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TB 500 Review

If you are a bodybuilding enthusiast, you should get ready to experience worse injuries because facing physical damage is most common in this group of individuals. However, if we tell you about a compound that miraculously cures these physical and mental injuries, that compound is none other than TB 500.


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Recently, the name “TB 500” has been circulating more and more in gyms. This compound is becoming a crucial product in a pro bodybuilder’s stack day by day.

But the question is, what does TB-500 do? Why is it so popular?

Simply put, TB 5oo is a synthetic peptide drug that is a manufactured replica of Thymosin Beta 4. TB 4 is an organic protein peptide that heals the tissues and cells of that part of the body that get seriously injured. Thymosin Beta 4 is also advantageous in reducing the inflammation around the damaged part of the body.

Moreover, TB 500 peptide is also being used for many years by veterinarians for injured horses. This synthetic peptide helps heal wounds and reduce the swelling of horses because the product is famous for its quick healing and anti-inflammatory characteristics. This product also enhances the performance of animal and decrease the risk of developing injuries. Therefore, Tb500 is primarily visible at horse racing tracks. RAD 140- FACTUAL TRUTH ABOUT TESTOLONE

Due to the increase in interest surrounding this compound, we provide you with a brief detail and review of TB500. Our article tries to answer all the possible questions related to this peptide. Then you are able to decide whether this peptide should be your go-to product and recovery agent for any painful wounds and injuries you may expect in the future.


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What Is TB 500?

We are going to explain this compound with a daily life example. Remember when you were a teenager and playing cricket or football? Once you have fallen, and your knees got hurt. The next day you saw that your wound had gone, and this is because of the protein in our body called Thymosin Beta 4 that produce through the thymus.

The main work of TB 4 is to regenerate tissues, reduce inflammation, and helps cells to migrate in the body. This peptide protein is also known as a biological response modifier (BRM) because it modulates according to our body’s response to injury through the immune system.

According to researchers, when you cross the age of 30, the production of TB-4 drops significantly, and regenerations of tissues and cells of your body reduce, and you will feel so much pain when you get injured. The swelling and inflammation around your wound will also hurt you and take much time to get cured.

Therefore, the development of TB 500 is remarkable as a synthetic version of Thymosin Beta 4, and also it mimics the effects of this protein. The first time it was Discovered was in the 60s; the main intention to make it is to recover the wounds and injuries of horses. Moreover, it increases their recovery level and enhances their performance level.

In 1974, researchers started using TB-500 for humans. The first time this compound was first administered to a girl because her immune system had failed due to the non-functioning of thymus glands. After that, many people start using this synthetic protein-peptide drug to recover quickly from injuries and decrease swelling.

However, the TB500 is not limited to recovering injuries and wounds. Similar to SARMs, this synthetic peptide is also advantageous in the category of bodybuilding. According to anecdotal evidence, many bodybuilders experience an enhancement in their endurance level when finishing the TB 500 cycle.

In short, this compound is helpful for healthy hair growth, improves muscle tissue repair, stimulates red blood cells, speeds up muscle growth, and heals faster the connective tissues and muscle tissue fibers.

How does TB 500 work?

Despite the benefits of the compound, it is essential to understand how the TB-500 can achieve all of this. It will help you decide if you want to use it.

One way TB500 achieves its goals is through the upregulation of cellular proteins. These cellular proteinsare in charge of repairing and building tissues.Upregulation means that the body is more responsive to the action of proteins.

Actin is a crucial section of the body cells that participates in cell motility, signaling, division, and shape. TB 500 upregulated the actin; as a result, it increased the many levels of cell processes like the structure of new cells, cell migration, and determination of the form and functions of cells. Where to Buy SARMs Online

Actin’s actions in our muscle fibers benefit muscle contraction and relaxation. It also plays a key role in building the pathway and formation of new blood cells. Additionally, it also reduces inflammation and swelling at the wound site. Due to its unique structure and less molecular weight, TB-500 quickly travels throughout the body to reach the wound site and shows the effectiveness of treating to heal the wounds quickly.

