K2 Drops UK Reviews- Vitamin D3 K2 Fat Burner Liquid Drops Price, Diet Scam or Where to Buy in United Kingdom

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One thing is certain, the best way to lose weight does not yet exist. Researchers report that reducing carbohydrates or fats makes no difference to weight loss. In any case, a sufficient amount of protein is important. In this post, we examine whether K2 drops are a good weight loss aid.

Many want to lose weight. Because they are overweight or otherwise not comfortable in their own skin. Who does not know the great feeling of fitting back into the old pants from before. But that’s not easy. A large review study followed over 7,000 participants to lose weight and found that the type of diet had little effect on the weight lost  [1] .

So what’s the problem? Why is it so difficult to lose weight, despite modern research and new discoveries? Some experts think that we misjudge the metabolism and are far from understanding it.


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Advantages of the K2 Fat Burner Drops

Others believe that an overabundance of certain macronutrients, such as fat or carbohydrates, is to blame for the global obesity epidemic. Low carb, low fat or keto diets are among the most popular weight loss methods.

It’s not clear how good the keto diet is for long-term weight loss. Nevertheless, there are supplements like the K2 drops that block carbohydrates and are supposed to help the user get into ketosis. In this article, we assess whether the K2 drops actually help.

K2 drops

  • MCT oil accelerates ketosis
  • MCT oil suppresses appetite
  • Essential omega 3s

What are K2 drops?

K2 drops are distributed by the Dutch company Semaya, which is based in The Hague. According to the manufacturer, K2 drops are an effective way to support your plan for a slim body.

According to the online shop, K2 drops are a high-dose combination of carbohydrate blockers and fat burners. Because the manufacturer states that carbohydrates are the reason for the general increase in fat. Carbohydrates are not the ideal source of energy, which is why people gain weight more and more every year. For this reason, K2 carb blockers are said to be perfect for losing weight.

K2 Drops block carbs while supposedly helping the body get into ketosis faster. Ketosis is the natural human hunger metabolism. Ketosis is achieved when you consume less energy than you need when you are starving or fasting. Because this state is said to be particularly good at burning fat, Semaya offers the K2 drops to help.


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Who are the products suitable for?

The manufacturer offers the drops for people who want to lose weight . Since the drops are aimed at ketosis, they are particularly aimed at people who feel like they are on a low-carb and ketogenic diet. He advises pregnant and breastfeeding women against taking it, as well as minors.

Is there another effective alternative?

Keto drops also want to help you lose weight. With ingredients such as linoleic acid or vitamin E, they are said to help put the body into ketosis more quickly. In this way, consumed carbohydrates would migrate less into the fat deposits. Fat loss would be promoted.

The fat burner CB Slim 300 is also offered as a liquid and for practical use in drops. This preparation is also intended to help to achieve the metabolic state of ketosis more easily. They are said to help burn fat deposits faster, improve mood and general well-being. They contain, for example, hemp seed oil or gamma linoleic acid.

K2 drops experiences and reviews

Some websites state that they have tested various ketogenic drops, including the K2 drops, and report a positive effect. However, these sites are not independent as they offer the drops for sale. So we cannot confirm the credibility.

k2 drops reviews


The start-up show Höhle der Löwen is also often mentioned in connection with the K2 pots. The fact is, however, that the drops were neither presented at this show nor were they part of a deal with the lion’s den.


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Are there official K2 drops tests and study results?

We could not find any scientific studies and tests on the K2 drops. All information that is available online comes from personal reports or is simply marketing and is therefore attributable to the advertising of the provider.

It is almost never the case that supplements are tested in serious, scientific studies. Because the effort for a study is immense, often covering several years, not to mention the costs, which are usually at least in the six-digit euro range.

For the design of dietary supplements such as ketogenic drops, manufacturers usually use existing research on individual active ingredients. However, because of this, there is very rarely any real proof of the effectiveness of the final product.

Application – K2 drops intake and dosage

According to the manufacturer, the maximum dose of K2 drops is 10 drops a day. You can spread this over 2 or 3 intakes, i.e. take 2 x 5 drops or 3 x 3 drops. At the beginning, the manufacturer recommends a lower dosage of 2 x 3 drops.

