Top Rated Laser Engravers for Hobby & Commercial Use in 2022

In 2022, laser engraving machine will appear in all parts of our lives, home improvement, DIY, decoration, advertising, custom business, school education, industrial manufacturing, laser engravers can be used almost everywhere.


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Laser engraver is a power tool that uses a laser beam to perform 2D, 2.5D, and 3D automatic engraving on the surface of objects. Compared with traditional manual engraving, laser engraving is more intelligent, faster, precise, and easier to operate. It is not only suitable for professionals in commercial use, but also a good choice for beginners in hobbyists.

The most common laser engraving systems are classified into three types according to different laser generators: fiber laser, CO2 laser, UV laser. Fiber lasers are mainly designed for engraving metals. CO2 lasers are mainly used to mark, etch, and engrave wood, leather, fabric, and can also be used to cut paper. UV lasers are specialized for engraving glass, crystal, and plastics, although fiber lasers can also engrave these materials, but the end result is not as good as UV laser engraved.

In this article, I will recommend various laser engraving machines to help you choose and buy to make money.


Buy Affordable Color Laser Engraving Machine for Metal with Fiber


2022 Best Fiber Laser Engravers


STJ-30FM MOPA Laser Engraver with Rotary Attachment for Colors Engraving







STJ-30FM is a type of laser marking machine with 30W MOPA fiber laser source for black, white, gray, and colors engraving, including yellow, red, blue, green. It supports AutoCAD, Coreldraw, Photoshop, and more software to make DXF, PLT and BMP files for designed patterns. It can engrave metals, plastics, coating materials, rubber, epoxy resin, ceramic for hobbyists and small business. The color laser engraver price start from $4,200, and up to $5,800. The shipping cost is about $1,000 to everywhere in the world.



  1. It can mark different colors on metals with Main Oscillation Power Amplification laser source.
  2. With a rotary attachment, it can etch rings, pens, cups, and more rotating projects.
  3. The laser power can be customized as your business requirements.



  1. The table size is small, only up to 300mm x 300mm.
  2. The colors can only be engraved on stainless steel, chromium, and titanium.


STJ-50F Deep Laser Metal Engraving Machine for Stippling Guns






STJ-50F is a type of desktop laser marking system with 50W fiber laser generator for engraving texts, patterns, and photos on gun grip, gun barrel, PMAGs, gun stock, gun magazine holder, gun magazine, gun cylinder, and gun muzzle of metals, polymer plastics, carbon fibers. It can also etch on stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, brass, alloy, sliver, gold, iron, titanium for home use and small shop. It works with EZCAD software, and supports Ai, plt, dxf, svg, dst, nc, jpg, jpeg, bmp, gif, png, tga, tiff, and more file formats. The desktop laser engraver is priced from $3,800 to $4,200. The shipping with DHL express costs about $1,000, and the delivery time is from 7 to 15 days.



  1. Higher laser power 50 watts for deep engraving.
  2. The service life can reach as long as 100,000 hours.
  3. Easy setup and assemble, USB connected with computer.



  1. Deep engraving requires multiple repetitions, which is time-consuming.
  2. The maximum engraving area is small, only 12×12 inches.


STJ-20F Portable Laser Engraving Machine with JPT Fiber Laser Source





STJ-20F is a type of portable laser engraving system with 20W JPT laser generator for hobbyists, easily to move anywhere. It features with small size, good laser beam quality, no consumables, no pollution, and maintenance-free. It is professional for watches, jewelry, keypads, parts, tools, glasses, guns, firearms, knives, electronic components, and auto parts. It is the cheapest types for small business, only costs $2,800, and up to maximum $4,000.



  1. It is compact and easily to be moved or carried like the handheld type.
  2. Air-cooled design, no need for additional cooling equipment.



1.The laser power is lower, cannot make deep engraving on metal.


  STJ-20FM Rotary Fiber Laser Engraver for Cups & Tumblers





STJ-20FM is a type of rotary laser engraver with 20W MOPA laser source, the rotary attachment is designed for cups, tumblers, ramblers, mugs, and rings. It can etch black, gray, white, and colors on flat, annular, cylindrical, and curved projects. It is applied in handicrafts, clocks, watches, toys, gifts, electronics, stationery, and automobile manufacturing. It costs from $5,200 to $6,800.



1,MOPA laser for almost all types of colors engraving.



1..Lower laser power, and no ability for deep engraving.


   STJ-30F Mini Handheld Fiber Laser Engraver






STJ-30F is a type of handheld laser engraver with 30W Raycus laser generator for small business and home shop, it is small and portable, and can be held in the hand for etching on metals and nonmetals, and the marking area is not limited. It features with High precision of 0.0025mm re-position accuracy, and minimum line width 0.01mm. The price is ranged from $3,000 to $9,000 based on different laser powers.



  1. The laser head is removable for handheld use, it can work on any area.
  2. Rotary attachment and 2D workbench XY moving table for option.



1.The working area is too small.