Although not medically proven, many think that TB-500 is to help with ventricular hypertrophy, also known as the heart of athletes.The main reason to see this condition in athletes is an increase in the heart’s activity.

What To Expect From TB 500?

As mentioned before, TB 500 is advantageous for recovering injuries and wounds. It is the main benefit you can expect from its use. Furthermore, this peptide-protein drug is also beneficial in increasing hair growth, reducing inflammation, and stimulating muscle endurance. It also regenerates the blood cells rapidly.

Moreover, Tb500 has contained all over wound healing and muscle fiber growth benefits. Most bodybuilders and athletes consume benefits from this compound. Now let’s have a closer look into Tb500 benefits:

1.     Accelerate theorgan injury andwound healing:

TB 500 accelerates wound healing and organ injury by increasing cell migration around the body and creating new blood vessels. These processes occur because the supply of oxygen-rich blood rises to the injured area. As a result, the tissues heal rapidly and effectively.

Moreover, the formation of new blood vessels is advantageous in helping to recover from damage and is also beneficial in reducing your blood pressure. Many research shows that its creation potentially prevents cardiovascular diseases.

Furthermore, some research shows that this synthetic peptide supplement also supports the liver  by stimulating blood flow through the liver. Therefore, many patients suffering from liver fibrosis get cured by using it.

Moreover, it makes TB-500 an ideal compound for bodybuilders and athletes to consume as it works wonderfully to accelerate wound healing and promotes cell growth and organ injury. It helps in building large muscle cells, among many other benefits.

2.     Promotes Cardiovascular Health

Around 1 in 4 deaths occur annually in the US due to heart disease. Researchers have discovered that TB 500 promotes cardiovascular health. This protein-peptide increases cell proliferation in the cardiovascular zone.

TB-500 stimulates cardiovascular health throughrising cell proliferation in the heartzone. Your heart starts to work better in all stages of heart vessel development, including angiogenesis, arteriogenesis, and vasculogenesis.

In addition, TB 4 shows advantageous effects in the survival of cardiomyocytes, and its responsibility is to make the heart contract. Cardiomyocyte regeneration is not so simple; therefore, Thymosin Beta 4 assures that the survival of your heart health works for an extended period.

3.     Reduces Chronic Inflammation

Researchers have found much evidence that TB 500 peptide contains anti-inflammatory properties similar to TB 4. They found that the peptide also helps stop the death of human corneal cells.

It would help if you were grateful to TB500, as we all know that chronic inflammation is highly hazardous for your health. If chronic inflammation cannot cure and increase for a prolonged period, your body’s healthy tissues and organs get damaged. It increases cancer risk, and you are likely to get many other diseases like heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and diabetes.

4.     Increase Neurological Recovery

Many new viruses are mainly affecting brain functions and cognitive skills. Your brain needs some extra care and protection as it is an essential organ of your body.

In 2015, researchers conducted many studies which show that TB 4 stimulates the peripheral nervous system (PNS) and the central nervous system (CNS). Many patients suffering from a wide range of brain disorders and injuries recover by using this fabulous compound.

Moreover, TB 500 accelerates the blood-brain barrier (BBB) function, which leads to a smaller amount of cognitive decline and inhibition of neurodegenerative diseases. Furthermore, it significantly improves behavioral and functional outcomes surrounding the patients. The researchers also concluded that TB 4 is a potent anti-inflammatory agent in increasing neurological recovery through their study.

5.     Stimulates Hair Growth

Hair loss is becoming an increasingly widespread issue. According to health experts, more than 80 million Americans are affected by hair loss. Not only do men experience this problem, but almost 32 million women are facing this issue, and TB 500 can help out.

A study found that TB 4 stimulates hair follicle stem cells which helps in increasing hair growth. This protein-peptide drug resolves the hair loss problem millions of people face worldwide.

