How to remove excess hair from legs, face or body

We all have hair on our bodies, but depending on personal preference, you may want to remove some of it. There are various ways you can get rid of this hair permanently. Certain factors can affect your hair growth rate, including medical, genetic or nutritional. Also, the rate of hair growth may slow down as you age. There are many ways to remove your hair, from shaving to tweezing. But this process only removes it for a short while and then grows again. If you are looking for permanent hair removal solutions, you may need to consider other hair removal techniques. The following methods can come in handy for long-term hair removal.




  • Electrolysis

Electrolysis involves using shortwave radio frequencies distributed through fine needles placed directly into your hair follicles. The intention is to destroy the hair follicle, so it doesn’t stimulate new hair growth. This procedure needs to be done by a dermatologist or a certified electrologist. Unlike other hair removal options, electrolysis is considered a permanent solution by the Food and Drug Administration. However, for best results, you will need multiple follow-up appointments.

  • Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is another longer-term hair removal option. Like electrolysis, this treatment targets the hair follicle. It works by damaging the follicle with high-heat lasers to stop new hair from growing. According to the laser hair removal, these procedures can be done anywhere on the body except the eye area. These treatments are best for light-skinned people who mostly have dark hair.

  • Prescription creams

If you don’t like the idea or the cost of electrolysis or laser hair removal, you may want to talk to your dermatologist about prescription creams. These creams mainly are applied twice a day for maybe one month. It works by inhibiting the production of enzymes that stimulate hair growth.

  • Professional tweezing and waxing

An option for smaller areas of your body is professional tweezing and waxing done by a certified aesthetician. When hair is removed, it’s pulled directly out of the root. Depending on how fast your hair grows, results may last from two to eight weeks.

This is less expensive than laser hair removal or electrolysis, but you may need to repeat the treatment more often.

  • Chemical depilation

This treatment consists of an over-the-counter gel or cream that you put on your skin. It works by weakening a protein in your hair.This causes the hair to fall out and be easily wiped away. Depilation doesn’t target the hair follicle, so the results may only last about two weeks. However, it’s an inexpensive option that you can do at home.

  • The bottom line

It’s completely normal to have body hair, and removing it is optional. Take your time to think about whether you want to remove your body hair and for how long. If you remove the hair and, in the long run, you feel like you want to have the hair back, then you can consider Hair Transplant Turkey. Despite the many claims, there are no 100 percent permanent hair removal solutions. Still, there are long-term hair removal solutions and ways to limit hair regrowth.

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