Hale Breathing Aid Reviews – Breathe better through your nose

What is Hale Breathing Support?

The Hale breathing aid aims to widen the airways in the nose in order to improve inhalation and exhalation. For this purpose, the breathing aid is anatomically shaped and is offered in three sizes: S, M and L. The kits contain all three sizes, so you don’t have to know in advance. All three sizes are available in the kits, so you don’t have to know in advance which size might be suitable for you. The manufacturer, Hale Inc., claims to have developed this product together with the physician Patrick J. Byrne in cooperation with the Johns Hopkins Medical Center in the USA. This product is said to be helpful for, among other things:


  1. deformed nasal septums
  2. breathing problems during sleep
  3. improvement of breathing in the case of colds, and
  4. allergies


When worn, the product itself should not be visible. The breathing aid is mainly located in the two wings of your nose. A band of transparent plastic serves as the connection. This should allow the colour of the nose to shine through and therefore be as good as invisible. The Hale breathing aid is designed to improve breathing not only during sleep, but can be worn throughout the day. (Because of the extensive research, the author has allowed himself to use affiliate links. This means that the author receives a small commission when the product is sold without the price changing for you).



Hale Breathing Aid Seal of Approval and Quality

Compared to other products that aim to improve breathing and correctly shape the airways in the nose, the manufacturer of the Hale breathing aid is more transparent. You will therefore learn, among other things, who was involved in the development of the product. The featured doctor, Patrick J. Byrne, as a brief research reveals, is indeed a renowned medical doctor from the USA and not a paid actor who acts as the advertising face of a brand. The cooperation with the Johns Hopkins Medical Center in the USA is said to relate to both the development phase and later studies on this product. In addition, further long-term tests of the effect on the nose and breathing are to be carried out by today.

Another feature that can speak for the quality of the Hale breathing aid is the fact that this product has a patent. This means that this product is clearly different from other products on the market and cannot be copied because of the patent. If you have so far found wearing other breathing aids rather uncomfortable, this gives you a new option to perhaps take another run at correcting your breathing with this product from Hale Inc. Visit the product website here to find the discounted prices!


General Hale Breathing Aid Customer reviews

The Hale breathing aid is intended to be a non-painful method of moving the nostrils into the correct position, thereby improving breathing. The nose itself cannot be damaged because it is made of plastic. If you are one of those people who tend to get nosebleeds more quickly, this does not have to be an exclusion criterion for using this product. All edges are also soft and rounded, so that the airways in the nose should be widened by gentle pressure without risking injury or pressure points in the nose. The two components of the breathing aid are also connected to each other. There should therefore be no risk of the plastic getting too deep into the nose or airways. For this purpose, the so-called Breathing Kit also contains a small tool for inserting and removing the breathing aid.

There are both positive and critical customer opinions about this product. Buyers who were satisfied with the Hale breathing aid stated, among other things, that they felt much more rested after getting up. Breathing through the mouth while sleeping can strain the body in the long run and thus also get in the way of regeneration. Another positive aspect is that the nose does not widen when the breathing aid is inserted. With the three different sizes, it is possible to choose a size that is not visible from the outside. In everyday life, these buyers report that they have therefore not removed the product even at work or parties with friends. Another advantage of this product is that cleaning is considered to be time-saving. Cleaning under running water would be sufficient to remove all dirt. The purchase of special cleaners or lengthy cleanings are therefore not to be expected.

The criticism that can be found about this product often refers to the wearing comfort during the first uses. People who have a misalignment of the nasal septum, for example, report that they needed several days to be able to wear the Hale breathing aid for a longer period of time. This phase was compared with wearing braces, among other things. However, after this adaptation phase, the majority of these buyers were satisfied with the effect on breathing. Visit this product website to see more customer reviews!

General information on the topic of breathing support

Breathing aids that are inserted directly into the nose have been available for several years. These products are known, among other things, for their use in certain sports or as a means of improving nasal breathing during sleep. Although the majority of these products are made of plastic, not all manufacturers have been able to achieve an ideal fit or guarantee a high level of wearing comfort in the past. For this reason, use has often been limited to training or a few hours per day, while the problem of breathing through the nose has persisted throughout the day for many users.

Products such as the Hale Breathing Aid therefore represent a medical evolution of the original idea. The shape and fit could thus be improved, and at the same time the customers’ criticism of other offers could be taken up. However, there is no 100% guarantee that these breathing aids will provide the desired success, as there are sometimes deformations of the nose that can make wearing them significantly more difficult.


General breathing support Uses

For many problems with the shape of the nose, such as a deformed nasal septum, the only solution until now has been to correct it with medical intervention. The Hale Breathing Aid is designed to open the airways based on shape alone, making this type of surgery unnecessary. If you are looking for an alternative to these interventions, the Hale breathing aid could be an option.

Another target group includes people who have so far relied on nasal sprays or medications to help improve nasal breathing. Nasal sprays in particular have a certain addictive potential, as the nose becomes quasi-dependent on this artificial aid and feels chronically blocked over time.

