CookUnity Reviews – Is It worth Your Money? In-Depth Review!

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What if we told you that you don’t need to be Bubba from Forrest Gump to whip up a mouthwatering meal? What if we said there was a service that promises the best healthy and balanced meal choices cooked by world-class chefs and is also ready-to-go when you arrive home from work?

And on top of that, what if we said they deliver nationwide free of shipping charge and that even gluten-free and simply deliciously amazing?! Sounds like you’re too good to be true, right? That’s what we thought when we first heard about CookUnity. Curious? Read on to this CookUnity review as we delve into this brand new food delivery service and dissect whether it really lives up to the hype.

This CookUnity review will help you to know the pros and cons of this online food ordering system and gain unbiased opinions about the company. It is the most featured and recommended meal delivery service provider in health and wellness press releases, including Vogue, Forbes, and NY Times, and the list never ends. Visit The Official Website Of CookUnity To Learn More >>

But in this CookUnity review, we’re set to answer some important questions: can you freeze any meal from CookUnity, and if the meals are really safe and healthy. You can also find out how to save and cut the cost of CookUnity and if it’s the best meal delivery system for you or not based on how it compares to alternative meal delivery services.

But first, let’s take a look at some important points about CookUnity:

Name of Service CookUnity
Type of Service Weekly Subscription-based and ready-to-eat meal delivery service offering meals cooked by world-class chefs and delivered doorstep
Delivery Location NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Austin, San Francisco, Dallas, Washington D.C., and  other metropolitan cities in the United States.
Meal cooking/preparation time upon receieving 3-4 minutes
Main Ingredients Seafood, vegetarian, meat, poultry, vegan
Type of Diets Keto, Paleo
Meal Styles East cost, west coast, texas, midwest, mexican, mediterranean.
Additional meal options Gluten-free, vegetarian,  dairy-free
Price and meal plans
  • 16 meals/week: $167.84
  • 12 meals/week: $131.88
  • 8 meals/week: $91.92
  • 6 meals/week: $71.94
  • 4 meals/week: $53.96
Cost per Cookunity meal $10.49 – $13.49 per meal
Where to buy/subscribe CookUnity Website >>

A Brief Overview: What Is CookUnity?

thumbnail What Is CookUnity

If you’re tired of the frozen dinners and takeout options, CookUnity is here to spice things up. It’s a meal service delivery company that enables you to have healthy home-cooked food prepared by top chefs and nutrition specialists every day.

Cookunity works as a chef-to-consumer platform. The product they provide is a weekly subscription-based, healthy meal delivery service, choosing which you can select from a range of ever-changing, diverse, and ready-to-eat meals crafted by all-star chefs.

CookUnity users can enjoy a range of meals at home that is ready-to-eat, so the cooking process is simplified. They also have a wide range of options that can help meet the needs of all users.

They are always adding new recipes and meals. By visiting the website and by entering your zip code, you can also see what’s cooking near you by your neighbor chefs. Users can choose the dish to order online and receive it within their desired delivery date.

CookUnity How It Works

CookUnity is a subscription-based meal delivery platform that makes cooking quicker, easier, and more cost-effective by providing ready-to-eat meals every week. How does CookUnity work? CookUnity works as a platform that connects aspiring culinary artists, local chefs, farmers, and food enthusiasts in one place.

When it comes to choosing food and what to eat, you want to be sure you’re getting healthy, delicious food that is also affordable and convenient. And, from CookUnity, you get the health and quality of homemade but with the convenience of freshly cooked meals from top chefs.

So, How Do You Use Cookunity?

Here’s the step-by-step process:

Visit The Website Or Download The Cookunity App.

Visit the CookUnity website or download the iOs app from the Mac app store. Both work the same. Once you are on the webpage/app, select the CookUnity meals based on your taste-bud, nutritional needs, and budget, and get the meals delivered right to your doorstep.