Scientists experimented with TB4 on rats who were suffering from skin damage. Using this compound, they found an unexpected increase in hair growth in mice. They again shaved the mice and applied TB4 topically to confirm their observation. After a week, they found positive results, and they treated mice for more weeks, and there were no indications of any side effects.

Furthermore, TB 500 peptide can use RU-58841 if anyone wants an extreme transformation. Taking both will reverse your hair loss up to more than ten years.

TB 500 Before and After Result (My Experience)

I have got shoulder injury that has been bothering me for a long time. I am finding something that heals up my damage once and for all. Then I did some research and, for the first time, came to know about TB 500. I wanted to share my experience with the TB-500 cycle with you:

1st week: I start taking TB500 two days a week. I started my dose with 5mg, and I didn’t feel any noticeable effect in the first week. I also started a little bit of shoulder weight lifting exercises to see the progress of this compound.

2nd Week: This Week, I started feeling a little bit of pain reduction. Also, my range of motion improves.

3rd Week: When my third week started, I felt continuous improvements in my shoulder. My shoulders become more robust and sturdier. Moreover, I circulate my shoulders clockwise and anti-clockwise, and I feel better. I have done more presses, and I realize that my flexibility has improved a lot. Inthe Third Week,I see Tb 500 results in progress.

4th Week: Finally, my shoulder pain was almost gone this week. I am doing nearly every shoulder movement and exercise except dips. My shoulder pain was 15% left, and I unexpectedly felt significant improvement in flexibility. I have noticed it during shoulder and chest press in the gym. This week I also went swimming and saw fantastic results here too.

5th Week: At the end of the fifth week, my shoulder returned to its original state, the same as before getting injured. All my pain and wounds were gone 99%, and I can do a wide range of motion and high shoulder exercises with great flexibility. Undoubtedly, my experience was a complete success with TB-500.

In addition, I am planning to order a little more and continue Tb 500 peptide with a little dose for some weeks. It is to ensure that everything heals up 100% in me.

TB 500 Dosage And Cycle

Unfortunately, there are no officially approved guidelines present for TB 500 dosage. The reason behind this is this drug is yet to be sanctioned or any other authorized department around the world.

According to anecdotal data and consumer reviews, TB-500 should be used once a week. The recommended dosage of this peptide-protein should be anywhere between 5mg to 20 mg.

From my personal experience, I suggested that if you are a newcomer to Tb500, you can start with a low dose of 2mg once a week. This dosage is safe and effective and doesn’t produce any side effects.

If you suffer from higher pain or your inflammation is chronic, you can take up to 5 mg once a week. Make sure that the dose doesn’t exceed; otherwise, it produces adverse effects. You can continue the dosage for at least one month.


TB 500 Cycle

Loading Phase Maintenance Phase
5mg to 20 mg


2mg to 10 mg
For beginners = Once a week For beginners = Once a week
For Professional = 2 to 3 times For Professional = 2 to 3 time
Time = 4 to 6 weeks Time = Indefinitely


In addition, we recommend you consult your doctor to know the appropriate dosage for you. This peptide drug is very well tolerated that is beneficial in improving soft tissue injuries, boosting hormone growth, and upregulating cell-building protein. Undoubtedly, this peptide protein is an excellent supplement with tons of practical applications for most consumers.

Is TB 500 legal?

Fortunately, TB 500 is legal and can be purchased through Brutal force sarms. You can buy this naturally occurring healing protein easily online to heal your injury whenever you want.


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In contrast, if you are an athlete, you need to first test for it before purchasing. The reason is that World Anti-Doping Agency and the US Anti-Doping Agency banned Tb500. You can’t use this in competition and out of competition as well. This protein-peptide can only be promoted on a research basis.

What are the side effects of TB 500?

Different studies have given conflicting results regarding TB 500 protection. There is little research available; they claim that this protein peptide can grow cancer cells in the body. On the other hand, other researchers concluded that TB-500 stops spreading cancer cells in the body.