Since the drops are intended to help suppress the feeling of hunger, the supplier recommends taking them before meals. When taking the drops should be placed under the tongue and swallowed after 30 seconds. This increases the absorption of the active ingredients through the oral mucosa.

In order to make the intake as efficient as possible, the manufacturer advises against taking the keto drops dissolved in juice or water. If a dose is missed, the normal dosing schedule should be continued.


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Effect & onset of effect

The manufacturer describes that on a keto diet, it usually takes several months to get into ketosis. With the help of the K2 drops, this time should be noticeably reduced.

In addition, the K2 drops should dampen the appetite. The manufacturer does not specify when exactly this effect occurs.

The ingredients of K2 drops

Ketogenic drops contain the following ingredients

  • hemp seed oil
  • MCT oil
  • amino acids
  • vitamin k
  • Conjugated Linoleic Acids
  • Omega-3 fatty acids

The manufacturer expressly states that the hemp seed oil contains no CBD and no THC.

Are there any known risks or side effects?

The manufacturer advises pregnant women, breastfeeding women and minors not to take it. He points out that in rare cases side effects such as tiredness, diarrhea, drowsiness or dry mouth can occur.

If you have previous illnesses, you should clarify the use of the K2 drops with your doctor beforehand.

K2 Fat Burner Drops Price in UK


k2 fat burner drops

Our reviews

Ketosis can be a way to accelerate weight loss and fat loss. However, the problem with weight gain is not the carbohydrates, as stated by the manufacturer Semaya. So far, science has not been able to identify a single cause for the increasing number of fat deposits.

We consider this information and other marketing attempts, such as the news about “Lion’s Den” spread online or reports of success when taking it, to be dubious. They do not correspond to the scientific consensus and only pursue the goal of persuading the visitor to buy.


  • MCT oil accelerates ketosis
  • MCT oil suppresses appetite
  • Omega 3 are healthy
  • Maybe dosed too low

K2 drops are dosed too low

MCT oil is the active ingredient in the K2 drops. Existing studies give it the ability to support the body in the transition to ketosis and possibly suppress appetite. However, far more MCT oil was consumed in studies for this effect than is possible with keto drops.


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K2 drops – can they work?

K2 drops are made by Semaya, a Dutch company from The Hague. They are fat burners and carbohydrate blockers at the same time and are said to achieve these effects through natural and effective active ingredients.

The manufacturer promises two modes of action: the K2 drops are intended to help put the body into ketosis. In addition, the K2 drops are said to suppress appetite.

The contained MCT oil seems to be the most effective ingredient. MCT oil is believed to help achieve ketosis. In a review study, researchers concluded that it may increase a blood marker of ketosis (beta-hydroxybutyric acid).  [2] .

Another study confirms that MCT oil has a better effect on weight loss than olive oil  [3] . MCT oil is also said to have a dampening effect on the intake of food, although these observations have only been made in animals  [4] .

MCT oil is also promising in other areas. For example, it helped Alzheimer’s patients improve their memory and other cognitive abilities after 12 weeks of use  [5] .

K2 Keto Drops – Do They Support Diets?

Semaya K2 drops contain MCT oil, which has shown promising results in some studies. It could aid in weight loss in humans and animals as well as suppress appetite. However, the dose is important for the effect.

While study participants between the ages of 20  [3] and 100g  [2] Taking MCT oil daily, to get these effects, the K2 drops contain only a fraction of that amount. As a result, it may be cheaper and more effective to rely on pure MCT oil.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can keto drops help you lose weight?

While ingredients like MCT oil can be effective, the dose in the drops is very low. There is no solid evidence of the effectiveness of the K2 drops.

Are macronutrients important in weight loss?

Yes and no. Maintaining the weight after the diet is important when losing weight  [6] . Experience has shown that this does not depend on the macronutrients, but on other factors such as stress and the ability to maintain the dietary changes  [7] .

Nevertheless, every person has different requirements, genetically and in terms of preferences. Therefore, person A feels better on low carb, while person B drives better on low fat.

Does ketosis work for weight loss?

Ketosis shows promise for weight loss. Studies show that ketosis increases the breakdown of body fat while protecting muscle mass  [8] . It is still too early for official recommendations, as the health consequences cannot yet be fully assessed.