  • Choose Your Plan:

Currently, CookUnity is offering five types of weekly meal plans, which are as follows:

  • 16 meals per week
  • 12 meals per week
  • 8 meals per week
  • 6 meals per week
  • 4 meals per week

Note that one meal is intended to serve one person, so this means four meals are for four persons.

  • Choose Your Go-To Protein Sources:

It’s time to choose your protein preferences. They provide six types of proteins: meat, poultry, pork, seafood, vegetarian, and vegan. You got to choose any three of them.

I chose poultry, vegetarian (because of Mike, my editor), and vegan. My, my, they have so many delicious paleo and keto-friendly recipes that I repented not to try them last year!

This is to just give you an idea: we tried the following CookUnity sample meals from dozens of options!

  • Southern-Style Beyond Sausage with Red Beans and Quinoa (no meat!)
  • Grilled Chicken with Truffle Risotto
  • Vegan Cauliflower Fried Rice Bowl
  • Gluten-Free Mexican Chicken Bowl
  • Chickpea Buddha Bowl with Sweet pea
  • Hanger Steak with Corn on the cob
  • Trout Almondine with Rice Pilaf
  • Tangy Parmesan Tilapia by Andres Mendez
  • Customize Your Meal Preferences:

You can select the number of meals per week and the type or range of meals you desire and choose meals based on the calorie count. Each of the meals shows the calorie count, macronutrients, and ingredients.

You can also choose the meals based on diet preferences, such as:

  1. Chef-recommended
  2. Seafood
  3. Meat
  4. Poultry
  5. Vegan
  6. Vegetarian
  7. Less than 600 calories
  8. Low carbs
  9. Gluten-free
  10. Dairy-free
  11. Low Sodium
  12. Keto diet
  13. Paleo

As part of your order, you choose whether you would like to receive only 2 or 3 food types per week (like vegetarian, meat, or seafood) or the complete range of options.

The average order from them has just under 5 meals with a mix of between 2 and 3 food types each week, so if you select 5 types, you should receive around 10 meals in your weekly package.

  • Confirm Your Sign Up:

Once you’re done choosing your meal and the number of meals per week you want to receive, and the preferred delivery date, the only thing left is to sign up. By signing up for their service, you place an order.

You can change your menu anytime during your subscription or when ordering. There are no hidden costs to worry about and nothing else to pay apart from the $53.00 approximately for four meals a week.

No doubt that this makes their prices one of the most competitive (particularly when considering its equivalent price in grocery store meals).

  • Get Your Meals Delivered; Heat And Eat:

They provide pre-made/prepared meals, so the cooking process is simplified. When the package arrives, you’ll see the instruction on how to eat the food along with ingredient lists and nutrition information.

You heat, and that’s it – eat a deliciously affordable meal right in the comfort of your own home. You can also refrigerate the leftovers as the meals last around at least 5 to 7 days.

CookUnity Benefits: So Why Choose CookUnity?

There’s no denying that meal subscription services are the next big thing in the food industry. It has been predicted that meal subscription businesses will reach around $17 billion by 2020. But one of these businesses stands out – CookUnity. Here are the benefits that you get to enjoy by choosing CookUnity:

  • Meals That Meet Your Health Goals And Needs:

Everybody has different health goals and needs. Some might want a cost-effective meal solution for the family. Some may wish to receive quality meals that meet their calorie count and desired health goals. Some may even want different varieties of appealing, healthy meals. CookUnity offers everything.

  • High-Quality Healthy Meals:

thumbnail Cook Unity Menu

The meals are made fresh from the highest quality organic ingredients sourced locally, prepared by top culinary talents, and delivered to your home or office. You could call them the “anti-fast food” company since they don’t use any preservatives or high fructose corn syrup in any of their meals. Their goal is to make both customers and franchisees as happy as possible, so you won’t be surprised if you hear from them anytime you have a concern or even just a question!

