Bakar Al-hasehmi; the new face of iraqi music industry


Iraqi music is not a simple or new thing for Iraqi culture. People there are always curious about the new traditional music. If you don’t know, then let us tell you that Iraqi culture was here for the last 4000 years. Even though this country has faced a lot of troubles in the last few decades, now the culture is reviving, and many new gems are in the making.

One such person is Bakar Al-hashemi; he is a multi-talented human. You cannot call him a simple musician, as he has been managing several different tasks while singing, and making music.

In this article, we intend to share with you the struggle story of Bakar Al-Hashemi. There are several reasons why one might think of him as the future of the Iraqi music industry. He is a blend of experience, talent, and above all passion for music.

Got a degree in sound engineering

Believe it or not, but still there are people,and families who can go beyond their means to let their kids do whatever they feel passionate about. Bakar Al-Hashemi did his bachelors with sound engineering. You can imagine Iraq’s political, and state condition during the last decade. It was an absolute turmoil, and Iraqi people were planning to either flee or build a fortune by earning some popular degrees like engineering and doctorate.

Then there was Bakar Al-hashemi; who was daring enough to choose the degree of his passion, even at that time. It clearly shows how dedicated this man would have been for sound and music.

Secondly, this degree makes him a professional who can understand the technical details in producing sound and alter them with machines. It is something really important for the upcoming age and professionalism in music.

Worked in Arab Idol

If you remember the Arab Idol singer’ Youssaf Arafat, then you should also learn about his team members. Yes, the under discussion musician is a crew member of that famous singer. So now you can understand who well he would have understood music while his work experience with the famous singer.

Work with Roger Khoury

He has been working with one of the renowned Arabic singers Roger Khoury who is famous of seerla popular songs. Together with Khouray he created the song “you must make your decision”. It seems that currently he is more into passionate and motivational songs, but the song quality is exceptional.

He knows marketing

Currently, nothing is possible without proper marketing campaigns. Ecah artist requires a lot of effort to make his work popular through various media outlets. In this case, the Bakar Al-Hashemi knows each and every tactic to promote his work. The reason for this is his experience of working with a renowned advertising agency, Q-media in Baghdad.

Worked with several other singers

So far, he was working with several other singers backstage in composing songs. It is also a great point in claiming him as one of the best possible musicians. His colleagues include Shahd al-amiri, Essam Sarhan, and Hamdan Al-Balushi.

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