Ministry of Freedom Review – Is Jono Armstrong Training Worth It ?

If, you are looking for a detailed review of Ministry of Freedom, you are at the right place. There might be a lot of other reviews online, but this will be my honest one, that helped me to achieve financial freedom.

Inside, Jono teaches affiliate marketing through many ways. He has a youtube channel, where he teaches exactly, what he does and how he generates millions a year. Unlike some other training online, that pretend to teach you the real way to make money, he shows actual results and has many proofs of his work and dedication and all the things, you will need to know.

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How Does Ministry Of Freedom Work ?

When it comes to this groundbreaking affiliate training by Jono, that’s a really important question.

Launch Jacking, what mainly Jono uses is method, where you write reviews before or when a product or service has just been released on the market.

Where Jono mainly does that is through WarriorPlus, inside the Ministry of Freedom, that’s a major thing taught be Jono.

If, you are new to the whole marketing thing and everything, I am gonna explain you in a nutshell:

  • Affiliate marketing: This is when you make money, receive commission etc by selling other people’s products and you get a commission.
  • Launch jacking: reviewing a product or a service before it has been launched would be the best thing to do or at least, when there is no competition and you are from the first people.
  • WarriorPlus: That’s an affiliate network, where you can sell or buy digital products, mainly softwares and courses or ebooks.

To be up to date with the launch jacking method and look for future product launches, you will be advised to visit a special website called MunchEye. There are products listed from WarriorPlus and another affiliate network called JVZoo, but mostly WarriorPlus.

As there are multiple ways to review them, but Jono does that through YouTube in a very unique and successful way, he has been doing pretty well doing that. You can also write blog post reviews for example, everything in details, you will learn inside. The creators of a product or service will often have a demo video to preview a product or service for the affiliates in order for you to have more information about the product.

For example, you should name the the video or post “Product Name Review”, make very good review and post your affiliate link inside the description, so potentially customers would be interested and eventually buy, as you will earn the commission then.

The problem is that often times there are many spam videos and a lot of affiliates just copy others, what is special about Jono is that he does that through a really successful way and receives top positions to get the traffic.

Specifically this will be taught inside 4 and 5 module, the correct way to make your own video reviews from the newest WarriorPlus products, offering bonuses to increase your conversations.

This is a big part of what Jono teaches inside and explains what launch Jacking is and the way he does it.


Apart from the training, there are some bonuses when you enrol in the Ministry of Freedom.

  • Private Facebook

You’ll get access to a private Facebook community when you sign up for Ministry Of Freedom. Here you’ll have the opportunity to interact with other members and have questions answered.

  • Live Calls

You get three calls a week. One from Jonas Lindgren and two from Jono Armstrong.

  • Rotator Sales

According to Jono Armstrong, if you take action, he will promote your affiliate links seven to ten days a week, so you can get commissions without even doing anything.

  • Review Access

Most programs don’t disclose product information until it’s ready to launch, but because Jono Armstrong is a known expert in this field, you’ll get product review access every time.

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Inside of Ministry Of Freedom

ministry of freedom review

Ministry Of Freedom is the ultimate training course, which will teach you the proper way to do affiliate marketing. This business model is really simple, you promote a product or a service in order to get a commission, which can be a certain % set from the vendor(the actual product creator).

It’s a business model with huge potential, but a big problem is that there are a lot of scams in the industries, when it comes to teaching it, the affiliate training from Jono in my opinion is the perfect fit for beginners, even for mid level marketers to level up their marketing skills.

Lets take a look at the course in a nutshell, what you will get inside.

Module 1: Mindset, Dedication and Way to Succeed

Inside the first section of the course, affiliate marketing is summarized by Jono and how should be your way of thinking and things to avoid mentally to avoid the failure mindset.

Module 2: Tools & Softwares

Inside of this one, you will have access to the things needed to be a successful marketer, as well as website builders, tools for tracking and autoresponders.

Module 3-5: Launch Jacking

This is one of the most important modules and it in details lays out the method for you to make money. Jono is proficient in doing that and majority of his money is made this way. Basically it’s a method inside affiliate marketing, when a product is launched or released before the launch or when it’s just released, you have made a review and you are from the first people.

Jono has been using launch jacking in a really effective way, there are many small pieces, you can learn from this section, especially, because it’s perfect for beginners.

I have also done launch jacking, taught by him and made really good money by doing this wonderful method.

Week 6: Soft Launching

This is a another method, that is included inside the affiliate training of Ministry of Freedom 2.0, it helps you drive emails, there are many ways to do it, you simple give an incentive, it can be a book or a free course to receive someone’s email, it will be easier to presell him and lead to sales in the future by doing that.