  • Hand-Crafted By All-Star Chefs:

CookUnity meals are created and cooked by over 60 chefs from the states. Thus, even if you choose a simple menu like a vegan cauliflower fried rice bowl, you know for sure that it’ll look very appealing and taste delicious.

  • Cooking Process Super Simplified:

For people who are on the go and can’t find a lot of time to cook, CookUnity is a perfect meal solution. This is a meal delivery service for those who want to eat healthily but do not have time to cook. You receive an eco-friendly and insulated package containing fresh and vacuum-packed meals cooked by top chefs.

CookUnity makes preparing a healthy meal a whole lot easier. You simply need to heat and eat!

On the run? Don’t worry!

Want to save leftovers for the night? Then even, no worries!

You can refrigerate your meals for 5 days in a row and eat at your comfort and pace.

=>(Trial) Click Here to Order Your Trial Meals from the CookUnity Site!

Save Time And Money

With CookUnity, you can spend your valuable evening with family and friends or simply relax without figuring out what’s for dinner. CookUnity lets you plan out your entire week’s worth of meals in advance. You won’t have to worry about what to cook and whether it is healthy enough on your evening off.

Having everything delivered ensures that you get everything you need when you need it and at the same time saves you vital time by cutting down to only one delivery a week.

How Does CookUnity Compare to Other Meal Delivery Services?

You’ll be surprised to see how CookUnity compares. We compared CookUnity to Freshly, Sunbasket, and some of the most popular meal delivery services based on the following six factors.

We compared CookUnity based on the following eight factors that will help anyone decide on a good meal delivery service:

  1. Meal options
  2. Ease of website/app use
  3. Delivery date options
  4. Nutritional info and labeling of food
  5. Ease of recipe instructions
  6. Quality of the ingredients
  7. Customer service
  8. Cost

Well, you don’t need to search CookUnity VS Factor Reddit and CookUnity VS Freshly Reddit cause everything’s covered right here in this chart. Here, we have compared it with the four CookUnity competitors:

  Freshly Factor75 CookUnity Trifecta Sunbasket
Meal Preferences Gluten-free, plant-based, dairy-free, carb-conscious. Chef’s choice, keto, calorie-smart, vegan, vegetarian. Gluten-free, vegetarian, meditateranian, dairy-free, vegan, seafood, keto, paleo. Clean Meal Plan/chef’s choice, paleo, keto, vegan, vegetarian. Paleo, guten-free, vegetarian, pescatarian, mediterranean, diabetes-friendly.
No. Of Diet Options 4 5 9 5 6
Nutrition Label And Ingredient Information Yes, shows the macro nutrients and the ingredients. Yes, shows the macro nutrients and ingredients. Yes, shows the macro nutrients and ingredients. Only shows the macronutrients. Yes, shows the macro nutrients and ingredients.
Meal Plan Sizes (1/2/4/5/10/12) 5 5 5 12+ 10
No. Of Options To Choose Delivery Dates 14 3 4 Limited. First delivery arrives on Friday. 3
Cost Per Meal $14.28 $11.50 $10.49 $6 $11.49
Shipping Fee $9.99 Varries $0 $0 $8 – $10
Cost Of Four Meals $57.15 $60.00 $53.96 $119.20 min. req. $57+

CookUnity VS Freshly

CookUnity and Freshly – both are very similar meal delivery service providers. There aren’t many differences between them, except that, Freshly gives you more options to choose delivery dates than CookUnity and charges an additional shipping fee. We found some interesting information from one CookUnity VS Freshly Reddit discussion. Compared to Freshly, CookUnity is more cost-effective, as seen from the above table.

CookUnity VS Factor75

Once again, the main difference between them is cost-efficiency. Both of the services work the same way and provide ready-to-eat meals. This goes the same for CookUnity VS Chef U.S.

