Airflops Reviews 2022: Shocking facts about these flip flops

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When the weather starts to turn warmer in mid-March, fashion items we’ve all had stored away for months—light jackets, short skirts, maxi dresses—get to come out and play. But, for many of us, getting to break out out our sandal collection is the real thrill when temperatures starts to rise.

Summertime indeed could mean only one thing –  the flip-flop season. When the sun is shining, no footwear can compare to the freedom of a pair of loose flip-flops, especially when you can feel the sand and sea between your toes.

Although it is easy to think that flip-flops are a recent trend, but you couldn’t be more wrong. What we now consider to be comfortable summer shoes have been en vogue since 4,000 BC. They’ve been popular all over the world since then. For example, the ancient Egyptians creating them from papyrus and leaves and the Japanese would wear flip flops from rice straw.

But why are we talking of flip-flops today? A team of Isreali designers and engineers have dropped into the footwear market a revolutional flip-flop product they call the Airflops. This is to say you have to get ready to rock these bright slippers on the beach, in the pool, in the street and at home this summer. Interesting to say the least. In this review, we’ll take a detailed look at the Airflops slippers including all their interesting features and product details. Sit tight!

What are the Airflops? – Airflops Slippers review

The Airflops are a brand new slippers designed by a team of Isreali designers and engineers to solve the problems slippers usually have in one simple and affordable design. These slippers are unlike what you’ve ever seen. They’re made from high-quality materials that not only support durability but also have an ergonomic design. Summer is by the corner and you’re probably thinking of the beach already. You want to have an unbeatable beach experience but you sure know the same old flip flops await you in your cabinet. Now you can have something nicer that you’ll love to rock this summer. The Airflops slippers are what we’re talking about.

Flip flops are no footwears for outings and outdoor activities only. People wear them at home too and rather frequently than rarely. As a result, the soles wear off from friction – just like any piece of footwear. If your flip flops have progressed to this stage, it’s about time you thought of a replacement. You should think in the path of the Airflops slippers because these slippers have slip-resistant safety features that’ll safeguard you from slipping and falling. Don’t predispose yourself to risk of home accidents because you fail to replace your worn-out flip flops.

The Airflops slippers are made from Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) material that supports your feet. Due to its built-in arch support, it is comfortable to the feet and toes. Say goodbye to sore feet and toes from poorly constructed flip-flops because Airflops flip-flops provide enough cushion and comfort. Thanks to Airflops, you can now keep your feet comfortable when you walk on the beach and in the pool.

Another fascinating discovery about the Airflops slippers is the foam sole. This provides viscoelastic properties which adapt to the footprint to prevent fatigue. The slippers can also bend many times without tearing meaning you can have the Airflops for use for many years without having to change your footwear every summer season.

Do the Airflops come in just one color? You must probably be wondering. The manufacturers know we all have colour preferences which are necessarily different. The Airflops therefore come in a variety of colours. You could go for black if you’re a fan or for Blue, orange, red, or yellow if you like something more colourful. The choice of colors makes it possible to have a matching outfit with your Airflops and any clothing whether a casual wear or your swimwear.

Airflops company offers a 30-day period for return of the product if you don’t like it. Depending on the terms and conditions of return you could have a replacement or a full refund. The company offers a hassle-free money-back guarantee.

Place an order for Airflops slippers through the official site here

Product details of Airflops slippers – Airflops slippers review

The Specifications of Airflops slippers are as follows:

  • Brand: AirFlops
  • Product Name: AirFlops
  • Shoes Type : Basic
  • Upper Material: Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA)
  • Outsole Material: Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA)
  • Item Type : Slippers
  • Heel Height: Low (1cm-3cm)
  • Platform Height: 3-5cm
  • Pattern Type : Solid
  • Season: Summer
  • Applicable Place : Indoor
  • Available Sizes from 36 to 45.
  • Available colors: 5 (Blue, orange, red, yellow and black.)

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What makes the Airflops slippers stand out? – Airflops slippers review

The Airflops slippers are out in the market and is vehemently pulling customers. It is only natural to ask what makes the Airflops so special.  The answer lies in  the features of the product which have not as a whole been seen in other flip flops.

  • Durable footwear

The Airflops slippers are made of long-lasting materials that offer resistance to wearing and tearing. Because of the special properties of Airflops, you can bend the product many times without tears.

  • Comfortable to wear

Airflops’ EVA material makes light and supports your foot. The product has a great ergonomic support. Due to its built-in arch support, you can wear Airflops slippers without experiencing sore feet or toes. Additionally, the AirFlops feature fastening to the foot with a single strap, and with a toecap designed so that the foot does not protrude.

  • Slip-resistant design

The Airflops slippers are specifically designed to prevent slipping and falling. The sole offers it a great anti-slip safety feature. The Airflops provide sufficient grip on the floor and at the same time allows easy, graceful motion.

