Bondic Reviews: Should I Buy Bondic Liquid Plastic Welder?

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In fact, my review of bondic reviews states that they are a very troublesome substance for use and production. Bondic is a dentist-designed liquid plastic glue that cures to a strong, durable plastic. It is compatible with a wide range of surfaces and materials.

In this Bondic review, we’ll show you how to use the bondic glue and what it can be used for, as well as the best reasons to buy a bottle, bondic where to buy it, and why you might want to try something else.

What is the bondic?

Bondic is a glue replacement that promises to work on a variety of plastics and other materials such as glass, wire, and fabric. Bondic is unique in that the liquid plastic that makes up the glue is only designed to solidify when exposed to UV radiation. Bondic is essentially a superglue replacement. The way it works is a little clumsy and requires more than simply applying the glue where you need it, but it does ensure that any mess isn’t as bad as it would be with other powerful adhesives.

When applied with specific materials such as metal and wood, Bondic may keep metal wires from braces linked to teeth and bones for years, much like dental adhesive can. You utilize a UV laser directed at the liquid after you’ve created a bond and applied the bondic glue. The UV light speeds up the curing time of the adhesive. The surface can then be sanded to eliminate any excess.

Product Specifications

  • UV light is used for drying.
  • 80 drops per package.
  • No expiration date.
  • Wood, metal, cloth, plastic, PVC, and Kevlar are all compatible materials.
  • Drying time: seconds

Bondic characteristics

  • Bondic is water and heat resistant, so you don’t have to worry about it losing its efficacy if you have to use it underwater to repair leaking pipes or plug holes in metal. It is water and heat resistant until it has completely dried.
  • It has a wide range of applications and may be used on almost anything.
  • It’s clean—When something spills, all you have to do is wipe it away with a damp cloth.
  • It’s very durable; once you’ve used it to repair anything, you won’t have to worry about it breaking or going loose. Bondic’s mending lasts a long time. Depending on how carefully you put it on the damaged piece, it becomes even stronger than it was before.
  • It is non-toxic and hence safe to use because it does not include any dangerous components or chemicals.
  • It dries Swiftly-Unlike glue, which may dry out quickly if left open or unused for long periods of time, it only dries when you need it by exposing it to ultra violet light.
  • The Bondic plastic welder has received a number of positive evaluations for its effectiveness, and no user can disagree that it is the greatest fixer in the industry. If you use it for your repair job, you won’t have to worry if your products break since it will make them as good as new. It’s simple to apply and use, it’s inexpensive, and you can use it as much as you like because it doesn’t dry out until you want it to and it doesn’t expire. It’s also incredibly safe to use because it’s free of hazardous ingredients. As a consequence, users all around the world can expect the greatest results from this plastic welder, regardless of how it is used.

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How to Use Bondic:

These are the general procedures I followed and was advised to follow when utilizing the product. When you open the box, you should find a wand that serves as both an adhesive and a UV light. You should clean the product first to eliminate any material that could interfere with its operation.

  1. To begin, sand the fractured part’s surface until it becomes rough enough for the bond to adhere.
  1. Place little amounts of liquid plastic in the container and make sure there is enough room for the UV light to shine through.
  1. Now you must use the UV LED light to cure the bond. Hardening takes around four seconds. It is advisable to treat the fractured surface with many layers of liquid if it is too big.
  1. After that, you may file or sand the portion to make it appear the way you want it to. You can leave it as is if the appearance isn’t important to you.

Before doing anything more with it, make sure it’s completely dry. If you want to paint over it, a sponge brush will help to ensure that the paint goes on smoothly.

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Is it effective in water?

Water is kryptonite for glue. Bondic, on the other hand, is waterproof and safe to use on things that are frequently exposed to water, such as a leaking or damaged pipe.

Here’s what you should do:

  • Turn the water supply off.
  • Allow some time for the surplus to drain through the pipework.
  • Completely dry the pipe.
  • Follow the instructions carefully.
  • The repaired item will function as if it were brand new.

