An Event App for the Ultimate Event Experience

We live in a different world than our parents. More and more people are working remotely and are traveling for their jobs. Events have changed to accommodate this lifestyle. With the lack of face-to-face contact, we rely heavily on technology to keep us connected. The mobile event app for in-person events is a perfect example of how technology has changed how events work for the better from placing mobile tickets to including meeting and event planners with other exhibitors at the event itself.

Some of the greatest improvements I have seen in event apps is the ability to keep people connected at an event. Especially, if you are with another group of people not attending the same event as you.

Who can use Event Apps

Anyone who is attending an event can use an event app. These apps are great for exhibitors, sponsors, attendees and media alike.

 How do Event Apps work?

Event app developers focus on the simple and easy to use interface. Event app users download the app to their phones or mobile devices under the App Store, Google Play or other applicable stores depending on you in-person event management platform. Once you are at the event, you sync your email and/or password to receive your digital tickets as well as any other pertinent information from the organizers of the event.

Will the event app take away from the experience?

An event app is designed to be a simple easy to use tool that can be used when attending or lead retrieval app for exhibition. It is not exclusive, separate or competing with traditional ticketing systems. With an event app, you enjoy the benefits of being able to buy tickets, have instant access to your digital tickets and follow your friends on social media all in one place.

What are some great features of using the Event App?

Event app developers offer many great features to keep you connected and in touch with your events whether attending or exhibiting at them.

Easy to use:

Newer event apps now allow you to use your phone’s camera to take a photo of your ticket and the app uses this information to confirm the identity of you at the event. This allows people who are attending an event but can not make it there in person a chance to still enjoy the event using their device. The event app will send out a push notification for you via text or email when you can enter the venue or re-entry is allowed so you don’t have to wait in line again. These are just a few examples of features that keep people connected at events.

Connect your Entire Event Experience:

Connect your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media accounts from your event app so you can share your event experience. Some of these apps even allow you to have a private messaging system with other people in your group so no one is left out of the conversation. Take photos while attending an event and share them instantly with the person next to you or use the app to share them directly on the event’s Facebook page. Keep up with the latest news and information on what is happening at the event with push notifications.

Advance Your Event Experience:

Event apps now allow you to order food and drinks from your mobile device to be delivered right to you at the event. You can keep up with the latest event news, information and schedules right on your phone so you know when and where your favorite keynote speaker or performers are. You can even have a private party at an event that you are attending as an exhibitor with a simple app created by other attendees or exhibitors of the event. The possibilities are endless. “The more features that are integrated into the app the more value it adds to attendees.”

How do I know what is going on at an event?

Although you might not be able to physically be at the event, with an event app you can stay connected to your friends and other exhibitors and sit back and have all of your information displayed to you right on your phone. With the use of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms you will always know what is going on in real time without any effort.

What do I need to know about booking an event?

With the industry wide adoption of technologies such as Event Apps, Sponsors, Exhibitors and Attendees are now able to book events in real time. This can lead to a better experience for everyone involved when you have immediate access to the information without having to rely on others for this information. For example, you can book your keynote speaker or performer instantly so there is no reason for them to be stuck at home if they do not have travel arrangements made in advance. With just a few taps and swipes from you mobile device, you will know how many tickets are available today and how many are available tomorrow.