CookUnity VS Trifecta

Trifecta’s meal plans are a bit more pricey compared to CookUnity. The most affordable meal plan at Trifecta starts at $119.20, which is the minimum order requirement, whereas the most affordable plan at CookUnity starts at only $53.96 per week. But it’s important to note that Trifecta comes with several types of meal varieties. But cost-wise, CookUnity offers a lot more affordable options than Trifecta.

CookUnity VS Sunbasket

Both Sunbasket and CookUnity are popular meal-delivery services; however, Sunbasket offers a broader spectrum of meal solutions. What Sunbasket offers but CookUnity doesn’t is that you can choose a fresh-and-ready/heat-and-eat option or Meal Kits that lets you cook dinner by following instructions. But, as you can see from the Meal Delivery Service comparison chart, CookUnity is slightly a bit affordable to Sunbasket.

CookUnity Pros and Cons

Now that you know how CookUnity compares to top meal delivery services let’s get to know the pros and cons attached to it.


  • CookUnity meals are delicious- The meals are super delicious. Even the simplest type of meals are very appealing.
  • Very good labeling and excellent packaging: The CookUnity recipes include complete information on micronutrients and the ingredients used in the meals. The packaging is also environmental-friendly.
  • CookUnity is very time-saving – CookUnity’s user interface is very intuitive, simple, and user-friendly. It takes only 3-4 minutes to order a meal.
  • Lots of options: CookUnity is packed with many meal options, juices, snacks, and a range of meal preferences – something that the whole family would love.
  • CookUnity customer service is very responsive: If you want to change a meal or find missing ingredients, simply send them an email, and they’ll reply almost immediately.
  • The CookUnity support system is customer-focused and human-centric: They offer a full range of services, from warehousing, and logistics, to preparing high-quality, healthy food to healthy meal delivery and foods cooked by top chefs – all in one platform. Plus, they even let you speak with the chef who’s preparing your meal.
  • A potential platform for chefs to expand their business: CookUnity doesn’t require start-up costs. They are open for nationwide distribution giving a valuable platform to the cooking community.


  • Not available everywhere: CookUnity is not yet available in certain locations.
  • Health and weight loss results may vary: You can’t expect to lose weight just by solely depending on the CookUnity program. The meal plans help as they come with the nutritional information, but your current health condition and lifestyle also play a vital role in how you lose weight.

Let’s get to know about the CookUnity subscription plan.

CookUnity Price Plans

CookUnity offers five subscription meal plans. The minimum you can order is $53.96. Here we have listed the CookUnity plans along with the total cost:

Subsription plan Price per meal Total Cost Tax Tax and shipping
16 meals delivered each week $10.49/meal $167.84 Sales tax varries depending on shipping address. FREE
12 meals delivered each week $10.99/meal $131.88
8 meals delivered each week $11.49/meal $91.92
6 meals delivered each week $11.99/meal $71.94
4 meals delivered each week $13.49/meal $53.96

=>(Trial) Click Here to Order Your Trial Meals from the CookUnity Site!

You can use CookUnity’s 40% discount as a first-time user. I chose four meals with the 40% off, and they charged just $2.88 as sales tax. The total cost was $35.26. I think this is really a very reasonable cost.

Also, by using our link or the CookUnity promo code ‘CookUnity 50 off,’ you can get 50% off your first order. In this way, you can really cut the cost of CookUnity.

CookUnity How To Subscribe

CookUnity’s subscription process is pretty straightforward. The website is also very user-friendly.

Follow these steps to subscribe to CookUnity:

  • Go to the CookUnity website.
  • Enter your zip code.
  • Hit the ‘Get Started’ button, which will take you to the CookUnity Plans page, from where you can choose your desired plan.
  • Choose your preferred subscription plan.
  • Click the ‘continue’ button.
  • Take the short quiz, which takes less than four minutes. The quiz is on choosing your preferred protein sources and selecting the meals.
  • Choose your delivery dates.
  • Once you are done with the above, the website will automatically ask you to sign up. You can sign-up using either your Facebook account or your email address.