STJ-30F-3D Dynamic Focusing 3D Fiber Laser Engraver with Rotary Attachment





STJ-30F-3D is a type of dynamic focus fiber laser marking machine with JPT laser source to engrave on various 3D curved surfaces for metal and nonmetal materials. It uses Feeltek 3 axis dynamic focus system, CTI Galvanometer, II-VI optics, and THK guide rail to achieve 3D laser graphics printing. The LenMark 3DS software will drive the machine to etch on cylindrical surface, spherical surface, and special-shaped surface. It has a price range from $8,500 to $11,000 based on different brands of parts. The delivery lead time is about 7 working days after payment.



  1. 2D, 2.5D, and 3D engraving.
  2. Larger range and finer light effect.
  3. High-precision engraving for any shape.



The price is higher.


STJ-60FM Best Budget Fiber Laser Engraver with XY Moving Table






STJ-60FM is the best budget fiber laser engraver with MOPA laser source, which can not only printing black on metal and nonmetal, but also printing colors on stainless steel and titanium. It is equipped with XY axis moving table to enlarge the working area from maximum 300mm x 300mm up to 400mm x 400mm, 500mm x 500mm, 400mm x 600mm, and more table sizes. It uses EZCAD software and BJJCZ control board to drive. It costs from $6,600 to $8,200.



  1. The re-position precision is 0.002mm.
  2. The optic-electrical converting efficiency is up to 30%.
  3. No consumable spare parts without maintenance for continuous printing.



1.A little difficult on learning software.


STJ-100F-3D 3D Fiber Laser Engraver for Surface Texturing




STJ-100F-3D is the top rated 3D laser engraving system for surface texturing, it is a type of 5 axis laser texturing system with 100W fiber laser source for 2D/3D engraving on inclined surface, cone, cylinder, spherical surface, step difference, and curved surface. It features with high-precision 3D positioning, short pulse, high-speed dynamic focusing & scanning system, high pulse repetition frequency, and high-peak power. The lifespan is 100,000 hours, about 8-10 years, no need of any consumables.



  1. Raycus, JPT, and IPG fiber laser generators for option.
  2. 2 years of warranty for the fiber laser generator.
  3. The scanning speed is up to 8000mm/s.



1.The cost is higher.


STJ-30F-Flying On-The-Fly Industrial Fiber Laser Marker for Assembly Line in Commercial Use





STJ-30F-Flying is a type of online flying fiber laser marking system to mark on the fly (MOTF) in industrial assembly line for mass production. It uses a rotatable laser head to do multiple directions engraving. It can mark text and graphics with assembly line for industrial automation with high integration, high speed, and no need of additional jobs to reduce staff costs. It is suitable for parts, knives, tools, handicrafts, pens, zipper, key holder, sanitary ware, pistons, rings, gears, shafts, bearings, clutch, lights, and packing boxes. It has a cheap price range from $2,600 to $3,600.



1.The engraving table with conveyor belt or carousel device for continuous engraving without manual intervention.



1.Learning curve in software installation and debugging for beginners.


2022 Best CO2 Laser Engravers

STJ6040 Small Desktop Laser Engraver Cutting Machine for Hobbyists





STJ6040 is the cheapest mini laser engraver with 40W CO2 laser tube and desktop design. It has a small working table of 600mm x 400mm for hobbyists. It is also known as a desktop laser cutter. It can work on various materials, including plywood, wood, MDF, bamboo, plastic, acrylic, paper, cardboard, fabric, leather, and galvanized aluminum. It’s always used in school education for its compact small size, and it only costs from $2,400 to $2,600.



  1. Smart modern design. Work on table top easily.
  2. Stronger bed frame with high accuracy HIWIN square rails.
  3. Red cross point with highest accuracy positioning.



The table top is too small to engrave large format items.


STJ-9060 Entry Level CO2 Laser Engraver for Beginners



wsx 1



STJ-9060 is an entry level CO2 laser engraving machine for beginners with 2×3 table size (also known as 900mm x 600mm) to engrave and cut arts, crafts, gifts with wood, plywood, MDF, crystal, plastic, acrylic, glass, fabric, leather, paper in small shop or home business. It uses professional USA optical lens with stable laser beam to DIY custom engraving. With stepper motors, the cutting speed can reach 500mm/s, and the engraving speed can reach 800mm/s. It also has an affordable price range from $2,600 to $3,600.



  1. Exhaust fan to blow away the smoke.
  2. Water pump to cool the laser tube.
  3. Air pump & compressor to cool the laser head.



1.The engraving speed is slower than laser marking system.


STJ-1390 CO2 Laser Wood Engraver Cutting Machine with Rotary Attachment





STJ1390 is the most popular wood laser engraver with 60W or 80W CO2 sealed laser tube for plywood, MDF, and bamboo on the market. The engraving table size is 3×4 (also known as 1300mm x 900mm). It adopts Ruida control system to achieve offline and online engraving. According to your materials, you can choose blade table for hard materials (wood, MDF, plywood, acrylic), honeycomb table for soft materials (fabric, textile, paper, leather). With a rotary attachment, it can etch cylinders, such as glasses, cups, mugs, and bottles. It has an affordable price range from $3,000 to $ 5,500 for customers.