  • Water-resistant property

If you want to keep your feet dry and comfortable when you walk on the beach or in the pool, you shouldn’t look elsewhere in search of a footwear because the Airflops are all you need. These slippers are resistant to water. Even when they do come in contact with water, they quickly dry up due to the material design. Therefore, fungus and water-borne pathogens can’t grow or spread through these slippers. No more water between cracks (because there are actually none).

  • Sleek design

The Airflop have a stylish unisex design that makes the product sleep and appealing to the eyes. They comes in five different colours (blue, orange, red, yellow and black). Whether you’ve got a casual wear or swimwear and whatever be the color, there are just enough matching color choices for Airflops slippers.

  • Specially-designed sole

Airflops slippers have a foam sole with viscoelastic properties which adapt to the footprint to prevent fatigue

  • Special high-quality material

The Airflops are made of 4-cm-thick, anti-chafe, anti-slip EVA compression material to support and relieve your feet at all times. The softness reduces the pressure of walking.

The pillow sides and bottom are designed with anti-slip textures. They provide a great drip to prevent you from slipping and falling as well as keeping your foot coming out.

Place an order for Airflops slippers through the official site here

What are the Places You Can Wear Flip-Flops – Airflops slipper review

With the right type of flip flops, you can get away with wearing them to even the most unimaginable places!

You can rock your Airflops slippers in any of the places.

  • Every-Day Casual Wear

Here’s where your location comes into play. Flip flops are great for every-day casual wear, as long as you don’t live in an environment that’s cold more so than not. Otherwise, when heading out to the grocery store, shopping mall or plaza, or doing other daily errands, slide into your favorite pair of flip flops!

Flip flops are a necessity for an easy out-the-door option. They’re also great for those heading to a yoga lesson or even the gym! Pack your gym shoes in your bag and make exiting your house a breeze.

  • The Beach

If you live near or on a beach, or if you’re simply visiting, you need a good pair of flip flops to join you. Why are flip flops so important for wearing to the beach? There are a few reasons.

For starters, wearing anything but flip flops will result in the sand getting inside your shoes, which can be difficult to remove. It’s also no fun to not feel the soft sand as you walk on it. The first thing you’ll want to do when reaching the beach is to remove your shoes and dig your feet into the white sand. Flip flops make this a sinch!

  • The Pool

The last thing you want to worry about when arriving at a pool is ruining your shoes. With the right pair of flip flops, you won’t have to worry about them being damaged. You can slide out of your flip flops with ease and sink your feet into the relaxing pool.

When you’re ready to leave, grab your stuff, slide your flip flops on and head out.

  • The Shower

The shower is another important place ideal for flip flop use. This could be when showering at a water park, in a hotel, at the campgrounds, or even in the hospital. Public showers of any kind can be a bit daunting.

Wearing flip flops will protect your feet from the dirty shower ground without ruining your shoes.

  • Water Parks and Theme Parks

Water parks and theme parks are essential places for flip flop use. Water parks speak for themselves as you won’t want to worry about water damage or trying to get socks and shoes onto your damp feet.

You may be thinking that theme parks are a stretch, but this, again, depends on where you live. Living in a place like Florida, Hawaii, California, or another typically hot location will send your feet sweating while in sneakers.

You can find comfortable and supportive flip flops to keep your feet in good shape and cooled down while walking through the theme park.

Place an order for Airflops slippers through the official site here

What are the benefits of having Airflops slippers? – Airflops slippers review

Instant comfort compared to ordinary shoes

Airflops are more comfortable than other slippers than any other shoes you can get in the market. By going for Airflops, you will understand that they are more comfortable than any other shoes you can think of going for.

Sole with memory foam

The built-in foam is to make it perfect for your foot and for it not to cause any pain to your foot while wearing your own.

Special anti-slip and water-resistant design

Airflops come with the anti-slip design which means that you can wear your Ariflips to even the slipperiest place you can think of.

Highly durable materials

Airflops Slippers are made of high-quality durable materials so you can wear them for a very long time.

Lightweight and easy to carry

Airflops are very lightweight and easy to carry to any place you like.

Very affordable

Airflops are very affordable and you do not have to break the bank before you can buy your Airflops.

Why should you have Airflops Slippers? – Airflops Slippers review

The Airflops are especially useful to people who spend a lot of time on your feet. Whether you‘re standing all day at work or running around after your kids, your feet take a beating. And when your feet are tired and sore, it can make your whole body feel that way too. That‘s why it‘s important to give your feet the care and attention they deserve.

One of the best ways to do that is with a good pair of slippers. The AirFlops Slippers are unlike any other slipper on the market. They‘re made with a special air–cushioned sole that provides incredible comfort and support for your feet. And because they‘re so light and comfortable, you can wear them all day long without your feet getting tired. But the AirFlops Slippers aren‘t just great for your feet, they‘re also great for your health. Studies have shown that wearing shoes that provide good support and cushioning can help reduce the risk of injuries like shin splints and Achilles tendonitis. And because the AirFlops Slippers are so comfortable, you‘re less likely to experience pain in your feet, legs, and back. So if you‘re looking for a way to improve your foot health and reduce your risk of injuries, the AirFlops Slippers are a perfect choice. Airflops are your best bet for comfortable slippers that’ll save you from sores and foot injuries.


