Study at UBC With Renowned Intensive Research Facilities – Here’s How

The University of British Columbia is a public research university founded in 1908. Named North America’s most international university, its slogan is “It is Yours”. This slogan, coined in 1915, pledges to foster idea creativity, discovery, and learning. The goal is to inspire students and develop fresh ideas that make a significant difference. The university had expanded its portfolio by the end of the century and started to offer degrees in nursing, agriculture, and engineering. It also introduced the American specialization model as well as a research thesis.

The University of British Columbia has cutting-edge research facilities and technology. The Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) supports research infrastructure in a big way. The CFI Research Facilities Navigator is a searchable online list of funded research laboratories and facilities willing to collaborate with businesses on research and innovation projects. UBC’s shared research infrastructure provides access to many essential facilities and resources, such as cutting-edge instrumentation, innovative technologies, and data processing and analysis.

Companies and research organizations can frequently access these. The Infrastructure Database, maintained by the Institutional Program Office, acts as an inventory of CFI-funded infrastructure, allowing researchers from UBC locations, other universities, non-profit organizations, and industries to look for particular equipment currently in use at UBC. The database will be used to maximize the utilization of CFI-funded infrastructure, encourage academics to share their research infrastructure, and foster partnerships.

The Biological Services Laboratory, for example, is a well-known intensive-research facility at UBC. Students and researchers can use this adaptable facility, which can work in several sectors of current biology at the same time. The departmental NMR facility consists of seven instruments used for a variety of teaching and research purposes. They provide comprehensive 1D/2D NMR data collecting, processing, and structural characterization services. Instrument Facility for Shared Use (SIF) is a brand new multidisciplinary laboratory area that has a variety of cutting-edge scientific tools that may be used for both teaching and research.

Engineering Services for Electronics In support of teaching and research, the Electronic Engineering Services team produces and maintains a variety of commercial and bespoke instruments across the department. A full-service glassblower supports research and teaching facilities with the production and repair of conventional laboratory glassware as well as bespoke cells and assemblies.

Access to modern infrastructure is often required for doing research and gaining external financing. Researchers at UBC can use shared research platforms provided by the (Office of the Vice-President, Research and Innovation) VPRI in collaboration with other departments, as well as other shared research facilities. At UBC, shared research platforms and facilities provide access to a wide range of core facilities and tools, such as cutting-edge equipment, innovative technologies, and data processing and analysis.

Platforms are defined by a shared funding model that includes various entities at UBC, such as VPRI, grants, and user fees, as well as a shared governance model that includes a Steering Committee made up of researchers who are active users and administrators who are concerned about the facility’s long-term viability and work by consensus. A team of highly trained professionals is in charge of shared platforms, which is overseen by an operations manager who collaborates with a Scientific Advisor.

While studying at UBC, which is considered among the top 40 institutions in the world and is North America’s most international university, you will be able to learn, network, research, and create. It provides a diverse range of options both inside and outside the classroom, ranging from co-ops and undergraduate research to clubs and study abroad, to help you fill out your education and contribute to the vibrant community at the institution.

A university is a place where you may broaden your experiences, make lifelong friends, mold your personality, and move along your chosen professional path! With such amazing world-class Renowned Intensive-Research Facilities, what’s keeping you from studying at UBC enroll right now?