  1. High-quality HIWIN guide rails make it working faster.
  2. Up and down system to engrave and cut materials with different thickness.



1.It has no ability to engrave metal and can only be used on non-metallic materials.


STJ1325S 4×8 Industrial Laser Engraving Machine for Marble, Granite and Stone





STJ1325S is a type of heavy-duty 4×8 laser engraving machine for stone granite, marble, headstone, tombstone, gravestone, ceramic tiles, and soapstone with 48″ x 96″ table size (1300mm x 2500mm). It can etch a full 4×8 sheet, except for stones, it can also engrave wood, plastic, leather, fabric, acrylic, and more nonmetal materials. The lowest price is $6,000, and the highest price is $7,200.



1.The front body is equipped with wheels to load large and heavy stone easily.



1.More shipping cost for its large format table.


STJ-80C 80W CO2 Laser Marking Machine for Wood, Fabric, Leather, Paper





STJ-80C is a type of CO2 laser marking system that uses 80W high-energy 10.64um continuous laser beam (CO2 glass laser tube as the laser source) to etch patterns on wood, fabric, leather, and paper. It can scan the graph with high-speed galvanometer scanning system in shortest time to make fine marking. Based on different machine configurations, you will get the cost from $4,700 to $5,500.



1.Higher speed engraving on wood, fabric, and leather than ordinary CO2 sealed laser engraver.



1. It cannot engrave metal materials.


2022 Best UV Laser Engravers




STJ-3KC 3D Laser Crystal Engraving Machine


STJ-3KC 3D laser crystal engraving machine adopts high-performance UV laser and CNC controller, and realizes 3D dynamic precision laser engraving on the subsurface of crystal and glass through control system, optical system and software. It is used to DIY custom trophies, bubblegram, names, portrait, and more personalized gifts. The subsurface laser crystal engraver is priced from $17,900, and up to $22,000 based on different laser powers.



  1. Large format engraving area up to 300*400*130mm.
  2. High-speed galvanometer laser scanning method drive the speed up to 300000 dots/min.
  3. Shockproof system is equipped to prevent the core components to be damaged due to accidental impact in use.



  1. Not good enough in terms of deep engraving.
  2. If it does not work for a long time, it will also be damaged. The best working temperature is 10-35 degrees, and the working time is 24 hours. The environment should not be too dusty. This is the same as buying a car. Once you buy it, you need to maintain it, otherwise the good things will be broken.


STJ-5U UV Laser Engraving Machine with 5W Ultraviolet Laser Source




STJ-5U 5W UV laser engraving machine has high beam quality and small spot for etching more extensive materials in ultra-fine processing of high-end market. It is widely used in flexible PCB board marking, silicon wafer micropores, scribing, blind hole processing, glassware surface drilling, LCD liquid crystal glass 2D code marking, plastic buttons, metal surface coating marking, electronic components, gifts, and building materials. It has a price range of $9,500 to $20,000 baser on different configurations.



  1. The micron-level deviation enables the entire UV laser marking machine to have very fine marks, and even the marking line can be adjusted to less than 10 microns, and more characters can be engraved at high speed in a limited space.
  2. Ability to cold process the products to be marked, especially good at marking glass and plastics.
  3. Less affected by heat, the quality of engraving will be significantly improved.



  1. It is relatively heavy, and can be solved by using pulleys for short distance movements, but it is more difficult to move long distances.
  2. There are many aspects that need to be paid attention to in the maintenance. It is necessary to prevent dust and freeze. The laser and water temperature should also be checked from time to time. It is recommended to choose a clean workshop with a temperature above zero. If the maintenance is not timely, the life will be reduced.


STJ-3U 3W Desktop UV Laser Engraver for Plastic, Silicon, Glass





STJ-3U is a type of 3W cold laser marking system with 355nm Ultraviolet laser generator for fine marking on plastic, polypropylene, polyethylene, polycarbonate, PA, ABS, PMMA, glass, silicon, and ceramic. It is equipped with a CW-5200 industrial water chiller for cooling. The price is a little higher, which is priced from $6,400 to $30,000 based on different brands of laser generators and laser power supplies. The shipping rate is almost the same with other laser markers.



  1. Smaller focusing spot and ultra-fine etching effect.
  2. Safety shield isolate the purple radiation to protect the operator.
  3. Environmentally friendly and no consumables.



  1. The price is higher.
  2. In theory, it is impossible to engrave metal and wood products, but it can be used if the paint is stripped from the surface of these materials to form patterns.


Things To Consider

 I have listed 17 laser engraving machines for you all, whether it is fiber, CO2 or UV laser, each item has its own advantages and disadvantages, so when you are doing research on a laser engraver to start or grow your business, be sure to confirm:

Do you need to engrave metal or non-metal?

Do you need mass production?

Do you need a visual system?

Do you need autofocus?

What size table do you need?

Then you can choose purposefully, not only focus on price, but also on the service and quality of suppliers, only in this way can you buy your favorite item.


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