Week 7: Email Marketing

That’s a really powerful marketing method, that is underrated by a lot of businesses and marketers. It’s very crucial to your business to build a trust before selling to your people and audience. That’s what email marketing is made for, as this module will cover all the paid traffic strategies with email marketing and how to handle your list and nurture it.

Week 8: Product Launching

Inside this module, what you will learn is the actual way to craft your own product or service to achieve higher profits and sales. Jono has really good experience in doing that too and you can learn it.

Week 9: Paid Traffic

In this week, what you will be taught is the way to get paid traffic, which is really powerful and actually, the amount of scaling is infinitive, when it comes to paid traffic, which is a big advantage.

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Ministry Of Freedom Price

As you may suggest or you have already heard from somewhere that the price is not affordable for everyone, because the training is really valuable.

There are two options, when it comes to the payment approach of Jono Armstrong’s Ministry of Freedom training:

The first is one payment free for $1497, which is a lot for some people. If you can’t afford that option, there is three payments of $797, one per each month.

By paying one time, you will save around $300, you can choose the one that fits your needs and opportunities.

Multiple tools, you will also have to posses like email software, domain and web hosting, which are optional, clickfunnels, which is a sales funnel builder, webcamera and microphone.

Several tools will also need to be purchased for you to follow along with the training.

Lastly, it’s also good to have enough budget to pay for traffic too. Jono’s recommendation is to take advantage of Google and YT ads in the 5 and 9 week, instead of the organic traffic during the 1 and 4 week.

The ad budget depends on your understanding, but you will need a good amount, at least $1000 a month for advertising.

A good thing of Ministry of Freedom is that there are no upsells, once you bought, no additional fees.

I know, it’s not a cheap course, but it offers a lot of knowledge, that Jono has learned throughout the years, many time, years, energy and knowledge into one course.

Some people would say that the price is not worth, but they just don’t understand the value of it.

It will take you from zero to a very good level.

Ministry Of Freedom Pros

1. Created By a Successful marketer

Jono Armstrong is a really successful marketer, he has been in top 1% inside warrior plus by making millions a year.

He has been also featured as JVZoo top marketer in 2019 and 20200, making more than 32,000 sales.

2. Ministry Of Freedom Is Made To Start Your Affiliate Career

This is a good start for you to partner with top affiliates and making sure, you have Jono’s support, if you want to become very good at promoting products on Youtube as well as selling own products and services through WarriorPlus as well as JVZoo.

If, you are a member of Ministry of Freedom for example, you will have access to review copies as ease before, they are released, also if you want to make your own offer or service, Jono will also share your link with his subscribers , so you can make more sales and reciprocity, when you receive more subscribers.

3. Results of Jono Armstrong’s Students

It’s fact and proven that Jono seems to understand everything and he does it very successfully.

Inside of Ministry Of Freedom, you will find a lot of success stories.

There are many proofs of the people doing good amounts, but you need to be consistent, when doing launch jacking.

4. Ministry Of Freedom Offers Consistent training 

From the best things of Jono Armstrong’s Ministry of Freedom training course, that contains nine weeks of training program.

It’s believed to be one of the best trainings so far.

You will learn all you need to know about affiliate marketing as well as launch jacking inside all of these 9 modules as well as other things.

From launch jacking, releasing products, email marketing, paid advertising and many more.

Also the 3 weekly calls inside the FB group will help you to stay up to date.

5. Access to Live Community & Support

Apart from the detailed training course, the bonuses with Ministry Of Freedom are also great.

A very important feature is the ability to communicate with other members inside the program, where you share experiences and receive help.

6. 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Not from small importance, there are 45 days money back guarantee for Jono’s course.

Having this information before you have made a financial decision is really important.

Ministry Of Freedom Cons and Complaints

1. Ministry Of Freedom Teaches You a very good way to promote products.

But still there are some people that are not satisfied from this.

A lot of these people are not consistent and don’t stick to what Jono teaches, which is a big factor for their failure, of course there are bad products, but this is not the case here.

For example before promotion, you can check in details what you promote.

There is scam in every industry, but you should abstract yourself from this.

A lot of overhyped products are also out there, you should be careful, whether, you decide to promote them or not. At the end, it also depends, if people think of product or a service is valuable.

Learn More Of Ministry Of Freedom

Is Ministry Of Freedom a Scam?

The definition of a scam is another, when you buy something and you don’t receive it.

