Reviewed: My 6-Month Trial With Folifort Supplement

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Do you want thicker, fuller, and longer hair?

Well, who doesn’t! This Folifort review is for you because I tried it, and I will share my 6-month experience with this supplement.

For so many years, I had a dream of having Bollywood-style hair. So, when the hairstylist suggested me to try Folifort – the 100% natural supplement for hair regrowth – I was excited to try it.

Ugh, I Had Thinning Hair

I started my life with pretty much good hair. However, my Asian genes and poor lifestyle choices start affecting my health. It was too late when I realized my poor stress management negatively affected my hair health. I noticed a dramatic reduction in my hair’s thickness. It thinned out so much that I had no choice but to use smaller hair elastic because the bigger ones were too loose.

My thin hairs were not affecting me that much until I started noticing bald spots through my hair. I started having ridiculous dreams of having an empty head, affecting my professional and marriage life.

As a twenty-something woman, I can’t let my bald spot become bigger and more visible. I don’t want to hide my head with beanies and strategic backcombing. I was hoping Folifort would work.

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What Is Folifort?

I first heard about Folifort – a dietary supplement targeted toward hair health – through an American magazine. It claims to be the only natural and safe supplement that suppresses the 5-ARD enzyme – an enzyme that produces hair thinning hormone ‘DHT.’ Additionally, it claims to nourish hair follicles, reduce inflammation in scalps, and repair damaged hair follicles.

Folifort is specially designed for people who want to reverse their hair thinning and stop hair loss. Folifort claims to strengthen hair and stop hair loss when taken twice a day for six months. However, it works only if your hair loss is due to genetics, poor diet, hormone imbalance, stress, and birth control pills.

Folifort is also great for celebrities and models who go through various hair-damaging styles and changes in a year. Plus, a role sometimes demands short and sometimes long hair. Folifort speeds up the process.

Since its launch, I have been eagerly waiting for it to become available in my country, Australia. Thankfully, recently Folifort is now available in Australia and other over 100 countries. And I’ve been using Folifort supplement for the last six months.

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Before I get into my results with this supplement, let’s check what’s inside it.

Folifort Ingredients:|

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Folifort is a 100% natural and drug-free supplement that stops hair loss and stimulates hair growth using a proprietary blend. This Folifort blend includes seeds, herbs, plants, and berries that regenerate new cells and feed existing ones. This supplement also includes vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that further contribute to hair health.

Do these ingredients work? 

I’ve listed some of its powerful Folifort ingredients and explained how they support healthy hair.

Biotin – Biotin is the B vitamin that is frequently recommended for hair health. It is because biotin deficiency leads to hair thinning and hair fall. Some people agree that using biotin supplement solve their hair loss problem. Biotin has many benefits in the body, but its primary role is to convert food into energy so that ‘good’ bacteria in the intestines can create keratin – a protein for the growth of nails, skin, and hair.

Fo-Ti – Fo-Ti is a plant native to China, and it is a commonly used plant in Traditional Chinese Medicine for the treatment of dizziness, weakness in the knees, blurred vision, and grey hair. Folifort contains this herb because it contains a natural compound that dramatically increases hair dermal papilla cells. These hair cells are linked with hair growth.

Zinc – Zinc is an essential nutrient that is important for many functions in the body. However, the body doesn’t produce or store it, so you must take it through food or supplements. Additionally, it is essential for cell growth and protein protection. Zinc reduces oxidative stress and inflammatory protein that leads to chronic inflammation, and for this reason, it is included in the Folifort supplement.

Vitamin B5 – Vitamin B5 is the water-soluble B vitamin that is also called Pantothenic Acid. It is one of the essential vitamins in the body. Vitamin B5 contains CoA, a natural compound that supports enzymes to break down fats and carbohydrates to generate energy. Vitamin B5 is included in the Folifort formula because it promotes healthy skin, nails, and hair.