A third target group includes people who only suffer from temporary problems with nasal breathing. Typical examples are during a cold or when the tissue in the nose swells due to hay fever. In order to breathe better during this period, Hale breathing aids can also offer themselves as a potential solution.


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Known FAQ about this product

  • Q: Does the Hale Breathing Aid need to be customised?
  • A: No, the Hale breathing aid is sold in a breathing kit consisting of three sizes. Buyers try on sizes S, M and L at home to determine which size is associated with the best fit for their own nose.
  • Q: Can the Hale breathing aid be worn throughout the day?
  • A: The manufacturer states that wearing the Hale Airway Support throughout the day is not a problem. However, it is recommended to remove the product once a day for cleaning under running water.
  • Q: What problems is the Hale breathing aid suitable for?
  • A: The Hale Breathing Aid is designed to treat breathing problems caused by allergies or infectious diseases as well as those caused by deformities of the nose.
  • Q: What materials are used to make the Hale Breathing Aid?
  • A: The Hale breathing aid is made of plastic. The soft structure is gentle on the skin inside the nose, yet retains its shape to help clear the airways.
  • Q: Is the Hale Breathing Aid suitable for multiple use?
  • A: The Hale breathing aid is suitable for repeated use as well as wearing throughout the day.



Where can I buy Hale Breathing Support?

The Hale breathing aid for correcting the airways in the nose is currently only available online. The manufacturer also restricts sales to official websites that are tailored for the American or European market, for example. If you have so far refrained from buying a breathing aid for the nose out of fear of receiving a counterfeit product, this closed sales channel from the manufacturer to the customer practically excludes this risk. On the website, you can first find out about the product and its features. If the videos and graphics have aroused your interest and you want to see for yourself whether the Hale breathing aid improves your breathing, you have the option of making a purchase directly. There are three offers to choose from.


  • 1 Breathing Kit currently 20% discount
  • 2 Breathing Kits currently 30 % discount
  • 3 Breathing Kits currently 50% discount


The term Breathing Kit means that several items are included in the respective offer. A Breathing Kit contains:


  • 3 breathing aids in sizes S, M & L
  • storage case including mirror
  • tool for placing and removing the breathing aid (similar to tweezers)
  • microfibre cloth for cleaning


With the kit, you not only have a Hale breathing aid in the right size, but also numerous other items that could be useful for regular use to improve your breathing. You can currently only pay for your purchase with:


  • PayPal or
  • Credit card


Other options such as purchase by instalment or invoice are not available. If the invoice is sent to your email inbox, you should not delete this email. The sale and shipment is made from the USA. It may be necessary to be able to prove the purchase amount in order to calculate possible customs and import fees. The employees there could otherwise find higher prices in their own research and use these as a basis for the calculation. You can use the invoice to prove at any time which costs were associated with the purchase.


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Hale breathing aid technical facts

  • Anatomically shaped breathing aid
  • Made of plastic
  • Easy to clean
  • Patented design
  • Available in three sizes
  • Invisible when worn
  • Available as a kit with cleaning cloth and placement aid


Hale Breathing Aid Recommendation

One of the first questions to ask when evaluating a product like the Hale Breathing Kit is about the different shapes and sizes of noses. The manufacturer solves this problem by already including three different sizes in all Breathing Kits. These include:


  1. Small
  2. Medium and
  3. Large


The sizes can thus be tried out at home to find the ideal fit for your own nose. In the further course, it is important for a final evaluation to know how long the product can be worn daily. The manufacturer of the Hale breathing aid states that it can be worn throughout the day if necessary. There is therefore no risk of painful pressure points or inhalation of the plastic.

The third point of the evaluation is the wearing comfort. On this point, the Hale breathing aid should not be perceived as a distraction during work, sports or other leisure activities. The product is therefore aimed solely at improving breathing through the nose, but with no strings attached. You don’t have to give up your favourite sports or other activities that are part of your regular routine.

Info about the product provider

The following information is known about the supplier of the Hale breathing aid for improving breathing during the day and during sleep:


Name: Hale Inc.


152 Commonwealth Ave


Massachusetts, 01742

Country of origin: United States


Distribution Partner: GiddyUp

Homepage: https://gethalebreathing.io/

Support: halebreathing @ giddyup-support . com


Return address:

Hale Returns

152 Commonwealth Ave


Massachusetts, 01742


The manufacturer of the Hale breathing aid focuses entirely on the production and shipping of the products. The marketing and customer support was transferred to The Giddyup Group from California. This is a company that offers product marketing, operates websites for customers and develops strategies to make products even better known. There is no disadvantage for you as a customer. The employees in the service department of The Giddyup Group receive training on the products and are therefore able to answer your questions about the product just as competently as the manufacturer. German-language support is currently not available. It is therefore helpful to send your questions directly to the customer support in English. In this way, you can prevent your questions from being taken out of context by translation software.

However, you do not have to contact support if your nose is not convinced by the breathing aid and you want to return the product. In this case, you only have to pack the product and send it with sufficient postage to the return address given above. You have up to 30 days after delivery to return the product. Once the delivery has been received by the manufacturer and checked for completeness, the purchase amount minus any shipping costs will be credited back to you.


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