Jono Armstrong is not a scam, because you can learn very valuable and special strategies from his course.

The people that say that Ministry of Freedom is a scam are people who most likely are not consistent and don’t apply what Jono teaches.

After, you have taken the course, $10k per month is achievable with all the things from the course, you have learned and implemented.

There is no way, you can go wrong, when you get taught by a successful marketer like Jono, he is in the industry for a lot of years.

From the basics of affiliate marketing, you will be able to master everything from his course.

The price might be a little bit shocking, but for what it offers, it’s very valuable.

Ministry Of Freedom Review: Final Conclusion

We are near to the end of this review, so I am gonna make my final conclusion about it.

  • High price that not everyone can affort, that’s the only downside, I can think of.
  • Proven Steps and methods inside.
  • Opportunity to achieve financial freedom.
  • Refund available.
  • 9 modules in which, you will learn many things.

There are some more, I can think of, but these are the main ones. By implementing all the things inside of the training of Jono, you will be able to make a full-time earnings and leave your 9-5 .

Ministry Of Freedom Review Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Refund For Ministry Of Freedom Available?

Yes, there is 60 days deadline for refund of Ministry of Freedom. That’s why, you should be taking action after every module to achieve maximum results and be take part of Jono’s weekly live webinars.

There is also a facebook group, where you can ask questions, then launching a product would be another great step. You should keep track of everything you do for maximum results.

If, you take the action, there is a very high chance of success from your side.

2. Is Ministry Of Freedom Worth A Good Option ?

It’s a very good choice, if you are a beginner and want to become successful to have a full-time online business.

If, you are dedicated, Ministry Of Freedom works very good for most people, unlike the other scams online.

It represents in my opinion how affiliate marketing should be done and Jono inside Ministry of Freedom teaches it in a very good way.

3. Recommendation For Ministry Of Freedom?

If, you have the budget, it’s a very good start and a huge possibility, that you will make the money, you have invested, if you are consistent, enough.

The things that, you need are inside and he will laid out everything you need, that he does in order for you to implement it too.

As mentioned, there is also the 45 day money back guarantee.

This is why, I am a huge fan of Ministry of Freedom, because it is practical and you can implement it to succeed.

4. Are There Additional Fees ?

In most cases in businesses, there are additional fees, like starting using ads, if you use facebook ads and youtube ads, as Jono does and prefers, as well as using a paltform to host your webinars and recurring product webinars, as well as building an email list, you will need additional $100-$200 a month.

If, you are able to buy Jono’s training, this will not seem like a lot of money, keeping in mind, that this training can potentially transform your financial situation.

For ads, you will need at least $10-20 to spend a day.

5. Relation of Affiliate Marketing & Ministry Of Freedom

If you don’t understand so far, affiliate marketing is the business model, that Jono teaches inside and this is the process of you promoting other people’s products or services and getting paid a commission, which can be a fixed price or a %.

You find a product, promote it and from every sale, you receive a commission.

To generate sales and profits online, you need to stick at what Jono is teaching.

Many businesses now use affiliate marketing and not only that, but you can apply at other affiliate networks, what is taught inside and promote all kind of services of products through variety of ad networks.

By providing what the product or service does and also offering bonuses for more incentive for people to buy.

Affiliate marketing can be very profitable business model,that’s why I highly recommend the Ministry Of Freedom.

6. Affiliate marketing in details.

In a nutshell, there are few steps, you need to do:

  • Find affiliate networks, which is a list of affiliate programs or you can find an affiliate program, individually.
  • Pick and offer from a niche, that you want to promote.
  • Generate your affiliate link.
  • Promote through SEO or paid traffic or social media.

Each time, when someone clicks the link and makes a purchase, you receive the commission.

Payment are different, depends on the owner of the product, also known as the vendor in affiliate marketing, there are also different models, there are payments on commission, when you refer someone to install or sign up on some affiliate networks.

From the affiliate networks, that Jono uses, the commissions are usually 75% or 100% on a sale on JVZoo and WarriorPlus.

7. Limit On Earnings in Affiliate Marketing

Sky is the limit, there is no limit, this is the simple answer, your niche, the audience, you can reach and the efforts, you put determines the success, you are gonna have.

There are marketers that does six and seven figures a month like Jono and many others.

It depends on the audience, you can reach and other factors, but one thing is for sure, the more consistent you are, the better, you will do in most cases, this is how things work in general.

There are high ticket products and services you can promote as well as low ticket, the advantage of the low ticket ones are that you can make a lot more sales, but the payout is smaller, while with the high ticket products, the payout is high, but buyers are a lot less.

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