Some physicians create the relation between cancer with TB500; They found a higher level of peptide present in cancer patients. It has become the leading cause of increasing rumors that Tb 500 causes cancer. Even though these are all hearsay, there is no such thing in reality.

Conversely, according to much research, Tb500 peptide prevents cancer rather than causes cancer. This synthetic protein-peptide promotes the development of white blood cells in the body. These cells are such potent cells that can fight cancer. It is the genuine reason for the presence of cancer cells seen after taking TB-500 because these cells are present there to fight the disease, not to help destroy health.

Besides that, no further research is present related to the safety of TB 500. It means that there are some more investigation is rest. However, according to some Anecdotal evidence, this protein peptide sometimes makes you feel nausea, lightheaded, and stomach cramps. Moreover, these feelings could be finished and go away by themselves after a few minutes.

Pros of TB 500

  • Quickly heals ligaments and joint injuries.
  • Accelerate wound healing.
  • Prevents cardiovascular disease.
  • Increase endurance.
  • Improves and regenerates brain functions.
  • Stimulates hair growth.

Cons of TB 500

  • Low human clinical trials.
  • Nausea
  • Lightheaded
  • Stomach cramps.

TB 500 Reviews: (User’s Experience)

Here we share some userreviews that we have collected through the internet.

  • One of the famous athletes said that he knew some doctors who are using this compound because it contains marvelous effects and few side effects. He further states that he was not an elite athlete; he lived a rushed life, about seventy hours a week. Therefore, he needs to stay fit and get good sleep, and according to him, this peptide helps him a lot.
  • One of the customers shared his experience with TB-500 and published it on Reddit: according to him, his knee was tweaking continuously, which also gave him a lot of pain. When he uses TB500, he feels improvement after a few dosages.
  • One other customer agrees that TB 500 helped him so much. He can’t lift without his shoulders as he got severe back pain for many days. He truly feels that peptide supports the body in the natural healing reaction.


Undoubtedly, TB 500 is incredibly an effective compound to heal injuries and wounds. Moreover, you can even feel a dramatic increase in your endurance level. You can gain a lot of benefits through this synthetic protein peptide.

Though it was a fantastic experience, I got a tremendous result from using this compound. I am pleased with this protein-peptide, and I feel that I made the right decision. But,I recommend you do enough research and gather information about peptidesbefore diving in.

Furthermore, I need to remind you that TB-500 is not yet approved by WADA and USASA. We are expecting that it will be approved for human use in the future. Therefore, this compound will start selling in the market for research purposes.

Keep in mind, if you are deciding to purchase this drug, ensures that you are buying through a good vender. Also, investigate that the TB 500 you are buying from will show authentic lab reports to ensure the product’s transparency and quality. If everything is okay, then you can buy it safely.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is TB 500 an anti-inflammatory?

Since 1999, many studies have shown that TB 500 speeds up wound healing through angiogenesis. However, many scientists also use other mechanisms to research the exact healing properties of TB-500. They concluded that this protein peptide is primarily anti-inflammation.

  1. Is TB 500 a growth hormone?

TB 500 is not a growth factor for research; preferably, it is a significant actin that regulates protein peptides. This synthetic peptide protein is advantageous for regenerating, protecting, and restoring injured or damaged tissues.

  1. Is TB 500 help arthritis?

TB 500 effectively treats arthritis as this protein peptide contains unique anti-inflammatory properties. It rapidly inflamed tissue and helps in increasing movement by decreasing joint tenderness and swelling.

  1. Does TB 500 build muscle?

Yes, TB 500 accelerates healing and reduces wounds, but it is also beneficial in building new blood vessels, blood cells, and muscle fibers and aiding cell movement. It also helps in gaining muscle mass and strength.

  1. Is TB 500 a steroid?

No, TB 500 is not a steroid. It is a synthetic peptide.

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