Getting In touch With CookUnity And The Company Information

CookUnity was launched in 2015 by Mateo Marietti with six chefs in Brookly, NYC. Today, CookUnity is a team of more than 400 people and over 50 reputable chefs cooking and serving dishes in Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, and L.A., and recently expanded to other major cities.

The company is headquartered in the NewYork city. That said, you can get in touch with their customer service and learn more about their company in the following ways:

  • CookUnity Website:
  • CookUnity Phone Number: +1 882-221-8187
  • CookUnity Telephone number to send text: +1 347 – 835 – 5020
  • CookUnity Email Address:
  • CookUnity Address: 630 Flushing Ave 3rd Floor, Brooklyn, New York, 11206, United States

CookUnity Customer Reviews

Here we are sharing some of the reviews on CookUnity from users:

  • ‘CookUnity is a very good meal delivery service. A month’s worth of meals makes it most convenient for me as I don’t have to worry about what to cook and where to buy. The ingredients are fresh, the food tastes good and the portions are just right for me. I will definitely recommend CookUnity to my friends.’ Michael. (From review).
  • ‘I’m a father of three, busy with work and travel. I have no time to cook but I want my family to eat healthy. CookUnity makes it easy for me to provide healthy meals to my family. The best thing is it takes 3 minutes to cook the meal – it’s easy to reheat and eat. I’m also happy with their customer service and the portion sizes are just right for our family.’ S.T. (CookUnity LA).
  • ‘I was very happy that my wife and I tried out CookUnity. It has been over a month now since we started to eat their meal delivery services, and we are really very thankful for the extra food they have sent us. I love their food delivery service. The meals are really very tasty and satisfying. We will continue to order from CookUnity as long as they provide the same consistent quality of meals.’ Jeremy. (CookUnity Las Vegas).

CookUnity Reviews: Our Final Verdict

Finally, we want to end our CookUnity review with an important note. We could’ve flooded this CookUnity review with delicious and mouthwatering photos of CookUnity meals. But we didn’t; rather, we shared with you the real reasons we feel that CookUnity is worth considering, points you need to keep in mind when ordering and how CookUnity may help new cooks to flourish.

The endnote is we highly recommend you to try CookUnity for at least a week for $35.26. Yes! It’s really that affordable. If you are ordering the first time, you get a 40% discount, which means you will receive four high-quality and delicious meals cooked by top chefs at $8.815/meal for an entire week!

And if you order by using our link, you can save 50%, which means you will receive super high-quality meals at as low as $6! And, by high-quality, we mean the meals are healthy, super delicious, cooked with the best of the ingredients by the industry’s leading culinary talents, and most importantly – it’s deeply satisfying!

CookUnity FAQs

  • Who’s The CookUnity Owner?

It was founded in 2015 by Mateo Marietti, an Argentinian tech smart. CookUnity Techcrunch news highlights how the CookUnity Founder, Marietti, has raised $47M.

  • Is CookUnity Vegan?

CookUnity also provides you the option to choose vegan-friendly meals. I chose vegan and noticed some amazing vegan-friendly recipes like Vegan Mediterranean and Southwestern Power Bowl and Plant-Based Meatloaf by Angelia Cole, and so on.

  • Is CookUnity Good?

I would definitely say that CookUnity is offering a very good meal solution. It’s worth a try because they provide several meal preferences and options that meet the needs and because it’s also very cost-effective. CookUnity Trustpilot ratings are also outstanding, which is 4/5 stars.

Why, we have also compared CookUnity to other meal providers like Freshly, Trifecta, Factor75, and even Sunbasket right in this review on CookUnity. And based on the comparison, CookUnity is definitely offering a very good customer-focused meal service.

  • Is CookUnity Healthy?

