Arctic Air Cooler Reviews: Is Arctic Air Pure Chill Portable AC Scam or Legit?

Arctic-Air-CoolerEven with an air conditioner in the house, staying cool throughout the summer may be a challenge due to the high temperatures.

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Beating the heat may be quite a challenge for individuals who live in apartments that do not have central air conditioning, especially in places as humid as New York. Because the majority of people do not have enough money to spend on an expensive, cumbersome air conditioning machine that would drive up their power bill, they are forced to be inventive in order to discover solutions that will both keep them cool and save them money. Taking frequent cold showers, sleeping on cooling sheets, and utilizing a fan are all really beneficial things to do. But advertisements for a reasonably priced cooler have been appearing lately. It obliterates every one of those other techniques like they were nothing.

The Arctic Air Cooler is the ideal appliance for personal cooling, and it is also a viable choice for those who have air conditioning but who, on really warm days, want an additional burst of cooling.

An air conditioning system with dimensions of 14 centimeters by 14 centimeters by 14.5 centimeters that not only moves the air quickly like a fan but also cools it? Is the Arctic Air Cooler capable of taking the place of a traditional fan or even an actual air conditioner?

Comparing Arctic Air Cooler to a Fan

After adding water to the Arctic Air and turning it on, it was put to the test by placing it in close proximity to a fan of a more modest size. Even though it was just a short distance away, the Arctic Air blasted colder air because the fan was so powerful. In addition to this, the Arctic Air was far less noisy than a standard fan.

About Arctic Air Cooler

The micro-USB cord is used to power the little tabletop air conditioner, which also helps to keep it environmentally friendly. The box contains a cable that corresponds to the device, but there will not be any socket adapters.

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The following is information on some of the features of the device:

  • Cool the room and beat the hot weather
  • Digital thermostat
  • Maintains operation for up to eight hours on a single charge
  • Cleans the air around and keeps it humid
  • Connects to all USB ports or regular electrical outlets
  • Relaxing light for the evening


The user of the air conditioning system may choose one of three different fan speeds by using the button labeled fan. The water tank is also outfitted with LED illumination, which, when activated by pressing the light button, illuminates in seven distinct colors. This is a fun little extra feature.

In addition, there is a sleep timer and a button to turn the device on and off.

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The Arctic Air Cooler has a water tank that is 375 milliliters in capacity, which is much larger than that of a standard fan.

In order to get the best possible outcomes, the water is transferred from the water tank into a smaller basin after being cooled to the lowest possible temperature.

After that, the water goes through an air filter, where the water is absorbed, entirely saturating the filter. Simply putting the cooler in front of the fan ensures that the rapidly moving air will have no choice but to go through it, resulting in the air being cooled in the process.

Arctic Air Cooler Working and Design

The level of processing applied to the little plastic box is adequate in general. The control element is flimsy, the micro-USB port has been shifted higher in the much too big recess, and the float that regulates the level of the water chamber is kept in place by a little piece of polystyrene. The micro-USB connection is also placed in a space that is too large.

The LED lighting of the water tank, which, in the marketing photographs, lights the whole tank, does not seem very effective. In actual use, this model is equipped with an LED that does not even come close to lighting up the whole tank while it is daylight outside.

Everything does operate in some capacity, but the quality of the craftsmanship leaves much to be desired. The Artic Air Cooler seems to have been designed without much consideration but to be fair, it does a good job of cooling the table. It is constructed out of a simple white plastic. The only components that are colored black are the ventilation intake and outlet as well as the control element.

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Does the Arctic Air Cooler work to chill the air?

In its most basic form, an air conditioner is nothing more than a humidifier that uses cold water to simultaneously chill and humidify the air. The Arctic Air Cooler was compared to a compact fan and the temperature of the air that was expelled from the unit from a distance of around 40 centimeters was assessed. When compared to the air coming from the fan, the air coming from the Arctic Air table air conditioner was around 4–5 degrees Celsius cooler.

Because of its poor cooling capacity, the fan cannot be used to cool down a whole room or a tent. On the contrary, it seems like it was designed to take up room on the desk. In comparison to using a fan during the warm summer months, an Arctic Air Cooler is the superior choice.

Arctic Air Cooler Price

  • 3 Arctic Air Coolers for the price of 2 ($66.33 each box)
  • 3 Arctic Air Coolers plus 2 free (each valued at $59,80)
  • 1 Arctic Air Coolers at a price of $99.00 per unit
  • 2 Arctic Air Coolers at a cost of $79.50 each
  • 4 Arctic Air Coolers at a price of $59,75 each


Even though it’s not an air conditioner, the Arctic Air Coolers still manage to keep the environment cool.

This nifty little appliance is not an air conditioner but rather a chiller for the air. It’s an evaporative cooler, also called a “swamp cooler,” and it works by sucking in hot air and blowing it through a filter that’s been drenched in water.

It is also rather compact, which means that it will not be able to cool a whole room; nonetheless, it is an excellent choice to put by the desk or the bed in order to enjoy a steady flow of cold air while working or sleeping. In addition, it can cool a room far more effectively than a standard fan.

To make it work, water has to be poured into the tank that sits on top. Even though it works very well with only water, the instructions recommend taking out the filter, giving it a quick bath, and then placing it in the freezer to have a really chilling effect. Additionally, some ice cubes should be put in the water tank. And just taking these few steps makes a world of difference.

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The air is at its coldest during the first hour or two, when the filter is still frozen and the ice is melting; but, even beyond that time period, it still blows cool air. Adding a few more ice cubes after it’s been running for a few hours will keep the air chilled. While sleeping, just position it a few feet away from the bed and aim it toward the sleeper to ensure refreshingly cool air for most of the night.

The noise level of the cooler is advertised as being “whisper quiet,” but in reality, it is roughly the same as the noise level of the typical fan. Although it is not so distracting, switching it off when participating in Zoom meetings is best. Additionally, it has a light on top that can be customized to a variety of colors, such as pink or blue. One has the option to turn the light off entirely. However, the buttons on the rear will continue to give off a faint glow. Even though the product does not cool like an air conditioner would, it does cool the air enough to sleep and work from home in comfort.

Even with air conditioning, a lot of people who have reviewed the cooler and given it five stars claim that it is a great way to save down on monthly utility costs.

This teeny-tiny device is outstanding.

The cooler is a “game changer” in terms of assisting in cooling down during a heatwave. If the filter is placed in the freezer, some ice cubes added to it, and then placed on the nightstand, it should be ready to go. People can switch off the air conditioning, close the door, and sleep peacefully in the room. Or they may just place it in the room where they spend the most time at home and actually just relax.

Conclusion: Arctic Air Cooler

The Arctic Air Cooler has the ability to chill the air by around 4°-5° when it is placed at a short distance. Nevertheless, the impact is not powerful enough to effectively chill a room or even a tent. In addition to that, there would be an increase in the amount of humidity in the air if it were to function.

The low-cost device does not have any impact on the functioning, but it does ruin the overall appearance. In any event, it is necessary to let the filter dry up after each usage. Simply drain all of the water, then turn on the fan and let it run for around half an hour. This prevents mold.