Why we like Airflops Slippers – Airflops slippers review

  • Easy to wear
  • Comfortable, light and Ergonomic
  • Incredibly durable and long lasting
  • Special Anti-slip soles
  • They can be used by both men and women.
  • Fastening to the foot with a single strap, and with a toecap designed so that the foot does not protrude
  • Non-slip soles to prevent slipping.
  • Combine with any casual wear as well as swimwear.
  • They do not have seams, so they do not come undone anywhere.
  • Foam sole with viscoelastic properties, which adapt to the footprint to prevent fatigue.
  • Quick drying that prevents the formation of fungus and other foot infections.
  • In addition, you will reduce the hardness of the feet and calluses, especially on the heels.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee, you have 14 days to return without commitment
  • Free delivery worldwide.
  • The seller has a legal tax ID and sells directly from the brand’s factory, without the intermediation of third parties. It is NOT sale by dropshipping and your data and consumer rights are kept 100%
  • Stylish unisex design and available in multiple colors

What we wished was different – Airflops slippers review

  • Supplies are very limited, may be running out of stock soon
  • Product can only be purchased online and is not available in retail shops

Where do I buy my Airflops slippers?

The Airflops Slippers are only available on the official website. All you have to do is to follow the link on this article and make your orders.

Please make sure you buy directly from the official website to avoid going for fake products. There are some scammers out there that will convince you to buy their products but get this very clear now, this product is only available on the official website.

Remember that when you buy directly from the official website, you will enjoy a 50 percent discount. The more orders you make, the more you will enjoy discounts on prices.

How Much do the AirFlops Cost? – Airflops slippers review

  • Buy 3 AirFlops, GET 2 FREE –$ 135 ($27/each)
  • Buy 2 AirFlops, GET 1 FREE  –$98 ($32.67/each)
  • 1 AirFlops  – $49 ($49/each)
  • 2 AirFlops –$69 ($34.50/each)
  • 4 AirFlops – $123 ($30.75/each)

Place an order for Airflops slippers through the official site here

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Refund policy — Airflops slippers review

The company offers a 30-day return policy. Subseqently, you can guarantee for a full discount if there should be an occurrence of the accompanying circumstances:

  • Gotten a harmed item.
  • Not content with the exhibition of this warming gadget.
  • Not happy with the nature of the form of this gadget.
  • Some other reasons.

Contact AirFlops

Contact our Customer service team Call

International: +44 20 3808 9234, available 24h

Brazil: +552135003992, available between 9:00am to 14:00pm, Monday to Friday (Brazil Time, GMT-5)

Send an email to:

Hyper Sls Ltd

1506 Loon Kee Bldg No. 267-275 Des Voeux Road, Central, Hong Kong


Frequently Asked Questions – Airflops slippers review

Can I wear my  Airflops indoors?

Yes, you can wear your  Airflops Slippers both indoors and outdoors. The choice is yours.

Are AirFlops waterproof?

Yes, they are absolutely waterproof so you do not have to be afraid of water while wearing your AirFlops Slippers.

Are They Durable?

The flip flops are made of 100% tough wearing foam rubber. They can easily last more than one season, but hey who needs an excuse to buy new shoes!

Are They Comfortable?

Airflops Flip flops are essentially casual footwear, however, because of the foam rubber, it’s like wearing sponges on your feet – i.e. quite comfortable.

Where Do People Wear Them (Other Than the Beach)?

While they are amazing for the beach, flip flops are versatile. With the right designs, flip flops can become a part of your customers summer collection – Accessorising with summer dresses, shorts and bathing suits.

How Limited Am I With Design Options?

Many people think that because feet hide the design, you are limited to what you can do. This isn’t true, a colorful sole with clever, fun custom designs will catch the eye of any buyer. It’s summer after all.

Are They Damaging to the Environment?

The foam rubber that the flip flops are made from is not great for the environment, however, if people recycle their flip flops the impact on the environment can be greatly reduced – It’s not so much the product, but the way the product is discarded that is a problem. You can build this into your marketing, encourage your customers to recycle their used flip flops, and any other clothing while they are at it.


Final Verdict and Recommendation


Summer is a great time to rock our flip flops on the beach, in the streets and even at homes. To make such experience a memorable one, our footwear has to be of top-notch construction. Flip flops are not actually a new invention. They’ve been around decades ago. What is hitting the footwear market however are the revolutionary Airflops slippers. The Airflops slippers are special in many respects. They are durable, stylishly made and water-resistant slippers with a great ergonomic support. They come in a variety of colours and therefore, if you’re selective with colours, you’re certainly going to find your match. The anti-slip property of the Airflops also means that you can rock them without any fear of slipping and falling, therefore it is safe to wear.

The Airflops slippers have been reviewed since its production and many  reviewers end up recommending the product. This product has been rated between 3.5 and 4.9 on a 5.0 scale.

Place an order for Airflops slippers through the official site here