IcyBreeze Cooler: #1 Portable AC for Home and Office! Is Icy Breeze Really Worth to Buy?




The Icybreeze V2 Portable Air Cooler claims to replace conventional air conditioners. It can keep you and your food fresh at all times. Icybreeze claims it is eco-friendly. IcyBreeze Cooler uses outside air and ice water at its bottom to release ice cold and dehumidified oxygen without causing global warming.

The unique cooler can pump cool air at 25 mph and bring the temperature down to 35 degrees below its initial temperature. This 38-quart cooler can blast icy cold air using only ice and very little water.

Clint Donaldson is the inventor of Icybreeze. He says that he started the journey at an outdoor game when he was hot and tired. He had an idea to invent a product that can keep people cool wherever they carry a cooler.

In 2014, the product was launched and the team presented their idea to Shark Tank in 2016. The product is now available on Amazon and their website.

The combination cooler is portable making it one of our most popular products. It also has an internal rechargeable battery that can run on 12 Volts. IcyBreeze Cooler Reviews This is great for outdoor activities like camping, picnicking, or playing games.


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What is IcyBreeze?

IcyBreeze can be used as both a cooler and an air conditioner. It can store a large number of drinks/ice in its 38-quart interior.

The IcyBreeze is made of Polyethylene, the most widely used type of plastic worldwide. The IcyBreeze is extremely durable and hardy, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking.

If you are only using the IcyBreeze as a cooling device, it will last for up to 7 days at 90°F. I don’t believe it, but can be used to get through a very hot day.

This is not the best option if you are just looking for a cooler. You won’t get value for your money because it’s too heavy and expensive (21lbs). This is because it’s also designed to be a portable air conditioner. It is therefore a bit pricey.

However, this unit has amazing two-in-1 functionality. It will completely change how you camp and travel during summer.


How Does IcyBreeze Cooler Work?

Many DIY projects are available online that demonstrate how to convert a cooler into an air conditioner. The principle is the exact same.

The cooler’s lid contains a heat exchanger which draws cold water from the bottom. The heat exchanger cools the air and allows fresh air to be pulled through hidden vents.

There are three speeds available, with the fastest setting reaching 25 mph. This is similar to your car’s air conditioner.

The built-in rechargeable lithium battery powers the cooler. It will deliver 6 hours of cold air on low settings, 4 hours on medium, and 2.5 hours on high. It will take approximately 5hrs to fully recharge. You can also run the cooler on a 12v car adaptor or 110/220 wall charger.

The IcyBreeze Cooler has High-Power and Lightweight.

IcyBreeze used lightweight, but strong plastic to construct the cooler. It weighs only 16-pounds empty. It is lightweight and easy to pack. Even with all the food and drink, it weighs less than 50 pounds.

Two lift handles are placed on either end of the cooler to make it easier for two people. They attach to the IcyBreeze’s body so they won’t shift or break. This design has one problem: they can be difficult to carry and are too small.

This is all covered by IcyBreeze’s pair of large wheels and a long pull handle at the other end. You can pull the cooler across most terrain by using the two handles. Although deep sand and mud can be difficult to traverse, you will make it. You’ll also have a nice air conditioner to cool off after your trek.


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IcyBreeze Cooler Features

IcyBreeze coolers are different from other ice chests. We will be covering the most important features.

The patented IcyBreeze cooling system is at the heart of all this. This is what makes IcyBreeze different from the rest.

This works by having a heat exchanger in the cooler’s lid. The heat exchanger receives water from the cooler. The cooler’s top vents allow for external air to be sucked into the cooler. This air is then transferred across the exchanger. It is similar to the technology found in your home’s AC unit.

The temperature drops as the air pass through the exchanger and can be up to 35 degrees below the initial temperature. The tube is then filled with cold air and directed in any direction.

This is the clever thing about this dispenser. The cooler lid can be plugged into and cold air can be fed back into it to extend ice retention. Or, the dispenser can be unhooked and used for a mobile air conditioner.

The IcyBreeze Cooler is great for fishing, camping, tailgating, and other activities that require ice. It also has a portable AC unit to cool your body.

There are three fan speeds: low (low), medium (medium), and high. At 25 mph, the fan at its highest speed blows cold air. This speed has one drawback: it can make the unit quite loud (around 60 decibels).

This clever cooling feature requires an external power source if it isn’t obvious. There are many power sources available for IcyBreeze. There are three power options available for IcyBreeze: a 12V car adapter, a 110-220V wall adapter, and a 6AH and 10AH battery.

This ice chest is slightly heavier due to its built-in cooling functions and other accessories. IcyBreeze included wheels at the back to make it easier to transport. A rotating handle on the cooler’s opposite side allows you to move the cooler around.

The drain port, which you can see above in the image, is another useful feature. It allows you to drain melted water without tilting the cooler.