Yes, all the chef-cooked meals at CookUnity are made fresh by top chefs and are healthy. They also let your choose particular meal preferences like paleo, keto, vegan, and gluten-free. You can also see the macronutrients and a list of ingredients for each serving.

Plus, CookUnity meals arrive with a QR code on the box, scanning which you can visit a webpage from where you can see more information on the meals and even see the farm from where the raw ingredients, poultry, and veggies were selected.

  • How Long Does It Take To Prepare The Meals From CookUnity?

It takes 3 to 4 minutes to prepare the CookUnity meals. These are pre-made meals cooked by top NYC chefs, and all you need is to heat and eat.

  • Is CookUnity Organic?

Yes, CookUnity chefs select only organic produce, so all the foods are purely organic. Even the CookUnity tray sleeve bears a QR code, scanning which will let you see what farms the ingredients of the menu came from and learn more about the meals.

The CookUnity bags are also very eco-friendly. The CookUnity box and the packaging items (water, soda bottles, meal trays, etc.) are made of recycled materials and can be recycled with paper products. Also, they use non-GMO gel packs inside the box to keep the meals cold and at the right temperature.

  • Is CookUnity Legit?

CookUnity Inc is a legit USA company. The CookUnity chefs are also well-known and reputable. Based on CookUnity Crunchbase, their HQ is located in Brooklyn, NY, United States. The company is growing fast. They also have their official website, and CookUnity LLC runs the site.

  • What Is the CookUnity Valuation?

As for CookUnity valuation, we can note the following points:

  1. CookUnity revenue: CookUnity Zoominfo states that the revenue is $1.7M annually. CookUnity delivers to 8M people as per the CookUnity website. CookUnity stock market is also huge.
  2. CookUnity Funding: They have raised 47M until now via their CookUnity B Series campaign. They also source their funding from big venture capitalists. CookUnity investors include IDC Ventures, Gaingels, Fuel Ventures, etc.
  3. CookUnity Popularity: They have 20K+ subscribers across several platforms and reviews everywhere, including CookUnity Yelp. You can also see the CookUnity Instagram photos or join them at CookUnity Twitter and see what others say. If you are a chef or want to join their engineering or supply squad team, you can visit CookUnity Linkedin or the CookUnity Careers page.
  • What Is The CookUnity Address?

CookUnity’s headquarter is located in Brooklyn, NY, USA. You’ll get the CookUnity location by searching these keywords on google: CookUnity Brooklyn NY 11206.

  • How Do I Find CookUnity Tracking Information?

CookUnity Los Angeles and CookUnity New York customers will receive tracking information via SMS that will be sent once their order is to be delivered. For CookUnity Northeast and CookUnity Southern California customers, the tracking number and all the related information will be sent to their email addresses.

  • How Much Does CookUnity Cost?

CookUnity costs $10.49 per meal, and the minimum requirement is to order four meals. The total cost of four meals is $53.96 approximately.

  • Is There A Mobile App For CookUnity?

Yes, you can use the CookUnity app, although I find using the CookUnity website very user-friendly. If you are a CookUnity chef, you can use the CookUnity app from the Google Play Store. However, as of this writing, CookUnity doesn’t have an Android app for customers. But you can download the CookUnity mobile app designed for iPhone from the Mac App Store.

  • Can You Freeze CookUnity Meals?

You can freeze the meals at a normal refrigeration temperature for 5-7 days. Each meal comes with CookUnity Use By Date printed so you can freeze the meals or the leftovers till the date.

  • How To Cancel The CookUnity Subscription?

You can always pause, change, or cancel your CookUnity subscription. You can cancel your CookUnity subscription from here

If you want to unsubscribe CookUnity from your email, then simply click the CookUnity unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email.

  • Can You Freeze Most Meals From CookUnity?

Yes, you can freeze most of the meals from CookUnity.

  • How To Freeze And Reheat Meals From CookUnity?

