What is Toner and What is the best way to wipe the toner?

Many people need how much skin toner is necessary to take care of the face. People are still skeptical and overlook this step because it’s insignificant and a waste of money. But when it comes to skincare procedures for beautiful and healthy skin, Cleansing is the key to good skincare. โฟมล้างหน้า In addition to considering the products that are used to cleanse dirt, there is another type of product that is considered to help clean the skin as well but does not need to be washed out. Wipe the skin with toner, sure enough.

 What is toner?

Toner is a product that helps cleanse the skin of the type. After cleansing the face with a cleansing gel or rinse-off type of facial cleanser, the toner will help clean the dirt left on the skin after washing. So our skin is ready to be nourished.

How many types of toners are there?

Toner is another type of skincare that has a variety of features to choose from according to the needs and concerns of each person. Many people think using a toner is unnecessary. I waste money and time because I don’t see any benefit or change from using it. Therefore, choosing a toner that meets your skin type is another important issue.

  • Skin cleansing toners This type of toner usually focuses on cleansing the oil and dirt in our pores, such as toners, reducing oiliness—acne toner and pore tightening toners, etc.
  • Skin Toner, This type of toner is suitable for those with no skin problems. Often have properties that help nourish the skin in various aspects, such as skin toner, and clear skin. Toner to replenish moisture and toners to reduce skin irritation, etc.

How to choose a toner according to your skin type

For dry and wrinkled skin, choose a toner that focuses on helping to replenish moisture on the face. Because of dry skin, people tend to lose moisture after washing their face easily. Using a toner that helps moisturize the skin will help reduce dryness after washing and premature wrinkles. Dry-skinned people should avoid toners that contain alcohol as they can dry out the skin even more.

Oily and acne-prone skin, choose a toner that focuses mainly on reducing oil clogging and tightening pores. Because oiliness and dirt on the face are one of the causes of repeated acne problems. The toner for acne-prone skin may contain alcohol to help break down the sebum that clogs the pores. And it also helps reduce the accumulation of bacteria, which is one of the causes of acne.

Dull skin, choose a toner that helps exfoliate skin cells and contains ingredients that help whiten skin.

Sensitive skin must be careful with toners containing irritating ingredients such as perfume, alcohol, essential oils, colorants, parabens, etc. Choose a toner that soothes the skin. Reduce redness and itching of the skin.

Why should a toner be used with a cotton pad?

Because the nature of the toner is liquid like water, often used with cotton. So that the dirt is absorbed and wiped off with a cotton pad And must choose cotton that has a dense fiber and absorbs well; no cotton fibers are left on the skin when wiping it off. Many people avoid wiping their faces with cotton pads because they are believed to cause facial wrinkles faster. But the cause of wrinkled skin is not from using cotton wool alone; it may be due to force wiping the skin and the wrong direction of wiping it.

How to wipe the toner with a cotton ball without causing the skin to wrinkle quickly

  • Drop the toner on the cotton pad to be moderately moist.
  • Apply a cotton pad to the skin. Let the substance soak in for a few moments. Gently wipe along the hairline afterward. is to wipe from the middle of the face outside for thorough cleaning
  • You don’t need to wipe your face in general. Wipe only the parts expected to be cleaned with fingers that are not thorough, such as the corners of the nose, corners of the mouth, near the edge of the eyes, etc.

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Keeping your face clean is one of the most important steps to having good skin. Reducing various skin problems, especially the problem caused by dirt clogged on the face, prepares the skin to be ready to nourish the skin in the next step. To allow the next skincare to penetrate better into the skin and result in a better effect. It is important to choose a toner that matches your skin type and the skin problems you are facing. To meet the needs and see the changes in the skin more clearly as well.