Fat Shrinking Signal Reviews: How Does It Help To Reduce Weight?

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Fat Shrinking Signal (aka Flat Belly Flush) is an eBook created by Derek whaler that guides you on reducing a significant amount of weight in 10 days. With the help of Flat Belly Flush, you can lose around 32 pounds in only 3 weeks by treating hormonal disorders. It is an excellent program for losing weight one should try in life.

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Do you want to lose weight? 

Are you tired of your fatty body? 

Would you like to look slim and smart? 

If yes, here is a program that can help you and guide you about foods you should and should not eat? How you can reduce 30 pounds in one month? Is it worth buying or not? So, to know more about the program, read the Fat Shrinking Signal review till the end.

What Is Fat Shrinking Signal All About?    

It is a weight loss program that teaches you what foods you should eat to reduce weight by making fewer efforts like exercise. For weight loss, it is necessary to follow a proper diet. If you eat unhealthy foods, you will gain weight.

You must know at what time you should eat and at what time you should fast to remove toxins from the body and reduce tons of weight. It is 29 days fat flush formula, but some people follow it for 10 days for intermittently fasting, eating once or twice a day. Some people take low-calorie liquids such as tea, coffee, or other diet drinks to avoid solid food.

The creator claims that the Fat Shrinking Signal reduces your waistline in just 72 hours. The official website also claims that it helps to reduce weight even if you are sleeping. All you have to do is to eat tasty foods and follow the instructions. It is a helpful program for women in their 50s, 60s, and 70s who want to reduce weight.

There are tons of weight loss programs that focus on weight loss but need effort. Fat Shrinking Signal is available at a reasonable price and includes 26 pages focused on weight loss.

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Exactly How Does Fat Shrinking Signal Work?  

Flat Belly Flush mainly focuses on weight loss and guides you on how to do intermittent fasting safely. More fasting can lead to various health issues like damage to muscles, lessening the function of organs, lessening the number of nutrients in the body, decreased energy, and other issues.

It is crucial to fast correctly without compromising your health, and it is an easy way to reduce weight, but if you don’t take the required amount of calories, it may cause various health issues.

According to studies, fasting doesn’t give long-lasting results and regain weight faster after leaving the fasting routine. For example, a person who loses 10 pounds during a fasting journey regains 12 pounds after returning to a regular routine. However, it is true that this program focuses on fasting and includes various other ways to reduce weight.

To maintain weight loss after the fasting, Fat Shrinking Signal focused on boosting 3 hormones that play an important role in weight loss. These 3 hormones are as follows:

  • Cortisol 

The stress hormones in the body lead to the production of belly fat. The symptoms of high cortisol levels are inflammation, fatigue, belly fat, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, etc.

  • Insulin 

It is another important hormone that leads to weight gain. This insulin hormones can cause weight gain instantly.

When a person eats a high amount of carbs, the body releases a higher amount of insulin, leading to insulin resistance. Some symptoms of insulin resistance are excess fat in the belly, an increase in craving, and high blood pressure.

  • Estrogen 

The author also explains that estrogen increases belly fat because it motivates women’s bodies to store fat in the lower body like thighs, legs, and hips, but in men, the estrogen is stored in the belly and love handles.

Fat Shrinking Signal is a guide that will teach you foods you should eat to keep the hormones balanced. According to the author, eating specific foods at night will burn fat in the stomach.

If you are one of the people who hate exercise, it is the best program for you. This program claims that exercise is not a good way to reduce weight, and you can lose weight without exercise.

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Foods List

Fat Shrinking Signal focused on eating natural foods. These foods are as follows:

  • Eggs  

Eggs include a high amount of nutrients that many people lack. It is helpful to reduce inflammation and boost brain functions.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a well-known ingredient in various weight loss products and includes tons of scientific evidence.

  • Heavy Whipping Cream

Fat Shrinking Signal advises users to add heavy whipping cream to the coffee or tea in the morning. It includes healthy fats that keep you full for the whole day.

  • Cocoa Powder

The author also claims that intake of cocoa powder can helps to reduce weight, block fat storage and give various other benefits.

What You Will Get In Fat Shrinking Signal?

When you buy the program, you will get things which are as follow:

10-Day Fat Flush Ebook

The guide includes 26 pages that focus on what should you drink and eat during the 10 days detox time. After the 10 days, you will feel light and get slim without doing any exercise.

10 Days Fat Flush Quick Start Guide

This guide includes a 7-minute video program that explains how to begin the program by following step-by-step instructions to start your weight loss journey.

