Factors That can lead to Dismissal of a Personal Injury Lawsuit

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The process of filing for a personal injury claim and seeing it to completion is long and tedious. Many people feel that it is all about writing your statement and submitting it. They are wrong.

Many people come into the process with many misconceptions and expectations, leading to claims being lost or settled for less than favorable terms. While we have seen many successful claims being paid out, we have also seen claims that have failed, yet they had all the promise. We suggest contacting an experienced Georgia personal injury lawyer for any injury case.

Let us look at the things in common that the lost cases had so that you get an idea of what to avoid.

Going at the Case Alone

Personal injury claims have to be handled in a certain way. They have to be filed within a specific period and need skills that only an experienced personal injury attorney possesses. It takes skill and knowledge to know when to accept or reject an offer.

When you decide to handle the claim without an attorney, you miss out on valuable experience and skills that make a big difference. Attorneys help prepare the necessary paperwork for filing the case and guide you with the decisions you make.

Handling a claim without a personal injury attorney puts you in a vulnerable position that is favorable to the insurance adjuster.

Telling Lies

With a personal injury claim, the truth helps you win the case faster. To avoid blushes, make sure you remain truthful throughout the process. What you indicate in documents and what you say before the court should be the truth. Telling lies or exaggerating some information might turn out to be disastrous.

If the court realizes you are telling lies, they can dismiss the claim or sanction you. The evidence you provide might be rejected, and this nips the case in the bud.

Lack of evidence

You need to prove that the accident happened the way you narrate it. It is necessary to provide documentation that tells when the accident happened, how it happened, and who is liable. The case needs to be solid, and you need to convince other people to believe you. Documentation is the only way to do this properly.

Incident reports, police reports, medical reports, and witness statements are a big part of the process. Don’t throw away the diary you kept about your healing journey as well; it might come in handy later on. The personal injury attorney helps you analyze the information and choose what is relevant to the case.

Posting on Social Media

You might be tempted to tell the world what is happening to you by posting your frustrations on social media. Well, we admit that it is a lot of fun to see how your friends react to your post, but you are making a colossal mistake posting information about the accident on social media.

The insurance adjuster is watching day and night for you to make a mistake, and they are ready to pounce on your post and turn the case against you.

Acting Tough

You might want to minimize injuries to act tough in front of your friends and family or the onlookers at the accident. Remember the moment you say ‘I am fine,’ you tell the insurance adjuster that you haven’t been injured. When you minimize your injuries, you cut down on the amount of compensation you deserve.

As humans, we want to look tough and resilient, hoping that things get resolved fast, but this doesn’t help you at all when you are faced with a personal injury claim.

Not Working With Your Personal Injury Attorney as a Team

Many people think that once they have hired an attorney, then they are done with the process of filing the claim. The attorney needs all your input, right from the time you hire him to when the case is resolved.

You might have to gather records, keep receipts and prepare for court appearances. You also need to attend all your hospital appointments. If you don’t work with your attorney, the case might go down the drain. Remember, you are the one that knows more about the case as compared to the attorney – he only comes in to streamline things and make sure you get compensated.

Contact an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

Contact an injury attorney with the experience necessary to make your evidence count. Call today to schedule a free consultation and meet a personal injury attorney to answer all your legal questions.