera

If you have always wanted to have a tough, high-quality, waterproof camera that you can take with you to anywhere especially during this summer period in other to catch those your exciting moments on camera then Snapshot Action Camera is really what you need. it is a cutting-edge 4K camera that can actually capture nice images and ultra-high definition 4K recordings.

There are a lot of cameras out there with very outrageous prices and beyond the reach of many who truly desires to have it. Snapshot Action Camera is really here in other to help you bypass this trouble by giving you one of the very good cameras you can ever get anywhere and at a very affordable price that beats anything elsewhere

Snapshot Action Camera is really built strong and very durable in that it can capture anything from kayaking in freezing temperatures with breathtaking panoramas. It really stands the test of time and can actually survive harsh weathers during outdoors

If you really love any form of outdoor activities and would love to have your moments on a high image camera or even if you are a diver and you will love to see your wonderful moments deep down in the waters caught in a camera and the images and videos recorded with a HD camera then all you need to do is put it in its waterproof case and scuba dive pretty deep underwater




Features of Snapshot Action Camera

There are a lot of wonderful features that comes with this lovely camera and some of them are:

  • Built-in Wi-Fi

This very feature of it makes it possible for you to directly upload your images and recorded videos straight from the camera to your Youtube channel, Instagram handle, Facebook and many other social media platforms out there without needing any laptop or any other smart device or gadget

  • Very easy to setup

There is actually no much technical knowledge required in its usage and set up as it can be done by all and it is really easy and not stressful at all

  • Gives you options in its usage

A remote control is being used for its selfie and it can be mounted on a helmet for snapshots or be attached to a drone for very lovely and amazing footage and this really makes this camera flexible as you can really use it in whatever way you so wish to

  • Loop recording

Snapshot Action Camera has two recording modes which is the normal mode and the loop mode.

Normal mode records videos longer than 3 minutes and once its memory is filled up, it then deletes the older files to make space for the new ones

Loop mode keeps your older files by recording an infinite loop until you change it back or your storage device runs out of space

  • Slow motion

This requires a lot of processing power and this gadget actually takes up to 120 frames in a second in other to create slow motion. You can also use it for your time lapse videos because it can take up to 240 frames per second

  • Photo timer

This really makes it possible for you capture and make sweet videos even when driving and no matter where you are. All you need to do is to take a small break and set the timer to when you want it to take your shot or start recording your video then you go back to what you are doing as it automatically starts it up when it gets to the set time

  • Waterproof Housing

This is a very lovely feature of this gorgeous gadget that makes it possible for it to be used underwater and to get those activities down there and store them up for you. This feature is one of the very many feature that makes it stand out when compared to the other so called top cameras out there that are really pricey



Technical specifications of Snapshot Action Camera


  • Its dimensions are 3X24.6X41.1 mm
  • It supports a micro SD card with a space of up to 32GB
  • It weighs 66g which is actually less than 1Kg which makes it very portable and easy to be moved from one place to another
  • Its Sensor is COMS sensor OV4689
  • It has a focal length of 2.9mm
  • Its WiFi enabled
  • It has built-in speaker and microphone
  • It has Micro USB port, Micro HDMI Type-D for its input and output
  • It has a charging time of three and half hour (3.5hrs)
  • It has a display of 2-inch LTPS, 320×240 pixel resolution
  • Its processor is Sunplus I-Catch SPCA6350
  • It has a battery capacity of 3.7volts and 1050mAh
  • It has a battery life of one hour
  • The battery is rechargeable
  • It has a lapse time of 2s, 5s, 10s, 20s, 30s and 60s
  • Its video is 720p up to 4K resolution




Where to use Snapshot Action Camera

This is actually one of the very few gadgets you can make use of anywhere and everywhere no matter where you are going and what you are doing, whether an indoor out outdoor activity as long as you want to save up your moments then this is truly the gadget for you

From the football field, hiking, camping, concerts, wildlife, travels or wherever and whatever. Snapshot Action Camera got you covered to give you the best of images and videos and to make your fun time worth while

Pros of Snapshot Action Camera Reviews

  • It has an in-built wifi that allows you share your pictures and videos to social media without using any other smart device
  • It is very easy to use as there are no advanced technical knowledge needed in its usage
  • It has an onboard editor
  • it is waterproof for up to a depth of 100 feet
  • it is very affordable
  • it uses USB and HDMI
  • it is very durable and affordable
  • it is compatible with most GoPro accessories
  • there is a 100% refund policy in the first 30 days of purchase
  • it captures 4K footage and 12MP photos



Cons of Snapshot Action Camera

  • It can only be gotten from the official website of the manufacturers
  • It has a very limited stock available


Price list of Snapshot Action Camera

Snapshot Action Camera comes in different packages and each of this package comes with different price though the quality remains same for all of them. The packages and the prices are:

  • One Snapshot Action Camera cost $107.62
  • Two Snapshot Action Camera costs $215.23
  • Three Snapshot Action Camera costs $322.85
  • Four Snapshot Action Camera costs $430.46


Buying directly from the official website of the manufacturers using the link on this very article gives you an automatic 50% discount of the above prices and there is a 100% refund policy within the first 30 days of getting the gadget should you not be satisfied with it or have your own personal reason for returning it



Customer reviews on Snapshot Action Camera

“I have never seen such a lovely gadget and at a very great price too, it saved me a lot of cost and still delivered on what I wanted and I will highly recommend it to anyone out there” –JENNIFER SCOTT

“got this as a birthday gift from my boyfriend and it is actually being the best gift I have ever gotten from anybody and I am so grateful and I love him so much for that” –CRYSTAL HUGHES

“the pictures and videos I made with this very camera is something I have never seen anywhere and for it to be going at the price it is currently going now then surely it is a steal” –AMELIA CARPER


Frequently asked questions on Snapshot Action Camera

Is it really waterproof?

Yes, it is really waterproof for up to a depth of 100 feet and that makes it really good for swimmers and divers who really go deep into the waters so that they can record their memorable time.

This also makes it ideal for outdoor activities as it can withstand the very harsh weather and when mistakenly submerged in water it will still be functioning properly

Is the battery rechargeable?

The battery is rechargeable and can be charged to full in little or no time and it is very long lasting so you don’t really need to be charging it every now and then

Does Snapshot Action Camera come with accessories?

Snapshot do come with a lot of accessories that makes it easy for you to flex on it while using it and they include:


  • Sports accessories
  • Sharp 4K video
  • External microphone
  • Multi-functional camera
  • Mount kit
  • Powerful and long lasting battery
  • Built in wifi
  • Waterproof shell 100+ feet



Final verdict on snapshot action camera reviews

We have reviewed Snapshot Action Camera along with everything it comes with and what it has to offer to you at the very giveaway price it is going for and having gone through the article you will believe with me that it is really the best out there for you

It is the state of art, 4K video footage, high quality still photos and mind blowing selfies. You can mount it on a helmet and go skateboarding or attach it to a drone and get an amazing aerial video, it is all yours whichever way you choose to use it

Forget the very overpriced cameras out there that just wants to steal your money without even offering half of what Snapshot Action Camera has to offer and save up some of your money while still getting the best camera out there