Intermittent Fasting Blueprint Ebook

This guide teaches you how to reduce weight without finishing the whole manual. Intermittent fasting is a process in which you have to eat one or two times per day. You eat your meal within hours and fast the rest of the time, like for 18 hours.

 Secrets To A Flatty Belly In Just 7 Days Ebook

The guide teaches you how to reduce weight from your belly in just 7 days. After 7 days, you get a flat and fat-free belly.

The program also consists of 2 bonuses which are as follows:

1st Bonus: 10-Days Greem Smoothie Detox

In this bonus, you will learn about green smoothies for weight loss and other smoothies that includes tons of nutrients and vitamins to keep the body healthy. It is the best guide for those looking for tasty weight loss drinks that prepare in no time.

2nd Bonus: 1000 Step Home Walking Workouts

This bonus includes 6 minutes workout video that you can easily do at home. This 100-step home workout needs no equipment and takes a few minutes of your day.

So, you can burn fat with the help of some exercise at home without going to the gym.

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What Are The Pros And Cons?


  • The program is user-friendly and guides the user about weight loss.
  • The program is effective, reasonable, and easy to understand for anyone.
  • The program includes no such expensive diet foods you need to buy or not includes any supplement that includes side effects.
  • The program gives you methods, tips, instructions, and foods that you can follow easily.
  • The program includes information by which you can reduce weight instantly.
  • This program recommends some foods that are common in blood sugar supplements like Altai Balance.
  • The program will teach you how to start the program to gain a slim and attractive body without making any mistakes.
  • The program includes bonuses plus a 60-day money-back guarantee.


  • The program needs a proper internet connection.
  • The program is available in digital format; no physical copy is available.
  • The program surely shows results, but it differs from person to person.

Who Is The Author?

Fat Shrinking Signal is published by Derek whaler. He claims that people can lose weight by eating healthy and exercising. Diet and exercise are both important things for weight loss.

For Fat Shrinking Signal, Derek and Keri work together; they are slim and smart. They are qualified to give people health guides, weight loss tips, and diet guidelines.

Review And Complains

Fat Shrinking Signal has tons of positive reviews, and people are happy with the guide. The official page includes many customer reviews who have lost around 20 pounds in a month with the help of this guide.

A woman named Betty claims she lost 20 pounds in 3 weeks after using this program, reducing her weight from 190 pounds to 170 pounds. Another woman states that she lost 20 pounds in just 90 days.

According to consumers’ reviews, it is an effective program that is easy and user-friendly and needs no such efforts. It is the best guide to reducing weight; if you follow instructions correctly, you will reduce weight.

About Pricing And Buying

Fat Shrinking Signal is available for just $15. You can order from ClickBank and pay online using PayPal or a credit card.

The official website also includes upsell 7 days diet challenge to drop up to 10 lbs. which is an eBook that helps you reduce weight.

Fat Shrinking Signal includes a refund policy like other products of ClickBank. You can claim a refund within 60 days if you are unsatisfied with the product without asking any questions.

Fat Shrinking Signal Review: Conclusion 

Fat Shrinking Signal  also called Flat Belly Flush, is a dietary program focused on eating healthy and exercising regularly by the expert fitness trainer Derek Wahler.

It is available for $15 and consists of an eBook, videos, a bonus, and other informative guides.

Last but not least, it includes a 60-day money-back guarantee. I recommend it to those who want to reduce weight with the help of exercise and diet. The program includes no supplement, so it is safe, natural, and effective.


Who Should Use It?

It works best for women above 30s and anyone who is above 18.

Can I Use It With Other Weight Loss Supplements?

We don’t recommend you to use this program with any other weight loss supplement. However, one product we defnately recommend to our readers is All-Day Slimming Tea for fast and safe weight loss.

Does The Program Include Any Supplement? 

No, it just includes information about how to reduce weight by diet and some exercise.

How Much Weight I Can Reduce With This Program?

You can reduce 50lbs by using this program, but it depends on various factors like health, body conditions, age, weight, diet, and much more.

Do I Need Any Equipment For Exercise?

No, the program includes easy exercises and no special equipment you need to buy.

Is It Scam Or Legit? 

It is a 100% legit program as it includes tons of positive reviews and helps to reduce weight. The information included in the eBook is approved by experts.

Can I Claim a Refund? 

Yes, the program offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. In case of any issue or no result, you can claim a refund and have your money back.