You can refrigerate the CookUnity meals for 5 days at a moderate refrigerate temperature of 40 degrees Fahrenheit or 4 degrees Celcius. You can reheat the CookUnity meals both in the oven and microwave. The instruction to heat the meals comes with the package, and you can also see it when ordering.

  • What Is The Delivery Minimum For CookUnity Meals?

The minimum requirement is to choose four meals at $53.9, and you can choose a max of 16 meals at $167.84. So each meal costs $13.49 when you choose four meals and $10.49 if you choose 16 meals.

  • Where Does CookUnity Deliver?

CookUnity delivery area covers most of the states across the USA. You can check the CookUnity locations and CookUnity delivery area from the website’s delivery map widget. Or, simply enter your zip code on the website’s homepage and hit the ‘get started button, and this will show you if they are providing the service at your location.

  • Where Can You Get Reviews For CookUnity Worth Reading?

Currently, there are 12 Google reviews on CookUnity with 4.3/5 star ratings from people who tried the menu. Also, you can get thousands of reviews on CookUnity online, but the best ones worth reading are the CookUnity Google reviews. Those reviews are genuinely legit.

  • How To Get Coupons For CookUnity?

You can use our link and get 40% off your first order from CookUnity. You can also get CookUnity coupons via reviewers or publishers affiliated with the company. I have seen some reviewers share CookUnity promotional codes using which you can get at least a 40 to 50$ discount.

Why, if you search for CookUnity 50 off on Google, you’ll come across several sites sharing special offers. You can also try searching for the keywords’ CookUnity promo code Reddit.’

  • When Does The CookUnity Food Deliver?

CookUnity foods deliver at least five days from the date of your order. They have four delivery date options. You can choose to get your food delivered five, six, ten, or eleven days after the date of your order.

  • What Other Meal Delivery Service Can You Try Similar To CookUnity?

Here are some CookUnity alternatives that you can try:

  • Olivia Cooks For Me
  • Freshly
  • Dinnerly
  • Factor 75
  • Sunbasket
  • Trifecta
  • How Much Is The CookUnity Salary?

Currently, they do not share the exact amount of salary that you’ll receive by joining the CookUnity team. There are many lucrative compensations and opportunities, though. One employee, a current customer service representative, says that they offer an excellent and competitive salary at CookUnity Glassdoor Reviews. Glassdoor rates CookUnity 4.5 stars out of 5, and the people there recommend it 100% to their friends!

  • How To Preserve Frozen Food?

When preserving frozen foods, the best way to keep the quality fresh is to store them in air-tight containers. Leave as little air as possible and make sure to thaw the frozen CookUnity meal completely in the fridge before cooking.

  • Is CookUnity Worth It?

CookUnity is definitely worth it; after all, it is America’s favorite meal delivery service. You’ll find tons of CookUnity reviews praising their service and their tasty meals. For instance. Nea Pantry from Honest Brand reviews CookUnity meals as ‘restaurant-worthy’ while Dan Salco from Food Box HQ rates CookUnity 4.7/5. Not to forget, CookUnity has also managed to steal the hearts of NY magazine editors and women’s magazines.

  • Why Is There No CookUnity Wikipedia Page?

Surprisingly, CookUnity isn’t yet listed on the Wikipedia encyclopedia. The company is growing very fast, and very soon, it will be brought up to the Wikipedia community’s attention. For now, you can roam around at the CookUnity website.

  • Does CookUnity Cater To Washington, D.C.?

Yes, CookUnity delivers to Washington, D.C. You can check the CookUnity DC coverage from the delivery map page here:

  • Does CookUnity Deliver To Dallas?

CookUnity Dallas community is ready to serve your desired meal of choice at your doorstep. Recently, they’ve also expanded to Seattle and San Francisco. So, the CookUnity Seattle and CookUnity San Francisco team is ready to serve your healthy meals.

  • Can You Get CookUnity In Chicago?

