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Testing Prima capsules – dieting reinvented

As the fast paced rhythm of the modern society takes its toll over our daily lives and extra-weight has become a frequent health problem among all group ages, maybe it’s time to consider some serious changes in our lifestyle perspectives. Regardless you’re a man or a woman, being overweight has serious consequences in every aspect of your life: health, social interactions, self esteem, looks and the list can go on. This is why taking our best shot to find better, natural alternatives for boosting general well-being becomes imperative for everybody out-there who understands the imminent dangers of a sedentary existence.


Unfortunately, abusing fast-foods, fat meats, sugar, coffee, tobacco and alcohol has become the norm nowadays. We see teenagers that are obese and old people suffering from cardiovascular conditions triggered by diet and lack of physical exercise. This must stop on all levels!

This review is an invitation to change, to return to nature’s elixirs, food for thought and body at the same time.

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Prima – the weight loss solution free of side effects, the nature’s ally for a healthier slimming experience

Everybody that has at least once attempted to keep a diet knows the annoying consequences of the yo-yo effect, when the weight you lose keeps coming back even more stubborn, or the so called “dieting fatigue” leading to countless dieting fails. Besides needing a great amount of discipline when committing to a diet, men and women should also choose quality supplements to complement their healthy meals, as well as personalized exercise routines.

As expected, dietary supplements have an important role in achieving successful and long-lasting dieting results. Choosing a suitable product that supports your efforts in a realistic way is the first step to a positive weight management result.

Prima capsules are developed in collaboration with health and nutrition specialists, in a controlled environment, GMP compliant, under strict regulations and by using only high-end ingredients.

What is Prima’s secret? Garcinia Cambogia natural extract. And we cannot stress enough the efficacy and popularity of this main ingredient. Widely known for its weight loss and energy boosting effects, the hydroxycitric acid extracted from the tamarind (the small pumpkin-like fruit used for centuries in the Asian traditional culture) boosts metabolism, helps burning fat deposits, promotes ketosis and elevates general dieting mood.

This way, when combined with the other 2 ingredients, amino acids L-arginine and L-carnitine, Prima weight loss capsules together with a healthy diet plan can break down fat, enhance metabolic rate and make the entire process more enjoyable for every dieter that chooses the natural way to lose extra pounds.

All natural, no side effects

According to customer reviews and testimonials, Prima encapsulates energy refill, fat shedding properties and also a good mood elixir that empowers users to change their perspective on food regimens. And all that free of unpleasant adverse reactions, interactions or addictions, very important aspects when considering both health and long term commitment to a certain lifestyle.


In order to work at its best potential, it is recommended that Prima is administered for a minimum period of 4 consecutive weeks. Vegans and vegetarian should take note that the capsules contain gelatin, which may make Prima incompatible with their life choices.

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Prima capsules – how to administer?

This dietary supplement is manufactured in the Netherlands and contains 30 Garcinia Cambogia capsules in every pack, enough supply for 30 days. With every capsule, dieters will begin noticing important changes, at all levels: a higher metabolic rate, a lower appetite, no more hunger cravings, less binge eating habits, a sky-high mood and enough energy to finish the day.

Extremely well tolerated by the system, Prima should be taken once a day, half an hour before one of the main meals. Make sure you swallow the capsule with a big glass of water and that you also hydrate during the day with plenty of liquids depending on your weight and health status.

Respect dosage and administration recommendations exactly as indicated in the prospect and ask for a medical healthcare specialist’s advice in case you need to know if Prima is suitable for you.

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Prima metabolism boosting effects – how ketosis is installed

By teaching the body how to use fat for fuel instead of carbohydrates, Prima considerably reduces in time the fat amount from the most difficult body areas: hips, legs, belly. By promoting ketogenic reactions, the system breaks down fat tissue, while controlling appetite, limiting calorie intake, yet providing enough energy to go through the day with an elevated mood.

*Do not exceed or double the recommended dose. If allergic or sensitive to any of Prima ingredients, do not use or stop using immediately and ask for a doctor’s advice. Do not use Prima if underage, pregnant, nursing, suffering from acute or chronic illness or on medication.

Prima is the new dietary supplement created from traditional, natural ingredients that changes the dieting game for everybody.

  • faster fat burning in key areas
  • controlled appetite, better digestion
  • higher metabolic rate, elevated mood levels
  • natural weight loss, safe and effective
  • no side effects, no interactions, no addiction, great discounts

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Summing up the ingredients

  • Garcinia Cambogia Extract – potent hydroxycitric acid (HCA) known to limit rebel appetite and boost metabolic rates, with a special role in the metabolism of fats
  • L-Carnitine and L-arginine – two essential amino acids that support building of muscle mass, high metabolic levels and a better overall health
  • Gelatine and talc – coatings for product conservation and an easy administration of the capsules (*vegans and vegetarians should be informed about this particular aspect)

Prima – where to buy? What about the discounts?

As the manufacturer announced, Prima can now be ordered at consistent volume discounts – as much as 46% of the original price for 5 items, with free shipping of the selected package.

For more information on the offers, visit the official website of the manufacturer. All customers benefit the money-back guarantee policy, safe SSL payments, safe shipping and fast shipping.


Go all-natural, choose Prima – the Garcinia Cambogia supplement for healthy dieters!

For more details and information about the product, customers can contact the manufacturer at:

Premium Health Europe BV
South 79, 1121DD Landsmeer
e-mail : mail [at]
Tel. no.: + 31 (0) 20 7670552


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*For more details and information about the product, customers can directly contact the manufacturer or visit the official Prima website.

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