Horsetail – Horsetail is a frequent component of the herbal remedy for treating wounds. Additionally, horsetail is the best Folifort ingredient for hair because it supports hair growth in two ways. First, the antioxidant in the horsetail reduces inflammation in the hair fibers caused by the free radicals. Second, the rich silicon content reduces the rate of hair loss. A 3-month study on women showed that women who took dried horsetail observed increased hair growth and strength compared to the controlled group.

Nettle Root – Nettle root and plant is effective for people with diabetes because they reduce blood sugar. Nettle root is rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. It contains a variety of natural compounds that reduce inflammation and help treat Arthritis.

Saw Palmetto – Saw Palmetto is a type of palm usually suggested to men and women suffering from hair loss. It is a palm native to Southeastern America, and it balances hormones as well. Folifort contains Saw Palmetto because it blocks the activity of an enzyme that converts testosterone into DHT (dihydrotestosterone), a hormone linked to hair loss.

Peony – Peony is the herb common in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) because it blocks chemicals that are causing pain and irritation. White Peony contains compounds that improve blood flow by reducing blood clotting.


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My Experience with Folifort Supplement:

I took Folifort supplement as recommended on the bottle – two capsules in a day for the six-month course. These small-sized capsules are flavorless (thankfully, no fishy taste), making them easy to consume with a lot of water. During my trial period, I didn’t take any other supplements or vitamins, but did some hyperbolic stretching exercises, and my diet remains a typical professional menu, salad during the day and fast food in the evening (I don’t eat after 7 pm).

During this six-month trial, the hardest part was remembering to take capsules. (Folifort supplement comes in capsule form, and each bottle contains 60 capsules lasting for a month). Later on, I put these pills in the small medicine box and carry with me during my trip. I took one capsule in breakfast and once before sleeping at night. I didn’t feel queasy which was a big plus as my weak stomach can’t handle Okinawa flat belly tonic.

Over these six months, I was amazed by the improvement in my nail and hair health.

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Two Months Process: At the end of two months, there were fewer strands every time I brushed my hair. It motivates me to continue using the Folifort supplement.

Four Months Process: During these months, hair loss was decreasing, and there was less hair fall when I was washing my hair. By the end of four months, the texture of my hair had increased, and brushing became a pleasant task. That was a big relief as these were Autumn months, and in these months, women lose the most hair.

Six Months Process: At the end of six months, I had a closer look at my hair through the mirror to see if any scalp was visible through my hair. It was an exciting day for me when small hair elastics couldn’t wrap around my ponytail. Additionally, as an added benefit, my nails became rock solid. I didn’t remember when I broke a nail.


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Concluding My 6-Month Experience With Folifort:

At the end of this 6-month trial, I can honestly say I never saw such shiny, longer, and healthy hair in my life – not even in my childhood. I had everything I wanted from my Folifort experience and more.

Before the Folifort trial, my hair was growing at snail-speed. It took me two whole months to grow a chin-length to even a shoulder-length hair. However, after using Folifort capsules, my hair is growing rapidly. Believe it or not, I had two haircuts in this six-month trial, and my hair is still below the shoulder blades.

Another sweet side-effect I got with Folifort is my eyelashes became stronger. They don’t come out whenever I remove mascara. I don’t need Folifort anymore for my hair, but I am still using it for my nails and eyelashes.

However, not every side-effect is sweet and welcoming.

One of the big issues I had with Folifort is now my hair gets greasy quickly. Within just one day of washing them, they become greasy even when I apply no product to them. (I guess it’s time to bring dry shampoo!)

Another issue with the Folifort supplement is that my hair starts growing quickly – not just head hairs. (However, I am happy to double up my waxing expense in exchange for what I see in the mirror – longer, thicker, and shinier hair than ever before).

Where To Buy Folifort?

Folifort is available only on its official website, i.e., It is better to avoid buying Folifort from other third-party online stores as they may have non-genuine products. Additionally, you will get 60 days money-back guarantee only if you buy it from the official website.

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