The CookUnity Chicago community of chefs and logistics is ready to serve you anytime you wish. The same goes for CookUnity Florida and Illinois.

  • What Is CookUnity Flushing?

CookUnity’s headquarter is located at Flushing avenue in Brooklyn, NYC.

  • How Do You Get A CookUnity Gift Card?

You can buy CookUnity gift cards worth $55 to $200 from their official website.

  • Who Can Redeem CookUnity Gift Cards?

Anyone with a CookUnity gift card can redeem it; however, the user must reside in the current delivery zones covered by CookUnity.

  • Does Cookunuty Serve Breakfasts?

Yes, CookUnity serves nutrient-packed breakfasts and cold-pressed juices, and tasty treats. You can see sample CookUnity breakfast menus on their website.

  • How Do I Get CookUnity Discount Codes?

You can get the latest CookUnity deals on their website. If you are a first-time user, you are already entitled to receive a 40% discount.

  • Are There Any CookUnity Delivery Issues Worth Knowing?

You aren’t supposed to run into any delivery issues as they are really very dedicated to providing the best dining experience. But I came across an essential point from the CookUnity Terms page that I think you must know. If you want to make a complaint, they would require a photo of the meal and the CookUnity return ba.

That said, if you face any delivery issues or in case you’re unsatisfied with your delivery, you can chat with them via the CookUnity live chat support. You can also send them an SMS at +1 (347) 835-5020 or drop them an email at

  • What Can We Learn From CookUnity Reddit And Social Groups?

We searched for ‘CookUnity Review Reddit’ and found that many of the reviewers there recommend trying dishes from CookUnity Esther Choi. Esther Choi also offers some of the best and most popular Cook Unity Korean meals.

Esther Choi is one of the most popular and famous CookUnity chefs. She is also the owner of the most well-known restaurants in New York City. The CookUnity New Yorker serves amazing dishes and CookUnity Korea meals.

  • Does CookUnity Freeze Their Food?

CookUnity is committed to serving fresh foods and meals prepared by world-class chefs and culinary talents. They send chilled foods that you heat and eat. The Cook Unity instructions also provide the full information on the CookUnity nutrition and ingredients used in the recipe. You can see the CookUnity nutrition info both when ordering and on the CookUnity package that you receive. Plus, each CookUnity box comes with a QR code, scanning which will give you more information.

  • Is CookUnity Gluten-Free?

You can choose CookUnity gluten-free meals from the menu.

  • Is CookUnity Keto-Friendly?

Yes! One of the best things about CookUnity recipes is that they offer customized meal plans that are keto-friendly.

  • Where Is The CookUnity Cancel Button?

You can cancel your CookUnity subscription from your account page or by contacting their customer service. It’s important to note that you can only cancel or modify your CookUnity subscription four to six days before the date of delivery.

  • How Does The CookUnity Referral Work?

You can get your CookUnity referral page by signing into your account. So, first, go to CookUnity Sign In or the CookUnity Login page. Once you are signed in, visit the From there, you can see your referral code and share it with your friends and family. By doing so, you’ll earn referral credits.

  • What Is The CookUnity Shipping Charge?

CookUnity does not charge a shipping fee.

  • Where Can I Get CookUnity UK Reviews?

CookUnity is not yet available in the United Kingdom, so there aren’t any reviews on them from the UK.

  • What Is The CookUnity Los Angeles Address?

They do not have any headquarters in Los Angles as per the website and Google.

  • What Is The CookUnity Portion Size?

Each CookUnity meal is prepared for one person. You can see the amount and portion size per meal when ordering.

  • Does CookUnity Weight Loss Work?

CookUnity does not make any weight loss claims or imply that you will lose weight solely by eating their meals. They do provide nutritional information for each of their meals, so you know what you are eating. Also, the health results are not guaranteed.

  • What Type Of Payments Does CookUnity Accept?

CookUnity accepts the following forms of payments:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • JCB
  • Diners Club

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