How to Maintain Professional Cricket Gear

Are you a cricket pro or working on getting there? The adrenaline-pumping sport continues to attract a considerable following. While considering competitive cricketing, it is a no-brainer that you need the best gear. From the helmets, gloves, pads, and bats, the right equipment keeps you safe. The last thing you want is that speeding ball hitting your head or groin, among other areas that could lead to a career-threatening injury. Finding the best cricket store is easy, especially with today’s competitive online stores. What’s tough is keeping it in top shape. Here are a few tips to help you maintain professional cricket gear.

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Clean is the best

Those stains aren’t just unsightly; they can ruin your gear’s fabric. You might be tempted to keep the gloves, helmets, and pads in your locker after a game or training session since you’ll be using them the next day or after a few days. Nonetheless, this can quickly deteriorate the gear since the bacteria speeds up the wear and tear.

Cleaning can be tricky, though, especially with the many moving things. Detaching the parts help make the process more manageable. You also have to be careful how you do it. The tough stains can prompt you to turn to certain products. Keep in mind that some products are abrasive and can affect the gear’s integrity. Such products don’t just discolor your gear; they impact their effectiveness and speed up wear and tear. Stick to gentle products t keep the gear clean and in top shape.

Cricket gloves are perhaps the trickiest of them all. Invest in more pairs, and wear inners to keep more dirt away. The best way to keep gloves in good shape is leaning and allowing them to air dry, hence the need to have multiple pairs.

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Storing the gear

Again, don’t squeeze the gear in your locker or the car boot after a game or training session. Keep them freely; you don’t want that helmet scratched or the gloves and pads all wrinkly that they hardly feel right. The scratches on the helmet could be telling more than meets the eye. Their integrity takes a blow with excessive pressure, meaning they won’t offer the best protection. Keep your bat protected, such as ensuring it is covered. The best bats come with a protective sheet. Use it; this way, the willow won’t absorb moisture or dry, affecting your bat’s effectiveness.

Sure, you might hurriedly leave the gear sine you’ll grab it the next morning for the training session or a game. Nonetheless, those few hours accumulate over time, making the gear wear out faster. Keep the gear in a dry space, ideal at room temperature, and ensure they aren’t squeezed together. The lockers provide more space; you only have to keep it organized and place the gear in the best spots.

Well cleaned and stored cricket gear can last for an extended period. This makes staying on top of your game easier since you won’t have to keep experimenting with different gears.