Green Energy Global’s Steven Thomas Brewer and M. Khan announced plans to rapidly expand the company’s presence in underserved markets


Green Energy Global Inc. is launching many eco-friendly energy solutions in Arizona. Steven Brewer says it will target Dallas,Texas’s industrial sector. It is gearing up to launch a suite of eco-friendly energy solutions targeting the industrial sector. These energy-efficient innovations will be marketed in various parts of the country. These solutions will revolutionize and improve the lives of millions of people. Green energy is the future of energy, and Green Energy Global Inc. is leading the way.

Steven Thomas Brewer, Director of Business development stated earlier this week that he and Executive M. Khan are currently conducting feasibility studies in several potential markets to expand the presence of the high demand green energy solutions services their company provides. “The ultimate goal is to make available to everyone  reduced energy costs, boost power resiliency, and to reduce carbon footprint”, Steven Brewer said. The company is in the process of raising funds to expand its reach and reach more people.

The company’s move into Texas and Arizona was strategically planned and executed by the teams of Mr. Brewer and M. Khan. An increasing number of companies are rapidly moving towards independence from the power grid. Traditionally, solar panels and wind turbines have been the most popular ways to reduce emissions and energy costs.  Sadly, these power sources have limitations, including killing birds, and unintended, end of life, disposal issues.  And, there’s another concern relating to the reduction of carbon emission.

According to Steven Brewer, Green Energy Global provides high quality green energy solutions for industrial facilities across the globe. The company has developed renewable Graphene Super Capacitor Batteries that delivers high output charge and contains low lithium dependency. Far from the average Super Capacitor batteries, Green Energy Global Inc.’s Graphene Super Capacitor Batteries do not overheat. In fact, the batteries are certified to mitigate against high temperature levels and overheating concerns typically associated with other brands of products.

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That is, the growing popularity of electric vehicles, creating a demand for sustainable EV charging facilities.  To support the electric vehicle revolution, Green Energy Global Inc., has developed the “GEGI EV-Charging Technology” stations. These stations provide unmatched, industry leading RapidCharge™ systems.  These stations provide unparalleled speed charging capabilities, with the highest speed-to-kw output, available anywhere.  Green Energy Global Inc.’s GEGI EV-Charging Technology stations will deliver a full charge in approximately 11 minutes. What’s more, the product is backed by a manufacturer’s warranty with options to extend from the standard 10-year warranty to 30 years. Green Energy Global Inc. is looking to become a global leader in the development of renewable energy solutions.

Although these types of technologies are not new, Green Energy Global Inc. has proprietary technologies, taking these products to the next level.  And, they are eco-friendly.  Moreover, all the company’s products and parts are manufactured in the United States – a strategic move designed to create jobs and improve overall socio economic welfare. This is a win-win situation for the company and the environment. Green Energy Global Inc. is off to a great start.

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