You will find two cup holders at the top of your cooler lid. There is also a remote cord and power source.



  • Requires minimal electricity. The chart shows that this system requires minimal power so it can be used wherever you are.
  • For a time blows ice-cold air. The cooler does not have ice inside it. It blows dry ice-cold air. The unit’s effectiveness decreases once the ice has melted and is replaced with water. The maximum time the ice could be kept in place was four hours.
  • Dry. This cooler doesn’t work like a swamp cooler. Instead, it blows dry air which won’t add any moisture to the area you are using.
  • Doubles up as a cooler. Although you can keep your drinks chilled, if the air-conditioner is used frequently, the ice will start to melt. You’ll need to either use it as an air conditioner OR a cooler. If you don’t use an air-conditioner, the ice should last about 7 days.



  • It was expensive. Although it’s a quality product, I find the price a bit high for what it is.
  • The fan is louder than I expected. It was quite loud. It was much louder than I expected.
  • Ice is too fast. Even using the IcyBlock 20 pounds of ice were gone in four hours in 88-degree temperatures. I expected to fill the cooler with ice, and it would last at most for a day.
  • IcyBlock didn’t work well. This product was supposed to keep my ice longer, but it did not seem to work.
  • It takes up a lot. It fit perfectly under my bed, but it will also work well if you have limited space.


It was only used for one afternoon during my trip. After that, we switched to using the van’s vents to keep us cool. It is sufficient to sleep at night, and it can keep it cool during the heat of the day. We would have had to purchase ice multiple times per day in order to use IcyBreeze. It was too expensive. The heat didn’t get out of control because we were in the shade.

The IcyBreeze is advertised as a personal air conditioner and that’s exactly it. It feels amazing if you aim it at yourself. It is intended to be used only for a short time. The ice will not last if you turn it on and leave the lid on.


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Is it efficient?

Yes, it is. It is interesting to me that IcyBreeze has mixed reviews – some swear by it and others find it completely ineffective and not worth the cost. The next section will show you why all the haters are wrong.

The IcyBreeze is a cool cooler that seems to work as well as one would hope.

This AC can blow air at a temperature of 35 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius) cooler than the outside air. This is quite impressive, as it can cool down smaller rooms if it’s left on for a few hours.

It will cool down your area and keep your drinks ice-cold This is a great product!

The IcyBreeze makes a great choice for camping trips and picnics. This unit is also great for RVs, as it uses less electricity and costs less than traditional portable ACs.

It is also great for long car rides and boat rides. The product’s versatility and efficiency make it well worth the investment.




What are the best ways to use it?

IcyBreeze can be set up in a few minutes. Just pour 2 quarts of water into it, add ice and your drink, and turn on the fan.

Some people make mistakes, and then they complain!

People often make a mistake and complain about how IcyBreeze isn’t worth it. The ice.

Do not put regular ice cubes in this thing. You will need to refill your cooler often because the small ones will quickly melt. Then you’ll think it is a waste of money and regret buying it.

You can place large blocks of ice in your IcyBreeze to ensure it keeps cooling down for a longer time. They will melt slower than normal ice cubes and your AC will last longer.

Problem solved! This is how it was supposed to work long-term.

The IcyBreeze cannot be used as an AC unless you add water. It can only be used to cool down without it.

In any case, it is possible to get water at the perfect temperature by mixing ice with water. (This is something I learned back in high school chemistry).

IcyBreeze Cooler Price

When shopping for a cooler, another important consideration is the price.

Although IcyBreeze has some unique features, it’s not surprising that they do impact the price.

The asking price for this cooler is quite high considering its storage capacity. It is priced in line with similar premium coolers currently on the market.

The IcyBreeze Cooler will outperform any other small-sized coolers in terms of performance as long as it has a reliable power source. It will, however, be more fragile.

If you rely on mobile batteries, the performance of your AC unit will be lower than that of higher-end coolers.

This brand is not a bargain. It all depends on how you plan to power the AC unit. You might be better off buying a premium cooler with thicker walls and superior gaskets if you are planning on spending time outdoors without a power source. The IcyBreeze Cooler is a good choice if you expect to have constant access to a power source.


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It’s not hard to wonder why we believe so strongly in the Icybreeze. It’s a revolutionary product that offers high-end features. Because it’s multifunctional and easily available, it was difficult to find an alternative to Icybreeze Cooler.

We are convinced of the product in this Icybreeze review. Even in low-level settings, the AC unit performs flawlessly. It retains ice better than other coolers on the market. Despite this, the product is not affordable for many people.

Icybreeze is a great choice if you believe in comfort and are willing to invest in a product that will change your life. We believe this product has a lot to offer and encourage you to try it out for yourself.

The Icybreeze product offers both the best and worst of both worlds, especially in the summer heat.


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