5 Ways to Reduce Your Cancer Risks

Did you know that the number of new cancer cases and deaths this year is projected to be 1.9 million and 609,360, respectively?

A cancer diagnosis is nothing anyone wants to face. But it’s something that many families face every day in America. It’s not all doom and gloom since there are ways you can reduce your risk of getting cancer. And lowering your risk of getting a disease is a step in the right direction.

Keep reading to learn about five things you can do to lower, if not eliminate, your cancer risks.

 1. Don’t Smoke

In 2020, close to 13 out of every 100 U.S. adults smoked cigarettes. Unfortunately, cigarette smoking is the leading cause of avoidable disability, disease, and death in the country. It accounts for almost 500,000 deaths annually, or around one out of five deaths. Smoking will increase your odds of getting cancer. And even living with a smoker will boost your odds of heart disease or lung cancer by up to 30%. If you smoke, stop. If you don’t, don’t start.

 2. Exercise Regularly

Incorporating moderate to vigorous exercise or physical activity into your regular program can reduce your chances of getting cancer. Whether you like to run, walk, bike, swim, or do something else that gets your heart pumping and your sweat flowing, you can get a workout that helps lower your cancer risks. Another study shows that exercise can reduce the chances of getting 13 kinds of cancer. They include, but are not limited to, stomach cancer, kidney cancer, liver cancer, and esophageal cancer. It makes sense to stay active and fit.

 3. Eat Right

If you want to lower your risks of getting cancer, you’ll also want to watch what you eat. A diet high in refined carbs, processed meats, and alcohol will increase your risk of cancer and other ailments. But a diet high in vegetables, fruits, and whole grains can lower your cancer risks. You might even consider the health benefits of going vegetarian or vegan.

 4. Protect Skin

Skin cancer is the most common kind of cancer in the U.S. In fact, 20%, or one in five, of Americans will get skin cancer at some point in their lifetime. Considering that skin cancer is the most common type of cancer, you’ll want to take appropriate measures to protect yourself. You can do this by wearing sunscreen, covering up appropriately, remaining in the shade outdoors, and avoiding the midday sun when the sun’s rays are at peak level.

 5. Regular Medical Care

It’s also essential that you seek medical care regularly. This means going in for annual physicals and making appointments to see your doctor as needed. If you get health screenings from your medical care provider, you can determine if you’re at risk of coming down with any health problems.

The earlier you know, the sooner your doctor can prescribe treatment. When it comes to diseases, early detection can make a big difference. Don’t be like the four in 10 Americans who skip recommended medical treatments or tests. Doing so could wind up costing you big time. You don’t want to roll the dice when it comes to your health.

Keep in mind the recommendations above if you’d like to reduce your cancer risks. You can’t eliminate risks. But you can lower your odds, which is worth the effort. If you have any more questions about things you can do to live a long, happy, and healthy life, make an appointment to see your medical care provider.

You can get the health tests and screenings recommended to find out if you’re at risk of any diseases.

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