Bondic, Where to Buy

When conducting research for our Bondic review, we discovered that many potential buyers want to know where they can buy Bondic. Bondic Amazon , Bondic Target and Bondic Walmart are prominent search phrases right now since so many buyers want to know if they can buy the glue at those large box retailers. The starter kit and any extra supplies should be purchased from official website to avoid fake products.

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What Does the Starter Kit Include?

Before you acquire Bondic, bear in mind that there are several different kits to choose from. The starter kit is the most basic and contains everything listed below.

  • The Bondic bottle: The Bondic bottle is the most critical piece in the beginning package. The glue in this container is sufficient for many applications.
  • Applicator tip: An applicator tip will be included in your beginning package. This tip resembles those used on ballpoint pens. It makes it possible to apply a small coating of adhesive to any surface without wasting any.
  • You should get a separate kit unless the UV tool is mentioned in the product description. This tool is required for Bondic to operate. However, some kits require you to purchase it separately.
  • Carrying case: A metal carrying box with a brilliant silver finish is included with the basic beginning set. This case has plenty of room inside for your Bondic and other materials. It even provides a place for the UV tool, ensuring that it never goes missing. Both the UV light and the glue bottle can be kept together.

If Bondic Spills, What Should You Do?

Bondic is unique among super glues. Those other products dry rapidly and are difficult to adjust to taste. They might be difficult to remove after they have dried. Acetone can be used. Only that product has the capability of causing material damage and residue.

Bondic eliminates the need for a chisel or sandpaper to scrape spillage. It will be simple to take out. You may do it with either dry or wet glue. Only if the glue is applied to an absorbent substance will there be a problem. Outside of that, you’ll be able to clean up any product spillage.

It is safe to touch the Bondic, and it will not damage you if you come into contact with it. Rinsing with running water and using soap is the most effective way to remove Bondic from the skin. Rubbing the region before washing also helps.

If you find yourself in a sticky position, take up Bondic with an organic solvent. Isopropyl alcohol, which is commonly used to clean computers, is one suitable solution. Wear gloves. Wear a mask or do the task in a ventilated environment. Organic solvents can be used on both dry and wet product forms. Here’s how it works.

The benefits and drawbacks


  • Use with confidence. The fact that it does not include any hazardous ingredients ensures its safety.
  • It does not make messes when used, and any spills may be wiped away with a damp towel.
  • It only dries after four seconds of exposure to UV light.
  • simple to use. Its instructions are clear and uncomplicated, and it comes in a tube for convenient application.
  • It provides a quick and long-lasting cure. After bonding, the final product may be stronger than the original.
  • It works on a wide range of materials, including metal, plastic, cloth, glass, and more.


  • It’s possible that not all materials will work.
  • It will need a lot of adhesive.
  • Only the UV light that comes with it works.
  • There is some leaking.

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Brndic adhesive is one of the best adhesives available today that performs very well with adhesives. It can be seen that this type of glue is now available for purchase in any store in the market to cater to the growing demand. It is a type of glue that can be used very safely and safely for both adults and children.


1. What is Bondic glue, exactly?

It’s a liquid material that hardens only when needed. It doesn’t dry out like some of the crazy glues on the market today. Bondic is a four-step procedure for repairing nearly anything (clean, fill, cure, and shape), which has saved innumerable valuable artifacts from being thrown away before their time.

2. Is bondic more tenacious than superglue?

1) Bondic is not a universal substitute for superglue or epoxy.

2) It is not as strong as good epoxy, and because it is not a genuine adhesive, it will not function properly unless there are edges or texture for it to grip onto—this is why they advocate roughing up the surface before applying it.

3. Is Bondic Quick to Dry?

It’s as fascinating to watch glue dry as it is to watch paint dry. It’s not uncommon to glue something before going to bed in the hopes that the job will be finished the next morning. You don’t have to wait if you use a liquid plastic welder in the middle of the day for rapid repairs.

It always dries quickly. Ultra violet light only takes around 4 seconds to form a strong relationship. You won’t have to wait as long as you would with wet glue. There’s no need to clamp the components together by hand for more than a minute. In less than 10 seconds, it transforms from a liquid to a hardened application.

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